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自从 q 提出这个问题以来,我们一直在期待的红色十月会到来吗?会有一个大的”十月惊喜”吗?白帽子喜欢反过来对付黑巫师。

Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

October 1,2021 2021101


Is this going to be the Red October we've been anticipating since Q raised the issue?Will there be a big"October surprise"?The White Hats love to turn the tables on the dark wizards.

自从 q 提出这个问题以来,我们一直在期待的红色十月会到来吗?会有一个大的"十月惊喜"吗?白帽子喜欢反过来对付黑巫师。


Queen Romana asks a question:Link to Telegram.


Did anyone notice the Whitehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC turned#Red last night?


This is encouraging!And we surpassed 24 million hits this week.That's rather a lot.


The fact that we are still here in October is something. Other timelines we did not get that far. Thank you all. We are winning!

Threats neutralized.We don't negotiate with terrorists.Link to Telegram.

威胁解除。我们不和恐怖分子谈判。链接到 Telegram

The DeepState/Cabal are out of ammunitions.Their Nuke briefcases 2021年10月1日:升起盾牌,进入红色警戒|星际飞船地球 2021年10月1日:升起盾牌,进入红色警戒|星际飞船地球 2021年10月1日:升起盾牌,进入红色警戒|星际飞船地球 scattered around the world–we have them all and have been deactivated.


Those were their last ammunitions–they threatened to Nuke Planet Earth if we didn't negotiate with them…


This image from Il Donaldo Trumpo is encouraging,too.

这张来自 Il Donaldo Trumpo 的照片也很鼓舞人心。


What does Red October mean,anyway?It has multiple meanings,a few of which are discussed in the following recent Patriot Underground Update.Is it a reference to the communist regime they are attempting to envelope us in,red alert,or something else?Q posted about hunters becoming the hunted,as in the movie Hunt for Red October.It's an excellent patriot roundup.34 min.

红色十月到底是什么意思?它有多重含义,其中一些是讨论在以下最近爱国者地下更新。这是不是指他们试图用红色警报或其他什么把我们包围起来的共产主义政权?Q 发布了猎人成为猎物的消息,就像在电影《追捕红色十月》中那样。这是一次出色的爱国者围捕。34分钟。

Patriot Underground Episode 96 


Another thing he discussed in the audio above was the actor playing Joe Biden—at least some of the time.We have also heard that at times the White Hats insert their own version,but this was the first time I've heard a name attached;Arthur Roberts,who,ironically also suffers from the same cognitive issues as the"other Biden"we've seen posing as a fake president.It didn't go well with BoJo the other day.

他在上面的音频中谈到的另一件事是扮演乔拜登(Joe biden)的演员——至少有一段时间是这样。我们还听说,有时候"白帽子"(White Hats)也会插入自己的版本,但这是我第一次听到附加名字;具有讽刺意味的是,亚瑟·罗伯茨(Arthur Roberts)也患有与我们看到的冒充总统的"另一个拜登"同样的认知问题。那天和博乔的关系不太好。

As we revealed some time ago,clones,doubles,and actors have been used by both sides.We've seen gaps in the masks around the neck and other anomalies that give it away.In fact,when we compare the current Biden or Bidens plural,they look very little like the original.


The White Hats make sure we see these things so we understand the real traitors have been"dealt with".Justice is being served.



When we say"nothing is what it seems",this is just one reason for that.It's on a much grander scale overall,but this aspect is important to acknowledge.When at war,every advantage is used to gain the upper hand,and in some cases,to keep the masses calm.Read more here.


Biden Clones–Actor with a Mask 


We continually advise people to stock up on necessities because we see growing signs that a contrived"shortage"situation may be imminent.We also know that any threatening situations will be handled by Humanity with passion and generosity and only serve to bring Humans together.Artificial rifts created by the psychopaths are healed instantly in a crisis and we will surmount all obstacles.


Manufactured crisis. This is a map of the cargo ships currently incoming and in holding pattern offshore. Your country is under attack from the inside. pic.twitter.com/AoJgZWDDgJ

Queen Romana's timely response to the above:Link to Telegram.


Those Cargo Ships you see not permitted to dock at your local Ports…


They were boarded and inspected–for hidden Nukes,Adrenochrome,cocain,Children,women and men trafficked from around the world,etc etc.


Yesterday we reminded subscribers that the President of Belarus revealed the outrageous bribe he received from the New World Order to betray his people which he refused.The depth of the greed,criminality and betrayal is just beginning to be known.Our"elected"and unelected officials sell us out for big bucks every day.Today we learn about an Australian politician who was benefitting from the vaccine mandates.


Australian NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigns under police investigation that she and others are receiving millions of dollars to push big phama's vaccines. This should be the only headline everywhere for the next month - causing hundreds of investigations worldwide. https://t.co/lFyMSqzjGB


Q told us change was coming.We see it everywhere,and in all areas of our lives.Things HAD to change.We cannot continue as we have been,nor should we.We were locked in a controlled system,programmed to comply,to believe there was no other way and no better way.One of the positive outcomes of the scamdemic is that it forced people to reevaluate everything.There's a silver lining to the storm clouds that have overshadowed our lives and it will become apparent to anyone who looks objectively at it.

Q 告诉我们改变即将到来。我们在生活的各个领域,到处都能看到它。情况必须改变。我们不能再这样继续下去了,我们也不应该继续下去。我们被锁在一个可控制的系统里,被设计成顺从,相信没有别的办法,也没有更好的办法。欺诈行为的积极结果之一是它迫使人们重新评估一切。风暴的阴影笼罩着我们的生活,但也有一线希望,只要客观地看待它,就会发现它的存在。

What Is The Great Resignation?

The psychology of the plandemic is fascinating to contemplate.Those of us who are awake have a 40,000 foot view of what is happening on the micro scale.It's the Stockholm Syndrome.It makes it easy for the victim to deal and remain apathetic.


I don't know what's more fascinating: the rise in authoritarianism or the huge number of people who like it.

"This Is A Game-Changer"–Merck Releasing"Phenomenal"Test Results For Experimental COVID Pill"

这是一个游戏规则改变者"-默克公布实验性Covid 药丸"现象学"测试结果

What a coincidence.Ivermectin with a Remdesivir price tag will be used to cure the fake'plague'.I made my opinion known on Twitter.I'm still there.


Surprise, surprise. The old pill with a new price tag and marketing campaign---coming soon to a hospital near you. https://t.co/C32IJIOakt

Here we go again.It's"not ethical to continue the trial when it's so successful"and we need a miracle to end this horrible flu that's going around.In the mean time,hospitals have been ordered to administer IVs of Remdesivir,which shuts down organs and simulates pneumonia.Charming.So glad they honour their Hippocratic Oath to"do no harm".


It would become the first oral medicine that fights viral infection for Covid-19 if approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization.


BULLCRAP!Ivermectin,Hydroxychloroquine,Zinc,Azithromycin,Vitamin C&D have ALL helped cure people and enabled them to leave the hospital very quickly or prevent them from ever being admitted.There's nothing experimental about it.They want to create a proprietary blend they can brand and profit from since people are rejecting the vaxx.

废话!伊维菌素,羟氯喹,锌,阿奇霉素,维生素 c d 都有助于治愈人们,使他们离开医院非常快,或防止他们曾经被接纳。没有任何实验性的东西。他们想要创造一个专有的混合,他们可以品牌和利润,因为人们拒绝疫苗。

They will line the pockets of the FDA to rush this through so they can rake in the money.Because they're broke.


Pill to treat Covid-19 cuts the risk of death by half,says Merck,which will seek its emergency authorization 


But don't be mislead—it's NOT a replacement for a clot shot!Oh,no.You still need to get the jab.We ALL need to get the jab—BUT in countries where there are insufficient vaccines or people don't WANT to get the vaccine,it can reduce symptoms and help reduce hospitalizations.


These people are not acting out of the goodness of their hearts.They want everyone pumped full of their drugs.Don't believe their virtue signalling.


At Merck,we believe that no one should go without the medicines or vaccines they need.






What tome sits on the desk of every allopathic physician?The Merck Desk Manual.It's a literal bible of every drug and all the wonderful applications,contraindications,negative side effects,everything.You can even get the home edition so you can ask your doctor for a script for any colour of shape of pill you want.


See?Lying by omission.Propaganda.Deception.It's not experimental.It's been used safely for decades.They can't beat'em,so they're going to join'em.Go generic!We don't know what else they might sneak in there and we don't want to support cabal enterprises who have tried to exterminate us.


Bottom line:They don't want to help us unless they can profit.That's one reason they suppressed the efficacy of HCQ,Ivermectin,and Budesonide.

底线:他们不想帮助我们,除非他们能获利。这是它们抑制 HCQ、伊维菌素和布地奈德疗效的原因之一。


Elections matter.Texas has moved to go forward with the forensic audit.Will Abbott sign off on it?


Here comes the punishment for recalling him. https://t.co/o0MiMMwbw6

President of Brazil,Jaire Bolsonaro aka the Trump of the Tropics said the following:Link to Telegram.

巴西总统 Jaire Bolsonaro 又名热带特朗普说:链接到 Telegram

NEW–Brazilian President Bolsonaro:"If you are accepting this vaccination passport,another requirement will come soon,and another and another…and you know where it will stop then…population control."


I'm sure it's just a conspiracy theory,though.



I happened upon this Tweet and at first was surprised that they jump out of planes with a dog.I imagine that's not the dog's first time.Dogs need jobs,too.


We had a Golden Retriever my other half taught to dive to the bottom of our 8 ft.deep pool to"rescue"a"baby"doll.He would also climb up a rocky pinnacle and take a flying leap into a lake.Fearless.He did whatever we did.Occasionally we had to boost him up a rock face on a hike but he was quite the mountain goat.Our current Mica likes to carry a letter home from the post box and the moment I placed him in the pool at just a couple of months old he was an instant swimmer.


This dog doesn't have a fear of flying or they wouldn't choose him for this mission.I suppose when the handler lands under canopy,(providing it's on his feet)being in a harness the dogs legs wouldn't be touching the ground so risk of a broken limb would be small.Interesting to see a canine hero in action.What a shot.


Underground War pic.twitter.com/RCjXI1B0ZY


Scarborough Bluffs,Toronto,Canada


I see interesting comms via Agent A1 about my old haunts in Scarborough,ON.What was going on down at the lake shore on Thursday night?Just over a year ago a portion of the cliff face collapsed.Are there tunnels in there?Maybe it was another collapse and rescue?Link to Telegram.

我通过 a 1探员收到了一些有趣的通讯,是关于我在斯卡伯勒的老巢的。星期四晚上湖边发生了什么事?就在一年多以前,悬崖表面的一部分坍塌了。那里有隧道吗?也许是另一次坍塌和救援?链接到 Telegram

AGENT A1,[30.09.21 18:12]
[Forwarded from Shirley]
Shit is happening down in the Beaches/Planes and helicopters and now loud booms coming from down near the lake.WTH!Sounds like firecrackers day but not firecrackers.

特工 A1[30.09.2118:12][雪莉转发]海滩/飞机和直升机上正在发生大事,现在湖边传来巨大的爆炸声。WTH!听起来像鞭炮,但不是鞭炮。

AGENT A1,[30.09.21 18:15]
[Forwarded from Shirley]
Anyone from Scarborough Bluffs area on here?Sounds like its coming from that direction.


Could be nothing.Could be something.


And from the woo-woo side of life…


Ships are there if you're looking.


Australia That's all i know pic.twitter.com/oH9GrIs58I

Pleiadians regularly assist in weakening earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and will allow their crafts and technology to be seen when they do."UFOs during a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands"https://t.co/Xpa6LL0tq3 pic.twitter.com/5QUDYCUTZy

Queen Romana always has interesting reading on her Telegram channel. I highly recommend it.


These psychopaths just never stop.We have to take them out.Their choice.As Romana says,"Peace and prosperity,or perish."



Remember this guy?



He was"Q"on Star Trek.He has a message for us.Link to Telegram.

他是《星际迷航》里的"Q ",他有话要对我们说。

It seems counter to the remarks he makes on Twitter about the shot,etc.


It's quite the movie,isn't it,folks?I'm going to close there.Canadian Thanksgiving is in ten days and we indeed have much to be thankful for this year,despite the challenges.We're still here to fight this battle and win the war.Done deal.


Thanks to the crew for all their due diligence,contributions and support of all kinds.It's Friday,so have a good weekend,friends.~BP




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