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Winter solstice is upon us in the northern hemisphere and that is a time to evaluate the past year, set goals for the new year and contemplate what is needed to achieve those goals. The dark ones do their best to create a lot of outside noise of all kinds. In the Netherlands the government decided unilaterally to offer apologies for the slavery history of the colonial era just prior to winter solstice so that the subject fills the minds of people and dominates the talks in society. The governments of Surinam and former colonies in the Antilles as well as many non profit organizations had expressed their rejection of this date and strong preference for July 1 of 2023 when the 150th anniversary of the end of slavery in the Dutch territories is celebrated. But that wish was addressed to deaf man's ears. So it's important to shut out the noise and determine your own agenda instead. Let everyone else take care of their own business for a while (unless they are really needy and dependent of course).


Some good news came from Cobra on the clearing of the Chimera: the last pit, which is under the Washington DC area, has been cleared for the most part except the facility under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) where the central quantum computer is located that controls the implants. People who are very sensitive have felt a markable shift in energies as a direct result of this success. In the past months several rather revealing documentaries have been aired on national television about some by now infamous sexual predators, namely Hugh Hefner, Bill Cosby and Ghislaine Maxwell. It is especially shocking how they used their charms and charisma to lure in their preys, then had their way with them in thoroughly selfish and unscrupulous ways and how it left their preys traumatized, distrustful and feeling empty. But this of course is just the tip of the iceberg. The Cabal categorized them as liabilities and threw them in front of the bus. More to come out later. What bothers me most of all is how so many stolen soul parts of lightbearers were abused to do harm. The normies don't see the twisted nature of such people because they are mesmerized by the qualities of the stolen soul parts that they either obtained by themselves or acquired from the Chimera in exchange for their servitude to the dark side.

一些好消息来自柯博拉关于清除奇美拉: 最后一个坑,在华盛顿特区地区,除了 DARPA (国防高级研究计划局)的设施位于控制植入的中央量子计算机位于大部分已被清除。那些非常敏感的人已经感受到了能量的显著转变,这是这种成功的直接结果。在过去的几个月里,国家电视台播放了一些相当具有启发性的纪录片,这些纪录片讲述了一些臭名昭著的性侵犯者,如休 · 赫夫纳、比尔 · 考斯比和吉斯莱恩 · 麦克斯韦。尤其令人震惊的是,它们如何利用自己的魅力和魅力来引诱猎物,然后以彻底自私和肆无忌惮的方式与猎物为伍,让猎物受到创伤、不信任和感到空虚。但这当然只是冰山一角。秘社把它们归类为负债,并把它们扔到了公共汽车前面。待会再说。最让我困扰的是,这么多被盗的光明使者的灵魂部分是如何被滥用来造成伤害的。正常人看不到这些人扭曲的本质,因为他们被他们自己获得的或者从奇美拉那里获得的被盗灵魂部分的质量所迷惑,以此来换取他们对黑暗面的奴役。

I like to focus on what's good and beautiful without closing my eyes for what's bad and ugly, so here's some honour to the uplifting original of the song of which I shared a cover before (there are other covers of it by various spiritual communities) and two other very nice songs:


Mapu & Ixã Huni Kuin - Venho la da floresta马普和伊西赫胡尼奎因-维尼奥拉花
Nausicaa Tara devi & Orly Parnassa - Om namah Shivaya Gurudev mantra娜乌西卡 · 塔拉 · 德维和奥利 · 帕纳萨-唵南嘛湿婆耶古鲁德夫咒语
Fiachra Ó Corragáin - Da mihi manum / Tabhair dom do lámh (Give me your hand)Fiachra Ó Corragáin-Da mihi manum/Tabhair dom do lám (伸出你的手)


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