瑞典银河真理报|第268期 2020年10月22日,大天使乌列尔的信息

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瑞典银河真理报|第268期 2020年10月22日,大天使乌列尔的信息Beloveds


It is of vital importance to our goal that everyone now focuses entirely upon the creation of Harmony.


Think every hour of the day,how can I achieve more harmony for myself or those around me at present.


How do I maintain harmony in my own life now~LISTEN~FOLLOW.


Use whatever tools are available to you to bring a feeling of harmony into your life.Some of you might use the harmonizing effect of some beautiful classical music which brings harmony to the brain.Others will find this harmony in nature.Others will find it in some creativity.Many will find it in the silence of meditation which should now be a vital part of your daily routine even if that means a mere 5 minutes time.


Do not for one moment even consider an attempt to fight in any way any obstacles that you might see around you at this time.Struggling and wasting energy upon fighting ANYTHING now is absolutely useless.The only intelligent movement at this time is retreating from all kinds of battles and focusing upon bringing Light and Love into any situation with the help of meditation.


See within your mind's eye a picture of a bamboo tree in windy weather.The springing flexibility of the bamboo allows it to survive even in the winds of change.The bamboo among Chinese painters has always been used as a living example of'Natural Response'.Let this image be a guide to you as to how to respond to any situation that you find yourself in.A natural response brings exceptional progress.You can always hold onto your dignity whilst still responding in a feminine loving way.


Calm and correct persistence leads to harmony.


Do NOT even dream of wasting energy by worrying about anything.I would suggest that you eat and drink in comfort and contentment.


Deep down inside you always know what is the right step forward for your own harmony in life at any time.Unite with your heartfelt Higher Self-knowingness.Act in Unity with your truth and you cannot go wrong.A short time in meditation each morning will set the stage for a day in balance.If your morning program does not allow time for that meditation,then be sure to take a few minutes time when your daily activity allows it.Returning to centre~to sit with your Guides~will help you to prioritize what is necessary to achieve harmony.


Each of you are so well aware of the truth of the matter regarding the'endtime madness'currently taking place on Earth.


The Allied Forces of Light are preparing the way for a major transformational Shift that humanity cannot dream of envisioning.


Those around you are not aware of the depth of your involvement in this process.You are also aware that this Transition will not be an easy one for your loved ones and acquaintances to deal with.


Just as harmony is required now~it will be of even greater importance after the Fact.


It will not add to a harmonious Shift if you need to be acknowledged by your peers for having been one of those who knew the truth before they did.


It will not aid their shock and awakening if they hear others saying,"I told you so".


That would be a most undignified approach to take.


They will require your love and comforting support in dealing with all of the shocking truths that will be revealed.


That will be your role in these days ahead just as that is your role right now.


You can help them now without ever revealing that you are doing so.A suggestion right now,as to how you might support your loved ones in being able to cope better with the coming changes,might be something like this.


Sit in a meditative position.State clearly your intention as to wanting to send support at this time to those people you feel concern for.Visualize how the Cosmic Central Race send a river of pure Source Light down to our Galactic Central Sun and see the Light flowing down to Earth.Then see the Light penetrating all of the people that you wish to send support to at this time so that their experience of the coming Transition will be easier.Do this three days in a row.




Archangel Uriel



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