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Q(Anon)就在另一篇文章中进一步引用了这个说法,声称他事先知道”深州”的计划。Q 似乎再次暗指美国军事情报界在先进技术方面比深层国家有优势,使他们能够看到未来。


Only days after drawing attention to"Operation Looking Glass",Q(Anon)just took this reference further in another post by claiming foreknowledge of the Deep State's plans.Q appears again to be alluding to an advantage the US military intelligence community has over the Deep State in terms of advanced technology enabling them to view the future.

在引起人们对"窥镜行动"的注意仅仅几天之后,Q(Anon)就在另一篇文章中进一步引用了这个说法,声称他事先知道"深州"的计划。Q 似乎再次暗指美国军事情报界在先进技术方面比深层国家有优势,使他们能够看到未来。

In part one, I referred to the Deep State having similar technology in its possession and the incredible implication that we are witnessing a"temporal war"between the Q/military intelligence community and the Deep State.How deep does this temporal war go,who is involved,and what are the implications?If you agree these are questions worth pursuing,then read on.The answers will shock and surprise you.


In order to better understand the nature and extent of this temporal war,let's begin with Q's November 15 post[3596]which hints at time travel technology being used to gather foreknowledge over an opponent's plans:


What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook?
Enjoy the show!




On its own,the above post may simply suggest that Q has reliable intelligence gained from traditional intel sources or from simply anticipating the moves of the Deep State based on conventional methods such as psychological profiling.However,only four days earlier,in post 3585,Q referred to a mysterious"Project Looking Glass"and made a quip about traveling forward in time to look back:


Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.



We also need to consider a post(2548)made on December 4,2018,where Q said:


You are witnessing something[firsthand]that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality[Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?]


Taken together,posts 3596,3585,and 2548 suggest that Q is doing far more than using conventional intelligence gathering to anticipate the moves of the Deep State for"precision military planning"–some unconventional"Looking Glass"technology that many consider to be Sci-Fi is being used.


In my earlier analysis of post 3585(part one),I covered the origins of"Project Looking Glass",and described how both the military intelligence community and the Deep State have been using such"time distorting"technology since at least the 1960s.I concluded that we are witnessing a"temporal war"where both sides can peer into the future and anticipate the other's moves.



An insider who best describes the intelligence gathering uses of time distorting or time travel technology is Andy Basiago,J.D.,currently a licensed attorney for the state of Washington.Basiago said that in 1969,as an eight-year-old,his father recruited him into a CIA-run intelligence gathering operation called"Project Pegasus"in which he served until 1972.Basiago states:"Project Pegasus at the time that I joined it in 1969 was not primarily a time travel project–it was an intelligence program for the CIA."


Project Pegasus involved children testing up to a total of eight different time-travel and teleportation related technologies,and revealing what they had experienced in subsequent debriefings as Basiago explains:


Project Pegasus was debriefing the teleportees and the other forms of time traveling…time travelers–including myself,having gone to the past and future using different methodologies and different technologies–so we were being interviewed to derive when we were going forward in time…information with which the US government could create reports that were promulgated by the CIA,and then sent around the project in other areas of the government to people with a'need to know'status,to know of certain events.


Basiago's statement is vitally important given the role of the CIA in supporting the Deep State in the current undeclared civil war between the Trump administration/Q/military intelligence community and the Deep State/CIA.Basiago is telling us that as far back as the late 1960s,the CIA and Deep State began using time travel technology as an intelligence gathering tool.

考虑到中央情报局在特朗普政府/Q/军事情报机构和深州/中央情报局之间目前未宣布的内战中支持深州的作用,巴西亚戈的声明至关重要。巴西亚戈告诉我们,早在20世纪60年代末,CIA 和深州就开始使用时间旅行技术作为情报收集工具。

As discussed in part one,the US military intelligence community has developed its own time-distorting methods to view the future via"Project Looking Glass".


There is far more to a"temporal war"than just looking at the future or past to gather intelligence to outmaneuver an opponent or for"military precision planning".There is also the ability to change time itself,which of course leads to many unpredictable outcomes.


We know from part one that the Montauk Project(aka Phoenix Project)conducted time distorting experiments involving extraterrestrial technology–a chair which significantly enhanced psychic abilities to open viewing portals into the past or future by the conscious intent of the viewer.These time portals could also be used for time travel,and I briefly mentioned that thousands of children were ruthlessly exploited in these"temporal experiments"when they were sent back or forward in time and were lost.Testimonies of child survivors of these experiments is available in the Montauk Chronicles documentary.



According to another insider,Corey Goode,the temporal experiments conducted at Montauk got out of hand,and extraterrestrials intervened to put a stop to it.Goode says he had access to a smart glass pad that had information on these earlier temporal experiments:


From what I read on the glass pad,one of the major reasons that they put buffers on this temporal technology is that some of this time travel experiment and technology got extremely out of hand.People were traveling back in time,deciding that if they killed one person,it would change the timeline.These people would end up coming back and being on the timeline they created.And it was creating all these schisms and split timelines.


Then they were sending people to go back and prevent it and fix it,and it was causing even more and more problems,and more and more timeline splits to where there were all kinds of fragmentations,and it was just way out of hand.


And they started getting visitations from very advanced ET groups saying'Enough!You guys have got to stop'.And it was also explained that time is very much an illusion,that just as they were using consciousness–that was a key component.They were using consciousness in that chair to manifest things,which is something that we do with our mass consciousness every day.We're manifesting our reality.(Cosmic Disclosure,9/22/2015)


Goode has previously described a group of humans from the future he calls the Anshar,traveling approximately 17 million years into the past to preserve the timeline against efforts to manipulate it after experiencing a future version of the Mandela Effect.


She finally confirmed for me that the Anshar are actually people from the future,from after we've gone through all of these fourth-density changes,somewhere in the future the Anshar had what we would consider like a Mandela Effect thing occurring in their society.Their people...had their own Mandela Effects occurring that caused them to look back and see about when this was,this bifurcation,was occurring,and they decided to send a group back 17 million years,around...just before the time that the temporal anomaly was occurring,to have this group be stewards of their timeline.


There's a possibility if they don't steward the timeline properly,that they could cease to exist.(Cosmic Disclosure,7/4/2017)


The Anshar subsequently established themselves as an underground civilization that intervenes when the timeline is threatened or altered by other groups in what amounts to a temporal war.


The idea that advanced civilizations from the future are intervening in current human affairs to preserve the timeline is also supported by Alex Collier,who claims to have had contact with extraterrestrials from the Andromeda Constellation.He said in a 1996 interview:


Now,in our galaxy there are many councils.I don't know everything about all those councils,but I do know about the Andromedan council,which is a group of beings from 139 different star systems that come together and discuss what is going on in the galaxy.It is not a political body.What they have been recently discussing is the tyranny in our future,357 years from now,because that affects everybody.


Apparently what they have done,through time travel,is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future.They have traced it back to our solar system,and they have been able to further track it down to Earth,Earth's moon and Mars.Those three places.(Defending Sacred Ground,p.10)


Collier's comment that a galactic tyranny suddenly appears in the future which can be traced to the Earth,Moon,and Mars is very revealing.These are the precise locations where a German-run secret space program had established itself after having first established a colony in Antarctica with the help of an extraterrestrial civilization called the Draconians.


The German SSP subsequently established a base on the Moon with the Draconian's help and finally established multiple bases on Mars after reaching secret agreements with the Eisenhower administration.The Germans subsequently began serving alongside Draconian extraterrestrialsin imperial galactic conquests taking place far outside our solar system.

德国的 SSP 随后在德国的龙人的帮助下在月球上建立了一个基地,并在与艾森豪威尔政府达成秘密协议后,最终在火星上建立了多个基地。随后,德国人开始与严酷的外星人一起在帝国星系的征服中服务,这些征服发生在我们太阳系以外的地方。

While all this might appear to be Sci-Fi to some Q supporters,it's important to keep in mind that Q has confirmed that time distorting technologies exist and are being used against the Deep State.What I wish to emphasize is that the Deep State,which is linked to this German-run secret space program,also possesses time distorting technology and is using it as well to alter the timeline in which we live.


The best physical evidence that our timeline is being altered is the Mandela Effect,which many people have observed and written about.The highly popular Edge of Wonder youtube channel created a video documenting the top ten proofs of the Mandela Effect.

我们的时间线正在被改变的最好的物理证据是曼德拉效应,许多人已经观察到并写下了这个现象。非常受欢迎的 youtube 边缘频道制作了一个视频,记录了曼德拉效应的十大证据。


Consequently,the struggle we are witnessing between the Trump administration/Q against the Deep State is part of a temporal war involving different extraterrestrial and human groups from the future intending to either protect or alter timelines that prevent a future galactic tyranny.


While the Q(Anon)movement has major implications for preserving the US Republic and exposing the Deep State,many may not appreciate the movement's far greater significance for humanity's future and the wider galaxy.



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