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As Cobra has confirmed the critical mass was surpassed in the Age of Aquarius Meditation Part 2 and this has enabled the light forces to achieve a major milestone in the liberation efforts. Finally after all the time of working toward this point all the remaining plasma toplet bombs, the main pins that held the matrix reality in place, have been cleared. That means the primary retaliation mechanism and hostage meta strategy of the Cabal has been taken away from them. So no more Yaldabaoth and other big plasma entities, no more Black Stone, no more strangelet and toplet bombs, they are all gone forever. The Event is not triggered yet however as the light forces want to clear more dark entities and their technologies, especially the Draco fleet and the etheric Chimera and Archons that are left. What is also very good news is that the powerful Mjolnir clearing technology of the light forces can be used again; earlier the light forces had to stop applying it because it triggered too strong counter-reactions from the Cabal.


The Cabal front office is still seeking to implement their New World Disorder and creating new restrictive laws in an attempt to save their system, while in the back office their ass is being chewed up by the light forces. So while we withstand the last convulsions of the control matrix, we can begin to ask ourselves what we would like our lives to look like if anything were possible. This channeled message from the Pleiades fits in well with that. And there's no need to resist the disintegration of the system, it is a necessary part of the process.




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