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Updated August 25th 2021


There are many people now experiencing jabbers remorse and want to know what they can do to detoxify Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles and the gain-of-function spike protein they were injected with.Meanwhile,the unvaxxed are experiencing Adverse Events and magnetism due to transmission.


This article contains all the known safe and effective detox protocols that both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed can use to help your body remove these deadly poisons.




Dr.Vladimir(Zev)Zelenko is a Board Certified Family Physician.He was the first in America(March 2020)to innovate a successful treatment for covid-19.

弗拉基米尔博士(Zev)Zelenko 是一个委员会认证的家庭医生。20203月,他成为美国第一个成功创新2019冠状病毒疾病治疗方法的人。

A Nobel Prize nominee,Dr.Zelenko was censored and de-platformed across big tech for sharing his life-saving formula and for affirming that Covid-19 is a"bioweapon for mass Genocide".

作为诺贝尔奖提名人,Zelenko 博士因为分享了他的救生方案,并且肯定2019冠状病毒疾病是"大规模种族灭绝的生化武器",在大型科技公司中被删除和删除。

Dr.Zelenko's Protocol contains Ivermectin,Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ),Zinc,Vitamin D3,and Quercetin.See Dr.Zelenko's Protocol here.Read more about Dr.Zelenko's Protocol and watch his latest very important interview,here.

医生的治疗方案包括伊维菌素、羟氯喹、锌、维生素 d 3和槲皮素。点击这里查看 Zelenko 博士的协议。阅读更多关于 Zelenko 博士的协议,观看他最新的非常重要的采访,点击这里。

America's Frontline Doctors are helping people obtain Ivermectin.


Hospitals can purchase Ivermectin for critical care,here.


Scientific studies:


Over 100 studies proving that Vitamin D3 is essential for treating Covid-19 can be viewed,here.


A Slovakia research team discovered under microscopy that Ivermectin halts the crystalline growth of Graphene Oxide Hydrogels inside your body,here.




This study demonstrates that Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C)is very effective at reducing Graphene Oxide Toxicity from the body,here.And this study shows that high dose Vitamin C is also an effective treatment for Covid-19,even for the critically ill,here.Finally,intravenous Vitamin C can be successfully used to treat patients with Covid-19,here.

这项研究表明抗坏血酸(维生素C)在减少人体对石墨烯氧化物的毒性方面非常有效。这项研究表明,高剂量的维生素C 2019冠状病毒疾病也是一种有效的治疗方法,甚至对危重病患者也是如此。最后,静脉注射维生素C 可以成功地用于治疗2019冠状病毒疾病的患者。

Important note:


If you take more than 10,000 international units of Vitamin D3 per day,you must stop consuming all dairy and Vitamin C supplements in order to avoid calcium clots.

如果你每天服用超过10000国际单位的维生素 D3,你必须停止食用所有的乳制品和维生素C补充剂,以避免钙凝块。



The research of La Quinta Columna led by Ricardo Delgado,successfully tested an inexpensive way to remove magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles from the human body after they were injected with a Covid jab using N-acetyl-cysteine(NAC)and Zinc.

Ricardo Delgado 领导的 La Quinta Columna 研究,成功地测试了用 n-乙酰半胱氨酸(NAC)和锌注射 Covid 疫苗后,从人体中去除氧化石墨烯磁性纳米粒子的廉价方法。

"These two antioxidants are essential to degrade Graphene Oxide,"says Delgardo.NAC causes your body to secrete glutathione endogenously and glutathione can reduce Graphene Oxide Toxicity down to zero.In this article and video,you will see Delgado describe what to do,here.

"这两种抗氧化剂对于降解石墨烯氧化物至关重要,"德尔加多说。导致你的身体分泌谷胱甘肽内源性和谷胱甘肽可以减少石墨烯氧化物毒性降到零。在这篇文章和视频中,你会看到 Delgado 描述了该做什么,点击这里。

Scientific studies:


A study published in PubMed reveals that biocompatible NAC reduces Graphene Oxide,here.In an animal study where enhanced spike protein was used to cause lung damage to animals by binding to the ACE2 receptors,the animals were remedied using NAC.

发表在 PubMed 上的一项研究表明,生物相容性 NAC 减少了氧化石墨烯。在一项动物研究中,增强的穗蛋白通过与 ACE2受体结合而对动物造成肺损伤,这些动物通过 NAC 进行修复。



La Quinta Columna recommends taking NAC 600-750mg,first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.Also take 2x tablets of Zinc,25mg each.

La Quinta Columna 建议服用 NAC 600-750mg,早晨空腹第一件事。同时服用2片锌片,每片25毫克。

Secondary:Astaxanthin 5mg,Querectin,milk thistle,Vitamin D3.

次要:虾青素5毫克,槲皮素,牛奶蓟,维生素 D3


RIMA 医生的治疗方案

Dr.Rima Laibow recommends taking 900mg of NAC per day.Some people are even taking 1400mg.Since NAC is an amino acid,it's safe to consume it in a non-pharmaceutical,natural form.If using a synthetic pharmaceutical NAC,please consult a physician on dosage.

Rima Laibow 博士建议每天服用900毫克 NAC。有些人甚至服用1400毫克。由于南汽是一种氨基酸,它是安全的消费非药物,天然的形式。如果使用合成药物 NAC,请咨询医生的剂量。

In addition to NAC,Dr.Rima also uses the following protocol.

除了 NACRima 博士还使用以下协议。


Dr.Rima's Protocol


While NAC is effective at enabling your cells to produce glutathione,it has some limitations.For example,it's more effective when injected vs ingested orally.Also,its effectiveness starts decreasing after about 3 months so a long-term solution must be used.

虽然 NAC 能够有效地使你的细胞产生谷胱甘肽,但它也有一些局限性。例如,注射比口服更有效。此外,它的有效性开始减少后,大约3个月,所以一个长期的解决方案必须使用。


ASEA 氧化还原信号分子

It has been demonstrated that Graphene Oxide Toxicity causes intracellular oxidative stress,leading to cytotoxicity and the inhibition of cell proliferation.Glutathione is one of the main body antioxidants that eradicates free radicals and poisons from your body.Glutathione is a cell-signaling molecule created by our cells and used by our bodies at the speed of light.Glutathione is vital in the regulation of oxidative stress levels to maintain normal cellular function.However,its concentration decreases with age,and people are already deficient in glutathione.



ASEA Redox signaling molecules is called the'Water of Life'because it reactivates gene signalling pathways which get shut off by Graphene Oxide Toxicity.ASEA Redox enables your cells to increase the endogenous glutathione production by a whopping 500-800%,thus detoxifying Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles and spike protein,optimally.

ASEA 氧化还原信号分子被称为"生命之水",因为它可以重新激活被石墨烯氧化物毒性关闭的基因信号通路。ASEA 氧化还原使你的细胞增加了高达500-800%的内源性谷胱甘肽生产,从而解毒石墨烯氧化物纳米粒子和尖峰蛋白,最佳。

According to scientific research,ASEA Redox signaling molecules increase the capacity of cells to detox by 4 fold and may increase mitochondria production by 30%after a fortnight.This meta anti-oxidant has the potency of an antidote and because it's native to the body,the benefits of consuming ASEA will increase with continued use.These anti-aging cell signaling molecules are also good for teeth and gums.

根据科学研究,ASEA 氧化还原信号分子使细胞排毒能力增加4倍,两周后线粒体产量可能增加30%。这种元抗氧化剂具有解毒剂的效力,因为它是天生的身体,消费 ASEA 的好处将随着持续使用而增加。这些抗衰老的细胞信号分子对牙齿和牙龈也有好处。

ASEA was originally discovered and developed by a Biotech firm.An atomic medical physicist specialized in nanotechnology and a Nobel Prize winner figured out how to stabilize the molecules for human consumption.There are years of research and a plethora of doctors behind ASEA.While the pharmaceutical industry attempted to suppress this medical breakthrough,ASEA's founders had an integral mission to make their product widely available for public use.

ASEA 最初是由一家生物技术公司发现和开发的。一位专攻纳米技术的原子医学物理学家和一位诺贝尔奖获得者找到了如何稳定分子供人类消费的方法。ASEA 背后有多年的研究和大量的医生。虽然制药业试图压制这一医学突破,但 ASEA 的创始人有一个不可分割的使命,即使他们的产品广泛供公众使用。

ASEA has the power to potentially save the lives of the vaxxed and will detox transmission in the unvaxxed.It's potentially the strongest single treatment that's mentioned in this article.

ASEA 有能力潜在地拯救生命的接种疫苗和将排毒传输在未接种疫苗的人。这可能是本文中提到的最有效的单一疗法。

Scientific research:


This initial gene study showed ASEA Redox affected important signaling pathway genes,here.

最初的基因研究表明,ASEA 氧化还原影响重要的信号通路基因,这里。



It's worth mentioning that whistleblower Dr.Judy Mikovitz went on record stating that Suramin is the'antidote'to the Covid-19 bioweapons.Suramin is a pharmaceutical drug that is derived from pine needles.Dr.Mikovitz states that a small amount of Suramin injected into the body is sufficient.Consult a doctor before using.

值得一提的是,告密者 Judy Mikovitz 博士公开声称苏拉明是2019冠状病毒疾病生化武器的解毒剂。苏拉明是一种从松针中提取的药物。Mikovitz 医生说,给身体注射少量苏拉明即可。使用前请咨询医生。



Pine needles,Spruce,Cedar and Fir(conifers),contain Shikimate(Shikimic Acid),and a slew of other meta nutrients which boost immunity,hydrate,and contribute to the detoxification of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles at a cellular level.


Conifer needle teas inhibit adverse reactions from graphene oxide and Covid-19 spike protein transmission and protect against components of the coagulation cascade;possibly protecting against blood clots.Pine tea also inhibits the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA.

针叶茶可以抑制石墨烯氧化物和2019冠状病毒疾病刺突蛋白传递的不良反应,防止凝血级联的成分;可能还可以防止血栓。松树茶还抑制了 RNA DNA 的不当复制和修饰。

Conifer needle oil and needle tea rejuvenates cells and act as a natural stress reliever,pain killer,and antibiotic.It treats every kind of pain,stress,trauma,and PTSD because it works directly on the nerves,bypassing your nervous system.It's one of the few meta nutrients which erases cellular memory of trauma.Essentially,everyone should be drinking pine needle tea or taking pine oil.




Shikimate has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to halt plagues,and pandemics.Shikimate halts respiratory infections and viral replication.It can be found in high doses in pine needle tea.It's also found in a large quantity in Star Anise,Fennel,and dandelion root,leaf and flower.


World renown Scientist Mike Adams the Health Ranger and founder of Natural News,explains how you can easily extract Shikimate from these herbs using an espresso machine..Like other experts,the Health Ranger expresses his belief that the vaxxed may still be able to save themselves.




It's very important to consume as many foods,herbs,spices,and natural medicines as you can which contain Shikimate.David Avocado Wolf is a world-renown health guru.Please follow David Avocado Wolf's Protocol and learn how to order the world's finest natural products in"Summary of the Spike Protein Protocol",here.

尽可能多地食用含莽草酸盐的食物、香草、香料和天然药物是非常重要的。David avocado Wolf 是一位世界知名的健康专家。请遵循大卫鳄梨沃尔夫的协议,并学习如何在 "Spike Protein协议概要 "中订购世界上最好的天然产品,在这里。

Important note:


Please only consume natural forms of C60 offered by David Avocado Wolf.C60 in its pharmaceutical form must be avoided due to overtly toxic properties.Similarly,iodine found in bleached table salt is a poison and must be avoided.Your body simply will not assimilate it.

请只进食大卫·鳄梨沃尔夫提供的天然 C60。由于其明显的毒性特性,必须避免使用药物形式的 C60。同样,漂白食盐中的碘也是有毒的,必须避免。你的身体根本不会吸收它。

Natural forms of iodine can be assimilated and absorbed by your body,like the iodine found in vegetables and herbs.





ACEA distributor Dr.Ariyana Love,ND

美国医学协会分销商 Ariyana Love 博士,ND 电子邮件:mettanutriturients@protonmail.com

Hydration is key to your health,to detoxification,and to using these protocols:all of them.If your body is dehydrated it cannot properly absorb the nutrition particles from what you consume and that nutrition will be flushed out and lost.


Right now,97%of the world's population is dehydrated and 76%is chronically dehydrated.This is due to the majority of our drinking water is acidic based and the molecules are simply too big to be absorbed by our cells.


Dehydration hinders cell communication.Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will not hydrate you unless it contains electrolytes.


It's extremely important to keep your body's PH level in balance.You want to be always in an alkaline state.An Acidic body is a breeding ground for disease.Electrolytes will not only keep you hydrated but will also balance PH.

保持身体 PH 值的平衡是非常重要的。你希望一直处于碱性状态。身体呈酸性是疾病的温床。电解质不仅能保持你的水分,还能平衡 ph 值。

Pine needle tea is a natural electrolyte and very hydrating.Sea salt is also a natural electrolyte.Normal sea salt has between 16-24 minerals but Himalayan salt has 87 minerals which is the exact same saline as your blood.So toss out your table salt and replace it with Himalayan salt.


Hydration formula:


Add about a quarter of a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to one liter of water.Squeeze a quarter of fresh lime or lemon juice(lime is less astringent and just as good)into your glass of Himalayan charged water each time you drink.This is a complete electrolyte formula that will fully hydrate you.




Consume foods,herbs,and medicines that are high in antioxidants which enable your body to detoxify poisons.African bush tea called Rooibos is a meta antioxidant and is widely available in supermarkets,worldwide.

食用富含抗氧化剂的食物、香草和药物,它们可以使你的身体排毒。被称为 Rooibos 的非洲灌木茶是一种元抗氧化剂,在世界各地的超级市场中广泛存在。

Asians are believed to have the lowest cancer rates because of their daily consumption of green tea.Drinking one cup of Rooibos tea is equivalent to consuming 50 cups of green tea in its antioxidant effect.Rooibos is also very hydrating.

亚洲人被认为是癌症发病率最低的,因为他们每天都喝绿茶。喝一杯 Rooibos 茶相当于喝50杯绿茶的抗氧化作用。Rooibos 也非常保湿。



Dr.Zelenko explains that"the Covid-19 poison death shots create killer antibodies and killer antibodies are time bombs that get triggered by exposure to matching viral infections".NANA-ME may stop that from happening.N-Acetyl Neuraminic Acid Methyl Ester(NANA-ME).


Dr.Zelenko further says that"NANE-ME may prevent Antibody-Dependent Enhancement(ADE)and potentially billions of deaths".Please see the study for treating adverse reactions caused by pathological antibodies induced by Covid-19 and vaccines.

博士进一步说:"NANE-ME 可以防止抗体依赖性增强作用和潜在的数十亿人的死亡。"。请参阅关于治疗由2019冠状病毒疾病和疫苗诱导的病理性抗体引起的不良反应的研究。

Investigative Journalist Ramola D.has additional recommendations for detoxifying Graphene Oxide(GO)Nanoparticles after exposure from chemtrails,.

调查记者Ramola D.对暴露在化学烟雾中的氧化石墨烯(GO)纳米颗粒的解毒提出了额外的建议。

Dr.Carrie Madej suggests regular detox baths with Bentonite Clay to help your body remove GO Nanoparticles.

Carrie Madej 博士建议定期用膨润土进行排毒浴,以帮助你的身体去除 GO 纳米颗粒。

CBD oil and Cannabis will help your body cleanse GO Nanoparticles.


Chlorine Oxide can also detox GO.


Sodium bicarbonate E500(baking soda)will help to keep your PH level in an alkaline balance.

碳酸氢钠 E500(小苏打)将有助于保持你的 PH 值在碱性平衡。

Super Blue Green Algae is a miraculous meta nutrient which chelates the blood and removes heavy metals..


Saladmaster cookware enables you to retain up to 98%of nutrition when cooking your food.Saladmaster pans are made from titanium and surgical stainless steel and do not leach any metals into your food.

Saladmaster 炊具可以让你在烹饪食物时保留高达98%的营养。Saladmaster 平底锅由钛和外科手术器材制成,不会渗入任何金属到你的食物中。

To minimize transmission,I suggest showering after being around the general population.Either wash your clothes immediately or keep them in a plastic bag until you wash them.


I will be adding updates to this article periodically.



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