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一种由一个氯原子和两个氧原子制成的简单、安全和容易获得的矿物质溶液正在拯救全世界的生命,这就是为什么大型制药公司和 NBC 新闻等假新闻机构加大宣传力度反对它的原因。


(Natural News)A simple,safe and easily accessible mineral solution made from one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms is saving lives all across the world,which is why Big Pharma and fake news outlets like NBC News are ramping up their propaganda against it.

一种由一个氯原子和两个氧原子制成的简单、安全和容易获得的矿物质溶液正在拯救全世界的生命,这就是为什么大型制药公司和 NBC 新闻等假新闻机构加大宣传力度反对它的原因。

相关:有很多轶事证据认为 MMS(神奇矿物质溶液)在根除包括埃博拉、猪流感、肺结核和其他呼吸道疾病在内的病毒方面证明是非常有效的。

Known as chlorine dioxide,this solution has been approved by the U.S.Food and Drug Administration(FDA)for use in food manufacturing as well as a disinfectant for water.Both the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)and the World Health Organization(WHO)have also endorsed it for water purification.


But ClO2,as it's called,can also be taken orally as a remedy for autism,according to many experts.They also explain it treats a number of other health conditions including Asperger's,attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD),and associated autoimmune diseases.ClO2 is also said to combat a whole slew of other chronic illnesses that the medical establishment says has no cure.


Because ClO2 can be purchased on the cheap,it's a major competitor to Big Pharma's drugs and vaccines–and is thus being smeared left and right by the likes of NBC Newswriter Brandy Zadrozny,who recently published a hit piece designed to scare people away from using it.

由于二氧化氯可以廉价购买,它是大型制药公司药物和疫苗的主要竞争对手——因此被 NBC 新闻编剧布兰迪·扎德罗兹尼(Brandy Zadrozny)等人左右抹黑,后者最近发表了一篇热门文章,旨在恐吓人们不要使用二氧化氯。

Even though ClO2 has never harmed or killed anyone–and it's not bleach,by the way,which some fake news media outlets are claiming(bleach is made from sodium hypochlorite)–the fix is in to steer the public away from it and back into the Big Pharma fold.


The way it works is simple:ClO2 utilizes the power of oxygen to kill pathogens wherever it's applied.Whether added to food or ingested inside the body,ClO2's natural molecules are an antibacterial powerhouse.


It's a certifiable miracle,this ClO2,which of course is why the government doesn't want you to have access to it.You'll hear these lying talking heads claiming that ClO2 is the same as"industrial bleach,"which is a flat-out lie.Chlorine dioxide,for starters,doesn't even contain sodium as is found in bleach.It's an entirely different molecule made from different elements.You'll also hear claims that ClO2 doesn't actually support health and well-being,which is also a lie.


Hundreds of people with autism have found relief with ClO2


The chlorine dioxide protocol,as it's widely called,was developed by a woman named Kerri Rivera,who's credited as being a pioneer in the utilization of ClO2 for autism recovery.

这个被广泛称为二氧化氯治疗方案的方案是由一位名叫 Kerri Rivera 的女性开发的,她被认为是利用二氧化氯治疗自闭症的先驱。

Rivera completed"Defeat Autism Now,"or DAN,training back in 2009,and also holds a degree in homeopathy.Rivera has also been trained in the proper use of hyperbaric therapy,and has helped 557 people recover from autism and related conditions using ClO2.

里韦拉在2009年完成了"击败孤独症"(Defeat Autism Now,简称 DAN)的训练,并获得了顺势疗法学位。里维拉还接受了正确使用高压氧治疗的培训,并使用二氧化氯帮助557人从自闭症和相关疾病中恢复过来。

As it turns out,ClO2 is highly beneficial for individuals with compromised immune systems that aren't functioning as they should.This is typically demarcated by a pathogenic overgrowth,whether it be candida,harmful bacteria,parasites,viruses,heavy metal toxicity or systemic inflammation–all of which respond positively to ClO2.


What Rivera has discovered and gone on to teach others is that ClO2 is a safe and highly effective way to overcome these root causes of illness,which are caused by things like exposure to chemicals in food,chemicals in vaccines,chemicals in water,and chemicals in the air.


Poor diet,consumption of pharmaceuticals,and lack of exercise also contribute to the damaged internal environments in people's bodies that necessitate a ClO2 intervention in order to overcome.


"A wonderful thing about this protocol is that it has shown itself to be effective for basically every illness including autism,because at the root of all illness you are going to have very similar things like inflammation,pathogens,heavy metals,and so on,"Rivera is quoted as saying.


"The CD(chlorine dioxide)protocol is not just for autism anymore,"she goes on to explain,noting that the protocol itself involves more than just ClO2.

她接着解释说:"CD(二氧化氯)协议不再仅仅是针对自闭症的。"她指出,协议本身不仅仅涉及 ClO2

"You can use all of it together or use pieces of it alone…The CD protocol can be used with MS(multiple sclerosis),chronic fatigue,Crohn's,Lyme,fibromyalgia–basically any chronic illness."

"你可以同时使用或单独使用其中的一部分...CD 协议可以用于多发性硬化症(MS)、慢性疲劳、克罗恩病、莱姆病、纤维肌痛——基本上任何慢性疾病。"

To learn more about the protocol be sure to check out this article published by Health Impact News.


Why is the government always trying to smear or ban cheap,natural remedies that actually work?


Suffice it to say that ClO2 is one of the best kept secrets that the medical establishment is desperately trying to keep the public from learning about,hence the coordinated media campaign to destroy its reputation before it even has the chance to catch on as a viable remedy for the things that ail millions of Americans.


It's hardly surprising that NBC News is among the fake news media outlets that are trying to destroy ClO2,seeing as how it was NBC News that spread lies about the Covington Catholic High School boys by painting them as the aggressors rather than the victims.

毫不奇怪,NBC 新闻是试图销毁二氧化氯的假新闻媒体之一,因为 NBC 新闻把科文顿天主教高中的男孩描绘成攻击者而不是受害者,从而传播了关于他们的谎言。

Thankfully,NBC News'ratings are now tanking as more Americans wake up to the fake news shenanigans being broadcast there.But we're certain that increasingly more fake news outlets are going to take up the task of denigrating ClO2 as the solution continues to gain popularity,which is why we wanted to give you a heads up about it.

值得庆幸的是,随着越来越多的美国人意识到美国国家广播公司播出的假新闻恶作剧,NBC 新闻的收视率正在下降。但是我们可以肯定的是,随着二氧化氯解决方案越来越受欢迎,越来越多的假新闻媒体将承担诋毁二氧化氯的任务,这就是为什么我们想给你提个醒。

To learn more about the deadly effects of glyphosate exposure,be sure to check out Glyphosate.news.


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