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J:Ashian,I am here to today to ask what you wish to share.


A:Beloved Jennifer,it is wonderful to share with you as always.


We are with you,all of you.We are now so densely patterned around your planet and solar system that if you were to see how many ships and craft there are,you would almost not see the sky!




A:Surprisingly,yes.Vibrations are rising;great,universe-affecting revelations and changes are about to occur.We are all here,both to witness and to support you.


J:Can you say more about these revelations and changes.


A:They go to the very heart of your power and economic structures.All you have been told is false;you have been programmed to believe the lies and not notice the truth.This is about to end.The lies are now crumbling,soon to take some crashing blows.


J:Like what?Dare I ask!


A:My dearest,you may always ask!We may not always be at liberty to divulge.When the time is ready,you will see it,know it.And more information is to follow then.


Right now,you are in a'mini-lull',a tiny moment of calm.Regroup.Recentre.Use what time you have–for we are aware that this period has brought enormous stress and strain to almost all–to nurture yourselves.We cannot say this often enough or powerfully enough.


J:We matter!


A:You do.Each and every one of you.Your well being determines your vibration.Your vibration determines the speed and ease of the awakening process currently unfolding on Gaia.


J:So loving and caring for ourselves isn't…selfish?


A:Nooo.Not at all;my dearest hearts,each and every one of you,you are more precious to us than you can ever conceive.Your well being is our paramount focus.Not just because of the ascension process,but because you Are us.What happens to you is felt by us too.


You currently live in a shroud;a veil that prevents you from feeling the interconnection of All That Is.But how could anything exist outside ALL That Is?It is,as the reference point implies,ALL That Is.


Your well being increases your compassion and forgiveness for yourselves and others.That matters at this time because the frequencies of these emotions are what make the difference between riding a formula 1 car or a bicycle.


J:I get the picture!Self love,self care puts us in the faster,easier ride of a formula 1 car.Can you say more about self care?What should,or could,it look like?


A:We laugh with your self correction!There are no shoulds,there are only opportunities for different vibrational pathways.


Self care is anything that makes you feel more centred in your heart,any practice or hobby that leaves you feeling peaceful,content,and energised…There are no shoulds,for each one of you are unique and exquisite beyond measure,so that which replenishes you will also be unique.


J:You were going to say more about compassion and forgiveness…


Yes,these two emotions are powerful when directed inwards,because almost all of you are maintaining blockages due to the unconscious holding back of forgiveness towards yourselves,for things you have done,said or thought,which–now you are wiser–you would have chosen differently.


Free yourselves first.Forgive yourselves first.Let it be ok that who you were then,is not who you are now.It shows how far you have traveled on your journey,and the journey of each soul is sacred to All That Is.


J:Goodness,that feels very powerful coming through me.I hope those who read this channel can experience the enormous wave of acceptance,compassion and forgiveness you are flooding through me as I write.


A:It is not just for you;it is for everyone.There are no corners to All That Is,no pockets,nooks or crannies where the unconditional love of All That Is refuses to flow;you may refuse to accept it and that is your free will,it is honoured by all of us.


However,for All That Is,there is no holding back.There is only the flow of love.You,each one of you,may stop the flow by blocking forgiveness,but pure love is always there,waiting for you to allow it flow through you.You are the love and the light.We are all the love and the light.


We leave you with the guarantee of our deepest compassion for you,you who read these words.Right where you are.Right now.On this in-breath.You are perfection exactly as you are now.Exactly as you have lived every second of your life to this point.


Feel the depth of our unconditional love for you,you are worthy of it.Every.Single.One.Of.You.


J:That was very powerful,thank you Ashian.


A:It is always our pleasure to share and expand the love of All That Is



通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan

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