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Top billing goes to this super cool Canadian trucker telling Trudeau who's REALLY in charge of the country. Please help this little video go viral. We The People have SPOKEN (globally).
Wow. Over ONE MILLION PEOPLE are heading towards Ottawa to demand Trudeau's resignation. And they will stay there until they get a result. I am now absolutely certain that Q meant Canada for 'Watch CA'. BOOM.
哇。超过一百万人前往渥太华要求特鲁多辞职。他们会一直呆在那里直到他们得到一个结果。我现在绝对肯定 q 的意思是加拿大的‘ Watch CA’。繁荣。
This is totally an air Q sign by Jesse Watters in a recent Fox segment. Awesome little video. Enjoy.
这完全是杰西沃特斯在最近的福克斯片段空气 q 标志。很棒的小视频。享受。
The Danish population will be liberated on 1st February - all virus restrictions removed. Freeing humanity, one country at a time. Love it.
President Trump stated in an unofficial capacity (while playing golf) that he will be the 47th President of USA. My question is, which Trump is it in this video..? The real one, or the double? This Trump seems taller and fatter than more recent slimmed-down versions. So confusing. No matter. The information is directly from him (whichever version) and the video is going viral.
We are supposed to believe that this blithering idiot (played by an actor) is the USA President and leader of the so-called free world. Give me a break.
The corrupt mainstream media used to scream this word about President Trump. We had to wait until the rest of the world caught up with the truth. Q: 'You can't tell the people; you have to show them.'
腐败的主流媒体过去常常对特朗普总统大喊这个词。我们不得不等待,直到世界其他国家了解到真相。Q: 你不能告诉人们,你必须展示给他们看。'
加拿大加油… ! 我们与你同在|星际之门通讯
Don't worry - the Demonrats are going down in a screaming heap as we watch in real time.
This article presents the appalling heart-breaking statistics of miscarriages and stillbirths connected to the Pfizer jab. A Netflix reality star had a stillbirth at 38 weeks just before Christmas. This is highly unusual in a healthy woman. People will look back and remember this tragic event when an avalanche of similar tragic events is made public - soon.
这篇文章呈现了可怕的令人心碎的统计数字流产和死胎与辉瑞公司的注射。一位 Netflix 真人秀明星在圣诞节前38周的时候产下了一个死胎。这在一个健康的女性身上是极不寻常的。当类似的悲惨事件很快公诸于众时,人们将回顾并记住这一悲惨事件。
Candace Owen reminds us of the depth of evil of the
atanists. A big Red Pill here for the sleepers, if you dare.
坎迪斯 · 欧文提醒我们世纪年代的天主教徒有多么邪恶。如果你敢的话,这里有一颗大大的红色药丸给睡着的人。
This image is so cute. I will let it speak for itself.


Finally, a brilliant meme that illustrates the sheer courage of every Light Warrior on this planet. Go us.
加拿大加油… ! 我们与你同在|星际之门通讯
Lovely Light Warriors, can you see there is much to be happy about..? The positive news is there for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Choose the incoming 5D world that is being presented in the uplifting courageous stories that are flooding the internet right now. The negative sad 3D world is crumbling to dust. We must stay strong for the 3D survivors as they emerge from the rubble.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 

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