瑞典银河真理报|第334期 还有些事需要考虑

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Something More to Ponder Over


Sunday the 7th February 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner

Therese z Sumner

As you are all aware,we are in the midst of a war on this planet.Many years ago we were informed by the Resistance Movement that in the final days of the war the various deep state~worldwide cabal groups~like the Black Nobility Family Illuminati or the Rothschilds or the Rockefeller's etc.would be"throwing one another under the bus"so to speak.I am writing this article based upon my own observations,my own research and my own feelings.I was watching a recent video where Sasha Stone interviews someone called Charlie Freak.I had never heard of the guy but quite frankly there are a great many'famous'internet bloggers that I am not familiar with due to lack of time.

你们都知道,我们正处于这个星球上的一场战争之中。许多年前,抵抗运动告诉我们,在战争的最后几天,各种各样的深层国家ーー世界各地的阴谋集团ーー例如黑色贵族家族光照派、罗斯柴尔德家族或洛克菲勒家族等等,可以说是"互相推卸责任"。我写这篇文章是基于我自己的观察,我自己的研究和我自己的感受。我在看一个最近的视频,其中 Sasha Stone 采访了一个叫查理弗瑞克的人。我从来没有听说过这个家伙,但坦率地说,有很多"著名"的互联网博客,我不熟悉,因为缺乏时间。

When I listened to this interview I was saddened and sickened once again,to among other things,hear the deeply defamatory comments about B Obama.Cobra always warned us right from the start that there would be no French Revolution allowed by the Light Alliance this time.Marie Antoinette was familiar with the Goddess mysteries and befriended by no other than Saint Germain who was visiting her as the Count of Saint Germain shortly before she was executed in front of the mob.At that time the Jesuits used the French court as scapegoats to be able to continue controlling humanity in every way under the sun which they have managed to do extremely well for 500 years plus.

当我听到这次采访的时候,我又一次感到悲伤和厌恶,尤其是听到对奥巴马极具诽谤性的评论。Cobra 从一开始就警告我们,这次光明联盟不会允许法国大革命。玛丽安托瓦内特非常熟悉女神的奥秘,而且除了圣日耳曼以外,没有别人和她交过朋友。在她被当众处决前不久,圣日耳曼伯爵来拜访过她。当时,耶稣会士利用法国宫廷作为替罪羊,以便能够继续以各种方式控制人类在太阳下,他们已经设法做了极好的500多年。

There have always been scapegoats.If the mob were allowed to publicly hang people today who do you think they might gather together to spit upon and hang publicly.Think about it?


Many worldwide players have been lured into satanic beliefs and practices until they then ended up hopelessly lost in that world.If you are a lost player in such a world and there is someone there who is also like you completely controlled~another deep state puppet~but one who refuses to become involved in these sick practices,and that someone knows the truth about what you have been up to,might not you consider blackening that'holier'persons character and name to save yourself in anger because he/she doesnt back down and agree to totally immense themselves in the mire?You might have them take the fall and be the scapegoat?


What I am going to say and it's not for the first time,is that I believe that Barack Obama is one such a scapegoat.I am aware that possibly as many as 80%of my readers will be disappointed in me for these ideas.The claims that I am making in this article will be both confusing and even crazy to many.Frankly I'm not concerned whether or not you find truth in what I am saying.Make up your own mind.


Are you aware of the fact that the satanic black nobility family groups despise true love?They fear true love relationships.True love from the heart is of great danger to their practices.The core Jesuit group have done everything in their power to damage true loving relationships on this planet.Using among other weapons like the Roman Catholic Church rules and regulations with its sins,and shame and guilt'mea culpa',which it suddenly occurs to me they have translated into the children's film the minions{who love to be the slaves of others},Hollywood programming,pornography,etc.{The other day on Swedish tv a young man was interviewed about his investigations into the'expectations'of young men today when involved in a sexual relationship.He claimed that one of the more fashionable methods of seduction and excitement widely spoken about was the strangulation method of exciting someone sexually...which I think says it all!!!}Indeed the methods that have been used to remove the chances of true love developing on this planet are way too many to mention and will eventually become known to mankind.


In my mind I believe that Michelle and Barack Obama have a deep and abiding love and respect for one another that has carried them through the darkness that is continually pressing in upon them from all sides.It is my hope that they will not have to wait too much longer to have their names cleared.


Here are some of the extremely defaming character descriptions used to describe Barack Obama word for word from this video...


He is described as being"so depraved beyond description and there's no hope for his resurrection".


Before I continue,I'm wondering if Charlie Freak has been designated as the representative of Divine Justice and Truth because his followers who see him as a guru seem to believe that he has that ability?

在我继续之前,我想知道 Charlie Freak 被指定为神圣正义和真理的代表,是不是因为他的追随者认为他是一个大师,似乎相信他有这种能力?

{Speculation}"He's married to a guy...Michael{referring to Michelle}is a man."

{推测}"他嫁给了一个男人...Michael{指的是 Michelle}是个男人。"

{My Truth}Michelle Obama is a female from birth,has carried and given birth to both of her daughters and has also had a miscarriage}

{My Truth}米歇尔·奥巴马从出生起就是一名女性,已经生下了她的两个女儿,并且还流产了

{Speculation}"...so the Baphomet{The Devil}is in the White House and he's the first homosexual president"


{My Truth}there is no truth whatsoever in this statement above.

{My Truth}在上述陈述中没有任何真理。

{Speculation}"and he was throwing'pizza'parties in the Oval Office..."


{My Truth}Yes,Barack Obama just like many modern parents,did throw real ordinary pizza parties for his two daughters and their friends many times at the White House.

瑞典银河真理报|第334期 还有些事需要考虑{My Truth}是的,巴拉克·奥巴马和许多现代父母一样,在白宫为他的两个女儿和她们的朋友举办了很多次真正普通的披萨派对。

In the same video discussion there is another person who has his character thoroughly defamed.CF is discussing people who have'flipped'.With this term he is referring to people who have flipped over to becoming vampires through the practice of taking the adrenochrome extracted from innocents through torture.One of the people that he claims has'flipped'is Elon Musk.

在同一段视频讨论中,还有一个人的人格遭到了彻底的诽谤。CF 正在讨论那些"叛变"的人。他指的是那些通过折磨从无辜者身上提取肾上腺素而变成吸血鬼的人。他声称其中一个被"转化"的人是埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)

Elon Musk is one of the very few human beings who have been(is)succeeding in bringing humanity into the space age beyond the control of the cabal.This'sin'that he has committed has no doubt made him an absolute target for the dark ones.


I do not believe that Elon Musk has now become a vampire.In fact he recently informed(3 months ago)us on social media how he had taken 4 tests for COVID on the same day,at the same clinic,by the same nurse and that 2 tests showed positive and two showed negative!Does that sound like someone who is protecting the deep state scamdemic plans?Once again,I believe that he is among the scapegoats used by the deep state.

我不相信埃隆·马斯克现在已经变成了吸血鬼。事实上,他最近(3个月前)在社交媒体上告诉我们,他是如何在同一天、同一家诊所、同一名护士进行了4 COVID 检测,结果两次检测呈阳性,两次检测呈阴性!这听起来像是某人在保护深层次的国家诈骗计划吗?再一次,我相信他是深层国家使用的替罪羊之一。

If you would like to read some more thoughts on why I believe that Barack Obama is being scapegoated,then you can go to the following link and read'In Defence of Barack Obama'which I wrote on May 10th 2020.When you open the following link you need to role down the page to this#New Post#4~In Defence of Barack Obama~Putting Together Some Pieces of A Deep Puzzle

如果你想了解更多关于我为什么认为巴拉克·奥巴马是替罪羊的想法,那么你可以点击以下链接,阅读我在2020510日写的"为巴拉克·奥巴马辩护"。当你打开下面的链接时,你需要向下翻到这个#New Post#4~In Defence of Barack Obama~把一些难题拼凑起来


I would like to end this article on a much more positive note.To that end I am going to share a video conversation that I listened to yesterday.It's between Charlie Ward and Michelle Fielding.I do not believe that either of these two people are knowledgeable about the full details of what The Event is.Yet I feel that this beautiful lady is in fact being Guided to describe it during this conversation.The video brought tears to my eyes several times and that to me is clear evidence that truth resides in what is being said!


Here is that video which I highly recommend to everyone.




PS:A reminder of what Cobra said to us on January 28th 10 days ago.

PS:让我们想起10天前128 Cobra 对我们说的话。

"No intel can be released now for several reasons.


Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo,and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.


Since the collapse of the Alpha timeline in January 2018,details of the planetary liberation plan can not,and will not be published anywhere on internet.I can only repeat that planetary liberation does NOT depend on who is the president of the United States.


It is the highest purpose for people to decrease polarization,detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.


Full situation update will be posted only when clearance is given."


PS:It's about two hours now since I posted this article when I happened upon this interview recorded just a few days ago with Elon Musk.I just thought it might be a bit of fun to show you what a'newly flipped vampire'looks like!;-)Anyone with an engineering type of background will just love this interview.My dad would have loved it.He was a senior engineer working for Aer Lingus at Dublin airport.Just like Elon knows every single screw and bolt in the Tesla cars dad knew every single screw and bolt in the Jumbo jets etc.at Dublin airport.Enjoy!

PS:自从我发表这篇文章以来,已经过去两个小时了。几天前,我碰巧看到了 Elon Musk 对我的采访。我只是觉得给你们展示一下"新翻身的吸血鬼"是什么样子可能会很有趣!任何有工程背景的人都会喜欢这个面试。我爸爸也会喜欢的。他是爱尔兰航空公司在都柏林机场的高级工程师。就像埃隆知道特斯拉汽车的每一个螺丝和螺栓一样,父亲也知道都柏林机场大型喷气式飞机上的每一个螺丝和螺栓。好好享受吧!


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