X22报告|第2840集: CB/WEF 再次失误, 搞定5个,还有5个

2022年8月3日11:37:20最新动态X22报告|第2840集: CB/WEF 再次失误, 搞定5个,还有5个已关闭评论3482阅读模式


X22报告|第2840集: CB/WEF 再次失误, 搞定5个,还有5个

Ep. 2840a – The [CB]/[WEF] Slips Again Up Again, The People Are Catching On

EP.2840a-The [ CB ]/[ WEF ]再次失误,人们开始关注

Ep. 2840b – Trip Confirmed, Stay Tuned & Watch, 5 Down, 5 To Go, The World Is Watching

EP.2840b-行程已确认,敬请关注, 搞定5个,还有5个,全世界都在关注



The world is about to hit a point where they can no longer take it. Winter is approaching and the people around the world realize that the economic system is falling apart and it includes energy, but they know this is done on purpose. The people are seeing the plan of the [CB], the ability to shut accounts if they don’t like the politics of the person.

世界即将到达一个他们无法承受的时刻。冬天即将来临,世界各地的人们意识到经济体系正在分崩离析,其中包括能源,但他们知道这是有意为之。人们正在看到[ CB ]的计划,如果他们不喜欢这个人的政治立场,就可以关闭账户。


Scare event is now in motion. Pelosi landed in Taiwan, trip confirmed, stay tuned and watch. The offensive is moving forward, 5 down and 5 to go. The agenda of the [DS] has fallen apart, as the scare event approaches the people will start waking up, the people will come together and reject the [DS]. The entire event will be botched by the [DS].



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