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迈克 · 昆西的高我|重拾你的力量Dear Friends,


How quickly the year is passing, and it continues to be filled with problems as people wrestle with the changes that have been forced upon them. As you must realize by now the Illuminati have been responsible for releasing the Covid virus. It is debatable as to whether it was deliberately released from the Wuhan Laboratories, but the source has been traced to them. If such rumors are true it begs some explanation from Bill Gates who is alleged to have funded the virus that cost trillions of dollars. The prospects are that it may yet be another year before an end is seen to the pandemic.

这一年过得多么快啊,而且它仍然充满了各种问题,因为人们正在与强加在他们身上的变化作斗争。正如你们现在必须意识到的那样,光照派已经对释放Covid病毒负有责任。关于这是否是武汉实验室故意发布的尚有争议,但源头已经追溯到他们。如果这些传言是真的,那么就需要比尔 · 盖茨的解释,他被指控资助了这种耗资数万亿美元的病毒。前景是,可能还需要一年时间,才能看到这场大流行病的结束。

One thing is certain as a result of peoples experiences, matters cannot ever return to what they were prior to Covid. In a strange way it has speeded up changes that were a long time coming, and destined to propel you into a New Age. However, before it can truly get underway there is much to do to restore some semblance of order and a coming together of those who hold the power. It is time to broker peace upon Earth and put down all weapons of war, as they will never again be allowed to be used for such purposes.


We are assuredly on the path to permanent world peace, but there will still be minor incidents within some countries that are still authoritarian. Peace will eventually come to all people as the vibrations continue to rise, and negative energies lose their power to prevent it.


Thank you all for your great support and my final word is to remind you for the need to keep focused upon your goal.


I wish you all a happy and rewarding New Year for your contribution in spreading the Light.


In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

《爱与光》 ,迈克 · 昆西著。


17th December 2021. Mike Quinsey.

2021年12月17日,迈克 · 昆西。

After a year of so many ups and downs you will be pleased to know that the overall result is encouraging as in the long term you will see that the changes have been very beneficial. The intentions of the Illuminati were to create an epidemic of such proportions that only a manageable number would survive and be easier to control. They have gone to extreme lengths to stop you learning the truth about your gift of eternal life.


Realize that you are all great Beings of Light. However, the actions of the dark Ones are doomed to fail, and those of you who have kept focused on the Light are well on the path to Ascension. They will do anything and everything possible to keep you from knowing the truth about yourselves. Some of you may not yet have awoken to it, but as time passes you will learn more and more about your destiny to become great Beings of Light, so much so that you would be looked upon as Gods.


Clearly you have a long way to go before you rise up to the higher levels of existence, but as you do so the truth will be revealed to you. Do not belittle yourselves, and do not restrict your ambitions to become Beings of Light. It is your destiny and even if it seems improbable just now be ambitious and do not limit yourselves as in reality anything is possible. In the not too distant future you will create by the power of thought, but as a Being of Light your needs will be quite different to what they are now. Earth would be a much more beautiful planet but for the negligence of Man, who has totally disregarded the needs of Mother Earth and all of the various life forms that exist on her surface and below it.


You the people are so much more powerful than you are led to believe. As a collective you could together “move mountains” with your power of thought. You really do have such a potential as you will find out in due course. Fortunately, you have to show firstly that you have sufficiently evolved to be trusted with such powers and it will come as your vibrations rise up. Clearly if there was no control of it there would undoubtedly be some who would abuse them.


Now more than ever you are beginning to sense that you have a lot more to offer than you are led to believe. You have been deliberately held back as once your consciousness grows you will realize your true potential and reclaim your powers. Understand that in a Freewill Universe you have to make progress through your own efforts although once you show such an intent you will get guidance and help. Many, many advanced souls hold out their hands to help lift you up and are always with you as you experience duality. They have more than likely gone through what you are experiencing now, so are well equipped to give you advice.


You are at a turning point in your history and should never look back as those days in the lower vibrations are finished and have no further purpose. Use your energy to discover what has been hidden from you and has held up your evolution. After all, your level of consciousness is still expanding, and there is much more around you that is going to increase your awareness and understanding.


In fact you never stop learning and can you imagine what it means to be able to freely explore the Universe. You have old friends from eons of time ago who you will still recognise, as they can appear in a form known to you. Indeed, so many of your friends cheer you on to give encouragement and even a helping hand where it is permissible. It really is up to you as to how quickly you evolve yet there is no pressure placed upon you as you are allowed to evolve at whatever speed you choose. It is nice to end the year on a high note and disregard the negativity that will soon pass into the background. Try to let it pass you by and always look to your future that you are constantly building up through your positive thoughts and actions. It is not hard to do once you realize your true capability. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


This will be the last message for 2021, the next one will be on the 7th January 2022.


In Love and Light.


Mike Quinsey.

迈克 · 昆西。


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