X22报道|第2798集: 整个经济体系正在缓慢转型,一个根深蒂固的敌人被打败了如何?

2022年6月14日15:16:34最新动态X22报道|第2798集: 整个经济体系正在缓慢转型,一个根深蒂固的敌人被打败了如何?已关闭评论2682字数 1325阅读4分25秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2798集: 整个经济体系正在缓慢转型,一个根深蒂固的敌人被打败了如何?

Ep. 2798a – Rig For Red, The Entire Economic System Is Now Slowly Turning

Ep. 2798a – 为了红色,整个经济体系正在缓慢转向

Ep. 2798b – A Deeply Entrenched Enemy Is Defeated How? Game Theory

Ep. 2798b –根深蒂固的敌人如何被击败? 博弈论



Countries are now shutting down the oil production, the US was energy independent we would be able to weather the storm, but [JB] decided to shut this all down. The stock market is in the red, rig for red. Trump was right again, playbook known.

各国现在都在关闭石油生产,美国是能源独立的我们能够经受住风暴,但[ JB ]决定关闭这一切。股票市场是红色的,钻井平台是红色的。Trump 又说对了,我们都知道策略。


The [DS] is pushing the J6 fake hearing, the a stealth bomber is doing this job. The [DS] continues to say the election was not stolen, there is no evidence. Tick Tock, the Big Lie is about to be revealed, the case is being built. The enemy is deeply entrenched and the only way to defeat the enemy without bloodshed is with game theory. Move are being made in the public and in private, the [DS] is struggling and pushing the 16 year plan to remove the weapons from the people, this plan has failed before it was started.



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