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Firstly, some house-keeping about the Comments Section. As more people find this blog, there are more Comments. If you would like to leave a comment, could you please follow these basic guidelines...
Sign in using a Google name of some kind - so it is not from Unknown...Keep your comments short and positive (I will delete negative comments)...Only comment once per blog post. I miss responding to every comment, but there is too much traffic now for me to keep up with it. This is a special little community, albeit not so little anymore. Please let's keep it that way. Thank you.
使用某种类型的谷歌名称登录——这样它就不是来自未知... ... 保持你的评论简短而积极(我将删除负面评论) ... ... 每篇博客文章只有一次评论。我怀念回复每一条评论的日子,但是现在流量太大了,我跟不上。这是一个特殊的小社区,尽管不再那么小了。请让我们保持这种状态。谢谢你。
Now, here is the full three hour Dr Malone interview with Joe Rogan that has gone viral for good reason.
If you feel jaded by global rally videos, please make room for one more - this is awesome.
Spirit said years ago that the mainstream media would be the last to go. Therefore, take heart, my friends, because it is tanking fast. Social media is also tanking. Here are three memes to prove it.
Spirit 在年前说过,主流媒体将是最后一个离开的。因此,振作起来吧,我的朋友们,因为它正在急速下降。社交媒体也在衰退。这里有三个迷因可以证明这一点。
Finally - and this will be difficult to express in Earthly language - my Ascension journey took a giant leap forward over the last few days. I spent New Years Eve with my lovely Light Warrior friend Emma. She saw the cigar-shaped star ship in a vision on the same day that I saw it in the sky, just before New Year. Since that day, she and I have been having amazing downloads and experiences that seem to confirm a quantum leap into 5D.
We both feel 'weird' around 3D situations. It was surreal before - now it's just plain 'weird'. We most definitely are in the world now and not of it. As Emma said, when we are out in supermarkets etc, it seems that we are invisible - 3D people don't even see us.
我们都对3D 场景感到奇怪。以前是超现实主义的,现在只是简单的“怪异”。我们现在绝对是在这个世界上,而不是在这个世界上。正如艾玛所说,当我们在超市等,似乎我们是隐形的-3D 人甚至看不到我们。
Last night, after talking with Emma at length about our downloads, I went for a walk and felt that if I held out my arms, I could rise effortlessly into the sky and fly. She agreed that she feels she is floating now too. We understand that grounding has become of vital importance for both of us to remain on the planet! She gardens, I walk beside the sea - and sometimes garden.
Emma has written an excellent article about Light Codes which I will post tomorrow as a guest post.
My wonderful Galactic friends visited again last night - two star ships signaled with flashes of brilliant white light. Yay! When they visit, I truly feel that I am part of a Galactic community and not isolated here on planet Earth in a small rural town.
Tarot by Janine did a lovely reading where she believes that disclosure of our off-planet friends could be just months away. Bring it on. This will be part of the massive awakening of humanity.
Hold the line, Light Warriors. The [D]eep [S]tate narrative is crumbling by the hour. This is the time our faith and trust in the Divine Plan must be iron clad and rock solid.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 

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