X22报告|第2872集: 中央银行的经济计划失败,定义叛乱? 定义反叛乱

2022年9月13日11:33:48最新动态X22报告|第2872集: 中央银行的经济计划失败,定义叛乱? 定义反叛乱已关闭评论5952字数 1524阅读5分4秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2872集: 中央银行的经济计划失败,定义叛乱? 定义反叛乱

Ep. 2872a – The [CB]/[D]s Economic Plan Failing, Why Didn’t [D]s Repeal Trump’s Tax Cuts?

[ CB ]/[ D ]s的经济计划失败,为什么[ D ]没有废除特朗普的减税政策?

Ep. 2872b – Define Insurgency? Define Counterinsurgency, Operational Confirmed

定义叛乱? 定义反叛乱,行动确认

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The people are now running out of savings, they are resorting to credit, the people are being brought to the precipice. The people are not with the [CB]/[D]s, people are not going along with the loan forgiveness. Why hasn’t the Ds remove the Trump tax cut, they said they were going to do it.

人们现在正在耗尽储蓄,他们正在诉诸信贷,人们正被带到悬崖边。人们不同意[ CB ]/[ D ]s,人们不同意贷款免除。为什么Ds不撤销特朗普的减税政策,他们说他们会这么做的。


The [DS] is panicking, they have deployed all assets, they are going after Trump with everything they have, this is exactly what the patriots want. This exposes the true agenda of the [DS], sometimes people need to see it to believe it. Trump is making countermoves and each time the [DS] fights against it, it shows how they are not following the rule of law. Scavino has now confirmed that we are operational, the [DS] is continuing their narrative of domestic terrorists. This is not going to end well for them and their foot soldiers. Define Insurgency, Define Counterinsurgency?   

[DS]正在恐慌,他们已经部署了所有的资源,他们正在用他们所有的一切来对付特朗普,这正是爱国者想要的。这暴露了[ DS ]的真实目的,有时人们需要看到才会相信。特朗普正在采取反制措施,每次[DS]与之对抗,都表明他们没有遵守法治。Scavino 现在已经证实,我们已经开始行动,[ DS ]正在继续他们对国内恐怖分子的叙述。这对他们和他们的步兵来说不会有好结果的。定义叛乱,定义反叛乱?


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