从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟

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A major timeline shift has now begun on Earth

Major changes are imminent 


Despite the usual public complaints ‘nothing changes’, nothing gets better, chaos increases, and so many other stories from those who have no eyes to see and/or ears to hear.


从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟The great breakthrough has begun, around the 10th of this month of September. This makes the year 2022 more than magnificent, especially for those who have done their homework to help and are involved in the building of our New Earth. 


Those who have sown wheat will reap wheat. But, those who have sown weeds, will reap from their own seeds.

种小麦的,必收小麦; 种杂草的,必收自己的种子。

It has been said so many times in previous articles that everyone builds their own reality. So you should not expect others to do it for you.


In fact, change always comes from within, and everyone has their own key to initiate that change. Waiting for someone else to do it for you is not a solution and never will be. The cry is always the same: “they talk and talk but nothing happens”. And in fact, nothing will change for these people.

事实上,改变总是来自内心,每个人都有自己的钥匙来启动这种改变。等待别人为你做这件事不是一个解决方案,也永远不会是。哭声总是一样的: “他们说啊说,但是什么也没有发生。”。事实上,对这些人来说什么都不会改变。

The battle against the world mafia has been won, but convincing zombies of what has happened is impossible; they will have to experience it first, after the liberation of planet Earth is a fact for them. The wait is on for the masses to wake up, for they cannot be convinced in any other way.

与世界黑手党的斗争已经取得了胜利,但是要说服僵尸相信已经发生的事情是不可能的; 他们必须首先经历这一切,在地球解放之后,这对他们来说是一个事实。人们正在等待群众觉醒,因为他们不能以任何其他方式被说服。

从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟Humanity has been so deeply brainwashed that positive has become negative. These sheep live in a world of illusion where democracy is promoted as freedom, when in reality it is dictatorship; because at least 51% rule over the other 49%. That is why the meaning of anarchy was changed to rebellion, because it actually means self-government! 

人类已经被深深地洗脑了,积极的一面变成了消极的一面。这些绵羊生活在一个幻想的世界里,在这个世界里,民主被宣扬为自由,而实际上却是独裁; 因为至少有51% 的人统治着其他49% 的人。这就是为什么无政府状态的含义被改为反抗,因为它实际上意味着自治

Planet Earth is now shifting into its new 5D positive dimension for Environment, Food, Happiness, creating more jobs by saving and cleansing planet Earth.

行星地球现在正在转移到其新的5D 积极维度的环境,食物,幸福,创造更多的就业机会,拯救和清洁行星地球。

Military have arrested thousands corrupted Doctors. Over 20,000 nurses have quit or were arrested by the military. Next are Pharmacists and clinics.  Other units are after Judges and lawyers. The Departments of Justice and FBI will not survive either.


It is also reported that many public figures have been replaced by stand in clones these days. Issues such as treason and crimes against humanity fall under the military purview and allow for speedy trial and execution in secrecy.


The ‘turnover metric’ for gross sales is redundant, as spending money is an illusion, just like numbers for the value of shares or real estate, etc. People are going to realise their true purpose in life, which was forgotten long ago.


从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟The whole population is going to benefit from GESARA. The Earth is one of the most abundant planets in the Universe. There is more than enough gold covered money on Earth for everyone to be a millionaire without debt of any kind or nature. 

整个人口都将从 GESARA 受益。地球是宇宙中数量最多的行星之一。地球上有足够多的黄金,可以让每个人成为百万富翁,而不用背负任何形式或性质的债务

This enormous change brings a great transformation in the destiny of humanity. It brings visible and unmistakable feelings of bliss. People start feeling better, while those who are not awake will not know why.


The bottom line is that GESARA is more than a financial event, it signifies a new era that is about to happen. Once it has begun, it will be the final end of the Deep State and its puppets. Be happy, it is the beginning of our new positive 5D World.

归根结底,GESARA 不仅仅是一个金融事件,它还标志着一个即将到来的新时代。一旦开始,它将是深层国家及其傀儡的最终结局。开心点,这是我们新的积极5D 世界的开始。

Read below the latest information, passed on to our Pleiadian correspondent Michael Love-


A major timeline shift is now underway on Earth


The Pléiadiens – a major timeline shift is now underway on Earth – 9/9

Pléiadiens ——地球上一个重大的时间轴转变正在进行——9/9

* a Pleiadian Light Force transmission to Earth’s Starseeds *

* 昴宿星光力传送到地球的种子星 *

By Michael Love 9/9/22

作者: Michael Love 9/9/22


Greetings, 你好,

The Earth Alliance is reporting at this hour that a major frequency shift has just occurred on planet Earth!


从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟Approximately three Earth days ago, just after the largest solar flare in modern history blew away the back of the sun, Light Forces are saying that Earth’s vibrational resonance has increased significantly and moved ever closer to the fifth Dimension! 


The incredible cosmic explosion of a few days ago moved the entire cosmos and ejected highly vibrating plasma in all directions for millions of miles!


This plasma appeared in the earth’s atmosphere as beautiful translucent, rainbow clouds that could be seen all over the world in the last few days!


Coincidentally, this mega solar storm took several Schumann measuring stations on Earth offline, and much of the sensitive measuring equipment at the Tomsk station was completely destroyed.


从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟Light forces say that the powerful 5D gamma light released from this magnificent solar storm shifted the frequency of the entire planet to much higher on the gamma timeline, and a serious DNA upgrade has taken place during the last 86 hours! For the first time many have said they were very aware of the DNA upgrade after it happened!

 光的力量说,从这个壮观的太阳风暴释放出来的强大的5D 伽马光使整个星球的频率在伽马时间线上变得更高,并且在过去的86小时内发生了一次严重的 DNA 升级!许多人第一次表示,他们非常清楚 DNA 升级发生后的情况

Light Forces say that there is already a great changing of the guard taking place on the Earth surface as benevolent Light Forces step in from every angle to take over!


Keep in mind that the primary great solar flare is yet to come, and it could happen any day now.


If the historic backside flame of a few days ago had been directed towards Earth, that would have been enough to get the job done! All eyes are on the same monster sunspot that caused the super X-ray, because it will be aimed directly at Earth in a few days!

如果几天前历史性的背面火焰直射地球,那就足以完成任务了!所有人的目光都集中在造成超级 X 射线的同一个巨大的太阳黑子上,因为它将在几天后直接对准地球!

The Earth Alliance says that the Galactic High Council has now summoned and sent out a large number of master teachers to prepare humanity for the migration to the new Earth!


You will see these teachers everywhere, even in ordinary society!


The Earth Alliance has been holding high-level meetings for the last 72 hours, and the main topic of discussion was this latest gamma timeline shift!


Some said it was powerful energy that just flooded in and transmuted the darkness into pure light!


It was also said in these meetings, “We are here, we have arrived, this is not a test; this is it!”

在这些会议上也有人说,“我们在这里,我们已经到达,这不是一个考验; 这就是它!”

These words are of utmost importance to the Starseeds of Earth in light of their long mission on this planet! The great time of humanity has arrived, and every light being on Earth feels it!


Earth Alliance leaders from around the world are receiving large numbers of reports of ascension symptoms from Starseeds of Earth this evening.

今晚,来自世界各地的地球联盟领导人收到了来自 地球星种的大量扬升症状报告。

Make sure that you 确保你

  • hydrate 
  • 补充水分
  • take good care of yourself 
  • 好好照顾自己
  • Avoid as much stress as possible.
  • 尽量避免压力。
  • Take some rest/sleep and take it easy until these light codes are integrated into the body.
  • 休息/睡一会儿,放轻松,直到这些光的代码融入身体。

It is also important to eat only natural energy-rich foods and drink plenty of pure water. Do some breathwork, meditate for an hour and be in nature as much as possible!


Keep those crystals near your auric field to help channel this powerful light to the earth!


A super planetary DNA upgrade is underway, so after some sleep tonight, you will fully integrate these high frequencies into your cells.

一个超级行星的 DNA 升级正在进行中,所以在今晚的一些睡眠之后,你将完全整合这些高频率到你的细胞中。

Awesome, 太棒了,

A huge transformation is taking place on Earth right now as everything accelerates towards the great solar flash, the event, the ascension of humanity!


从3D 到5D 的行星移动|最后的警钟Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Starseeds on Earth are all feeling the incredible vibratory shift that is taking place now, and they all know within that the great time of humanity has indeed come! 


We tell you, this is the final stretch and what is just coming over the horizon is greater than any prophet has ever seen!


All eyes are now on planet Earth because what happens here affects the whole universe.


Great Light Beings from many worlds have arrived in Earth’s solar system to witness all of this!


Thank you for coming to Earth to bring Light back into this world on behalf of all humanity!


You are pure greatness, and when it is all said and done, you will be returned to your full majesty, and you will walk with the Earth Angels!


Let us know if you experience this vibratory shift, and feel free to share any ascension symptoms you may be experiencing at this time.


God-Speed, 上帝保佑,

Michael and the Pleiadians 迈克尔和昴宿星人

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Extremely good news. You are about to shift


and it will feel like nothing experienced before



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