X22报道|第3166集: 美国经济无下滑迹象,假新闻制造骚乱论调

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[DS]准备让拜登出局,他们正在准备换人。特朗普再次要求第25修正案。让我们看看D’s 是否会做出反应。

X22报道|第3166集: 美国经济无下滑迹象,假新闻制造骚乱论调

Ep. 3166a – Yellen: No Signs US Economy In Downturn, Narrative Will Be Used Against Them

耶伦: 没有迹象表明美国经济在下滑,叙事将被用来对付他们

Ep. 3166b – Fake News Building Riot Narrative, Trump Calls For The 25th Again, Clinton/Obama In Focus


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Streamed on: Sep 18, 6:45 pm EDT

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The housing market is out of control, the rates are increasing and people cannot afford, the real estate market is on the brink of disaster. As the economy enters a depression, Janet Yellen is right on schedule letting everyone know that the economy is doing great.

房地产市场失控,房价上涨,人们买不起,房地产市场处于灾难的边缘。随着经济进入萧条期,珍妮特 · 耶伦正如期让所有人知道经济状况良好。

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The [DS] is ready to take Biden out of the game, they are preparing a change of batter. Trump calls for the 25th Amendment once again. Lets see if the D’s react. Obama and the Clintons are coming into focus, Clintons have set up their initiative in Ukraine, timing is everything. The [DS]/fake news begin the narrative for riots and chaos. War is approaching and building. The patriots have the [DS] exactly where then need to be so the world can watch.

[DS]准备让拜登出局,他们正在准备换人。特朗普再次要求第25修正案。让我们看看D’s 是否会做出反应。奥巴马和克林顿家族正成为焦点,克林顿家族已在乌克兰采取主动行动,时机就是一切。[DS]/假新闻开始为骚乱和混乱叙事。战争正在逼近和形成。爱国者们将[DS]准确地部署在需要的位置,让全世界拭目以待。


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