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The Patriots Are Hitting Back Hard!

Counter-measures Are In Place.

Justice Will Prevail!



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The Patriots are hitting back hard.General Flynn is going to go free.He knows where all the bodies are buried!


Once all charges are dropped,Flynn can speak freely.He knows everything that has happened.It seems things are getting closer to this.


We have been told by our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider,that in 30 months,Flynn will go free.The DS wanted to keep Flynn quiet during this whole ordeal.They thought Mueller would show Trump colluded with Russia,they would take Flynn down and it would be done.

我们最喜欢的爱国者情报局内部人士告诉我们,30个月后,弗林将被释放。DS 想让弗林在整个过程中保持安静。他们认为穆勒会证明特朗普与俄罗斯勾结,他们会扳倒弗林,事情就会这样做。

Then things began to crumble when the Mueller report indicated no Russian Collusion.The Flynn case crumbled due to the Brady evidence showing Flynn was blackmailed,using his son.All the text messages show the DS never had a case,they knew it,yet they pushed it forward,anyhow.

然后,当穆勒报告指出没有俄罗斯勾结的迹象时,事情开始崩溃。由于布雷迪的证据显示弗林利用他的儿子受到勒索,弗林的案子破产了。所有的短信都显示 DS 从来没有案子----他们知道这一点----但他们还是把案子推进了。

Kevin Clinesmith altered an e-mail so he could get a FISA warrant against Carter Page.They wiped 27 phones hoping evidence would be lost forever.However,the NSA has everything!The truth is being revealed.


Obama gave the message to Sullivan to keep things moving clear up to the election.Will they be able to hold off until then?


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Trump wanted to debate Joe Biden.He suggested Joe take a drug test and in return,Trump would do the same.He wants to be sure Joe is well enough to debate.Joe announced he will NOT agree to take a drug test.If Joe has nothing to hide,then why not?What is Biden Hidin'?Dementia meds.?HCQ?

特朗普希望与乔·拜登(Joe Biden)展开辩论。他建议乔去做药检,作为回报,特朗普也会这么做。他想确定乔的身体状况是否能够参加辩论。乔宣布他不会同意接受药物测试。如果乔没什么好隐瞒的,那为什么不呢?拜登在隐瞒什么?治疗痴呆的药物。?HCQ?

Talking points of the New York Times article say Trump's tax returns reveal he only paid$750.00 in taxes in 2016.Where did they get this info?Who had access to it?The reality of the article states Trump paid into the U.S.Treasury,$1 million in 2016 and$4.2 million in 2017.Most of the over-payment was rolled forward,not refunded.The$750.00 story is a lie.The person who reported the story is either ignorant of the truth or they simply lied.


Trump was weathly before coming into the presidency.During his presidency,he chose not to take the$400,000 salary and his wealth is declining.He is not using the presidency to enrich himself.Those Democrat Presidents came in to the presidency not being wealthy,but left VERY wealthy,many under the guise of book deals.


Trump knows his taxes are completely clean even though he is keeping them a secret for a specific reason.He is not breaking any laws by keeping them secretive.He's going to use it against them in the very end.This entire time,they fought to get Trump's tax returns.Finally,a prosecutor in New York got them,they were leaked to the New York Times and they found absolutely nothing!


The media promised Trump's tax return would show ties to Russia.This did not happen.Wasn't it Hunter Biden's tax returns that showed Russian ties?


The question looms…did the New York Times use this to sway elections?Is this election interference?


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The social media giants(Facebook,Twitter,YouTube)are flexing their muscles to take down anything having to do with the election.Ballots are not being accurately counted.But they will take accounts discussing Ballot fraud or Election fraud down.Don't expect any explanation.


Many lawsuits have been filed by Republicans and the Trump Administration against certain states where they want to extend the period of time where mail-in ballots can come in.It looks like the Appellate court has halted the Wisconsin ballot-counting extension.Apparently,they wanted to extend the window of counting by six days but this has been reversed to a deadline of 8:00 PM on Election Day.


Canvassers demand answers after 72%of Detroit's absentee ballot counts were off.Now it is being challenged.


In Ohio,signature-match was being challenged but a Federal Judge has ruled ballot signatures must have matching signatures in order to count.A win for the Patriots!


Patriots are suing the state of Pennsylvania,asking the Supreme Court to halt mail-in extension.The Trump Campaign is also suing North Carolina's new mail-in ballots rules.Counter measures are in place.


Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated and possibly will be voted in before the election.


The DS is trying to create chaos,manipulate the elections,so for a period of time,nobody knows who the president is.

DS 试图制造混乱,操纵选举,所以在一段时间内,没有人知道谁是总统。

James O'Keefe,from Project Veritas,just exposed a massive harvesting scheme in Minneapolis where certain individuals asking residents for their blank ballots in return for pay.It appears to be in Ilhan Omar's district.James O'Keefe has a whole video on this.


Trump's campaign is suing certain states to stop them from allowing the mail-in ballots to come in after the due date and to stop harvesting.


In regards to COVID-19,scientists have been looking at research and are leaning toward many of the COVID-19 cases saying 9/10th's may not be infectious at all!What?People may have fragments of the disease rather than the full blown infection.


Trump reported that Americans have taken 100 million tests!He's reporting this to point out those who have been tested are not needing to be hospitalized.Many people are not dying like the media is reporting.The recovery rate depending on age is 99.999 to 99.996%.A very large percentage of people are recovering from the China virus.


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James Comey was not questioned about his relationship with Peter Comey in his confirmation hearing.DLA Piper is the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in November during Clinton-World's first big push to put the email scandal behind them.DLA Piper's employees taken as a whole represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign donation bloc and Clinton Foundation donation base.


James Comey's brother,Peter Comey had an executive position with a Washington Law Firm that performed the audit for the Clinton Foundation in 2015.Peter Comey was officially DLA Piper's,Senior Director of Real Estate operator for Americas in 2015 when the Clinton Foundation scandal first broke and Hillary was preparing her presidential campaign.

2015年,詹姆斯·科米的哥哥 Peter Comey 在华盛顿一家律师事务所担任执行职务,该事务所为克林顿基金会进行了审计工作。2015年,当克林顿基金会丑闻首次爆发时,希拉里正在准备她的总统竞选活动,Peter Comey 正式成为欧华的美国房地产经营高级主管。

DLA Piper gave$50,000 to$100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.James Comey was investigating the email scandal,the Clinton Foundation.His brother,Peter,worked for the firm that audited the Clinton Foundation in 2015.Conflict of interests?

欧华向克林顿基金会基金会捐赠了5万到10万美元。当时詹姆斯·科米正在调查电子邮件丑闻----克林顿基金会。他的兄弟 Peter 2015年审计克林顿基金会的公司工作。利益冲突?

In 2017,the Washington Examiner reported,in 2010,2011 and 2012,the Clinton Foundation did not list any government grants.Overall,the re-file tax returns revealed$20 million in government grants were not reported on the original form.She acquired$20 million in donations but when she lost the election,her donation declined rapidly.Who should be audited?



The New York Times,the mainstream media told us for 3 years that there was Russian collusion,Flynn was guilty and much more.Was all of it fake?Did they push conspiracy theories?It's quite humorous but they are trying to point us back to the MSM for truth.Will the Patriots buy it?

纽约时报,主流媒体告诉我们,3年来有俄罗斯串通,弗林有罪,还有更多。这一切都是假的吗?他们推行阴谋论了吗?这是相当幽默,但他们试图指出我们回到 MSM 的真相。爱国者队会买账吗?

Now as the declassifed information comes out,we know the truth did not come from the media,but from the Patriot's.Listen to what the Patriots say.Listen to President Trump.When Flynn is exonerated,be sure to listen to him.He knows where the bodies are buried!Patriots are in control!


'The X22 Report gives accurate political daily news.X22报告提供准确的每日政治新闻

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

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