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Enclose a partially transcribed 3+hour radio broadcast from Juan O Savin recorded on 3-8-21.


It's a masterpiece of a discussion that provides clear answers to the questions"How did we get here?What is this war all about?


O Savin's scholarly take on Political and Religious History as well as how America's Government should function but doesn't at the moment,is dazzling.After taking us through the challenges he ends on a note of exultation.


Charlie Freak once described the Phoenician fiends and their minions like this:"They hate everybody.They hate you.They hate Earth.They hate themselves."

Charlie Freak 曾经这样描述腓尼基的恶魔和他们的爪牙:"他们憎恨每一个人。他们恨你。他们恨地球。他们恨自己。"

In this transcript,Juan O Savin reiterated a point he often makes in his videos and book,KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD:The de_mons reverse everything."They're into the flip"he says here.

在这份记录中,Juan o Savin 重申了他在他的视频和书《路边的孩子:魔鬼扭转了一切》中经常提到的一点。他在这里说。

It makes sense that all the de_mons can do is reverse because as Gene Decode always points out,being soulless THEY CAN'T CREATE ANYTHING.

所有恶魔能做的事情都是逆向的,这是有道理的,因为 Gene Decode 总是指出,没有灵魂的他们不能创造任何东西。

The monsters need to control and direct Humanity's Divine imagination in order for us to create their dreams.We have our God Created Soul and can therefore create ANYTHING.Being godless and proud of it they can only rape,pillage,destroy,steal or reverse.


Paramahansa Yogananda once told a joke about a man standing next to God surveying Gaia.He said,"This is a very beautiful planet,Lord,but I have a few tweaks in mind."

帕拉宏撒尤迦南达(paramahansa yogananda)曾经讲过一个笑话,讲的是一个站在上帝身边的人在观察着盖亚。他说:"主啊,这是一个非常美丽的星球,但是我心里有一些调整。"

God said,"Great!I'd love to see what you come up with."


So the man reached down and picked up a handful of Earth and God said,"Ah ah.Get your own dirt!"




The de_mons haven't CREATED a single thing without God stuff.Reverse,yes.Destroy,yes.Create?No.


In Part 1,O Savin gives a consummate dissertation on how the deep state de_mons:

在第一部分,o Savin 给出了一个关于深层状态如何魔鬼的完美论述:

1.Reversed the de-centralizing agreements between the American people and the Federal Government as outlined in The Constitution.


2.Centralized the American Government in Washington D.C.


3.Then bribed,blackmailed and honey-potted the U.S.Congress and Judiciary in order to control America and Americans and most importantly to the cabal,our MONEY.


He also goes into a brilliant historic outline of what the Washington Monument actually represents to the deep state's satanic religion and it's demonic influence on America.


I agree with Gene Decode,Washington D.C.should be bulldozed and turned into a Bird Sanctuary.

我同意 Gene Decode 的观点,华盛顿特区应该被夷为平地,变成一个鸟类保护区。

Every single building in that godless city should come down.No need to create a"museum"with sidewalks soaked in the blood of innocent children and buildings resonant with the vibrations of despair from endless agonies inflicted on the American people by an insane,greedy,soulless,bloodthirsty diabolic deep state.


As well,O Savin outlines EXACTLY what this war is about,between whom and why.


I love it when Juan O Savin swears at the de_mons because decent language is totally inappropriate for fiends from hell.

我喜欢 Juan o Savin 骂恶魔的样子因为体面的语言对来自地狱的恶魔来说是完全不合适的。

In Part 2
O Savin goes into the political situation.The courts and congress being captured operations by foreign powers,means that the Military is the ONLY option.Once the duly elected Commander in Chief,President Trump,is officially restored,he will direct the Military to conduct all the arrests.And finally,we must protect the children,the innocents.Lord.


I'm sorry to report that I cannot offer you Part 2 of my Gene Decode and Michael Jaco video transcript because utube removed the video along with Jaco's entire channel.

很抱歉,我不能提供我的吉恩和 Michael Jaco 视频文本的第二部分因为 utube 删除了视频以及 Jaco 的整个频道。

As well,I continue to receive some revolting replies whenever I post anything from Charlie Ward on anonup.Vile language,vile accusations,really yucky.I block them but enough is enough.As I've written,Charlie Ward must scare the heck out of the de_mons in order for him to be attacked so viciously.



So what exactly is Charlie Ward saying that's so terrifying to the cabal?!Let's review:


For a solid year Charlie has said that covid-19 was downgraded by the WHO and CDC websites to nothing more than the flu,that masks don't work as has been proven ad nauseum and don't take the vax cuz it'll kill you,which is being proven right now.


As well,Charlie,who is working for the U.S.Government and who has been invited to President Trump's second Inaugural,has also been saying that there's going to be a Revaluation of Currencies,a Global Currency Reset,a Quantum Financial System,a new Gold-backed Currency,a Quantum Voting System,NESARA,GESARA,Med Beds,Zero point Energy,Tesla Towers,Trump is still President,Bye-din is an actor,we're watching a movie and Jesus loves you.

同时,受邀参加特朗普总统第二次就职典礼的美国政府官员查理也表示,将会有货币升值,全球货币重置,量子金融系统,新的黄金支持货币,量子投票系统,NESARAGESARAMed BedsZero point EnergyTesla TowersTrump 仍然是总统,拜登是演员,我们正在看电影,耶稣爱你。

Oh yeah,Charlie Ward is a big threat—TO DEEP STATE LIES!



Digital Soldiers have become very tough over the years especially now in this cancel-culture moment.


Keeping in mind,GOD'S LIGHT has already won the battle for the Solar System.


As Gene Decode outlined in a now-deleted-video with Michael Jaco on 2-11-21,in a 3-day Light Event,Gaia,her Kingdoms,Humanity,Galaxy and Solar System are going to jump 2-light-octaves.



"Charlie Ward and Gene Decode videos:Horrifying D.C.D.U.M.B.s,Amazing Ascension,Miraculous Health and Wealth Incoming"Part 2 by Kat

"查理·沃德和吉恩·德科特视频:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,神奇的升天,奇迹般的健康和财富"第二部分 Kat

57:20 Gene Decode:There's this big energy grid flowing throughout all of Creation…as we come into that infrared barrier the energy of our Sun goes up and up and up…when it gets to a certain point it's like a resonation oscillator…when you get to a certain point where the field collapses it'll collapse to the core…that's what they call The Event…the Big Event…Nothing Can Stop What's Coming…


57:50 When it collapses to the core then it starts to resonate harder and harder till it jumps an octave…which in this case it's gonna jump 2 octaves…it's already in the process of starting to go up octaves in the core…that's why the energy's going up on Earth and all the other planets…and then it blows outward and it wraps around each planet causing it to lift up too…


58:11 53:19 Michael Jaco:Is this the Ascension event that we're talking about?This is what's causing it?

58:1153:19 Michael Jaco:这就是我们所说的扬升事件吗?这就是造成它的原因吗?

58:20 Gene Decode:Yes.This is it.This is the Ascension Event…and the cabal has known about it and they've been trying to hijack it to be a negative event…it's not a negative event…it's a positive event…it's a negative event of 3D 4D 5D negative Earth…

吉恩·德科特:是的。就是这个。这是升天事件,阴谋集团已经知道了它,他们一直试图劫持它成为一个负面事件,这不是一个负面事件,这是一个正面事件,这是一个3D 4D 5D 负面地球的负面事件。

58:36 NASA doesn't even show it…they have pictures from the Space Station,I got sent pictures in an Email from a couple in India.You can see it…there's 4D and 5D Earth in orbit behind us…it's already forming,the separation has already happened between negative and positive timelines…

58:36美国宇航局甚至没有展示...他们有空间站的照片,我收到一对印度夫妇发来的电子邮件。你可以看到,在我们身后的轨道上有4D 5D 的地球,它已经形成了,正负时间线之间的分离已经发生了。


58:56 Gene Decode cont.:That's why we're coming down to the choice…


which place do you want to be?


Where do you resonate?


Where you resonate is where you are…


59:06 If you're gonna resonate negative,


you're gonna stay here…


if you're gonna resonate positive


you go to the other one…




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