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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 24,2021 2021724


Richard Citizen Journalist is here in downtown Phoenix covering the Rally to Protect Our Elections and he says he's never seen anything like the lineup down there.See his videos on Telegram.

理查德公民记者在凤凰城市中心报道保护我们的选举的集会,他说他从来没有见过任何像那里的阵容。请看他在 Telegram 上的视频。

Supporters Line Up During Severe Storm OVER 24 Hours Before President Trump Returns To Arizona 


Here's the RSBN feed on Themtube but if the enemy gets cute,it could shut them down like last time,right before the rally so look for another feed on apps like Roku,Apple,Google,Fire TV,etc.just in case,if you want to watch.The chat is screaming by so fast you can't read it and the President won't be speaking for hours yet.

如果敌人变得可爱,它可能会像上次一样关闭它们,就在集会之前,所以如果你想看的话,可以在 RokuAppleGoogleFire TV 等应用上寻找另一个 feed,以防万一。聊天时间过得太快了,你根本看不懂,而总统几个小时内也不会讲话。

Trump is slated to begin at 3 pm MDT–6 pm EDT but RSBN is covering the excitement now and 14,000 are watching on Youtube alone.There are a lot of speakers set up to set the tone for the election protection theme.Pinal County[constitutional]Sheriff Mark Lamb is currently speaking as I write this and just quoted Sun Tzu as he is about to introduce the gubernatorial candidates for Arizona.

特朗普预定在美国东部夏令时下午3点至6点开始,但现在 RSBN 正在报道这一令人兴奋的消息,仅在 Youtube 上就有14000人在观看。有很多演讲者为选举保护主题定下了基调。我写这篇文章的时候,皮纳尔县(宪法)警长马克·兰姆正在发言,他刚刚引用了《孙子兵法》,因为他正准备介绍亚利桑那州的州长候选人。

Kari Lake(former Phoenix mainstream media personality)did an incredible speech and just as she was finishing up YouTube inserted an ad.They do that,you know.

卡里·莱克(前凤凰城主流媒体名人)做了一个令人难以置信的演讲,就在她结束 YouTube 视频的时候插入了一个广告。他们就是这样,你知道。

 President Donald Trump Speaks at'Rally To Protect Our Elections'in Phoenix,AZ 

特朗普总统在 AZ 凤凰城发表演讲

You people at the rally as SO LUCKY it's this weekend because it's 25 degrees cooler than normal with this weather system here for three days.There's just a little light rain off and on,no monsoon storms here in the valley.Up north they got hit hard.


I've been scanning Telegram since early this morning and we're hearing that the first McAfee drop came out.The Real Kim Shady posted the following.It is coded,and I haven't yet looked closely at it as I need to get this post published.

我从今天一大早就开始浏览 Telegram,我们听说迈克菲的第一部电影出来了。真正的 Kim Shady 发表了以下文章。它是编码的,我还没有仔细研究过,因为我需要把这篇文章发表出来。

1ST McAfee DROP!!!!!!https://citizen0ne.tumblr.com/post/171381627668/q-codes-soros-family-rothschild-family

1 st McAfee DROP!!!!!https://citizen0ne.tumblr.com/post/171381627668/q-codes-soros-family-rothschild-family

CITIZEN ØNE(https://citizen0ne.tumblr.com/post/171381627668/q-codes-soros-family-rothschild-family)

CITIZEN ØNE•Q Codes:+–Soros family++–Rothschild family…

Q Codes:

CITIZEN øne(https://citizen0ne.tumblr.com/post/171381627668/q-Codes-Soros-family-rothschild-family)CITIZEN øne•q 代码:+-Soros 家庭+-罗斯柴尔德家族...q 代码:

+–Soros family


++–Rothschild family


+++–House of Saud


187–police code for Murder


4,10,20–DJT,Donald J.Trump

4,10,20-DJTDonald j.Trump

ADM R–Admiral Rogers,Director of NSA


AF1–Air Force 1,POTUS plane

空军一号,POTUS 飞机

AG–Attorney General


AL–Al Franken,Senator of Minnesota

AL-AL Franken,明尼苏达州参议员

Alice&Wonderland–Hillary Clinton and the bizarre land of Saudi Arabia



Righteous indignation and anger are spilling into the streets and the establishment comes down hard on The People of many countries due to their awakening and protesting.The cabal police/mercenaries are getting violent and using teargas.The media is condemning and calling the protests"super spreaders",and there are threats of tracking down protestors and arresting them.


Oz is finally awake—that happened very quickly after they went in and out of so many strict lockdowns—and they are on their feet in the streets.This weekend is the biggest yet for global demonstrations against the Wu Flu restrictions across the world.


I've shown you protests in the UK,France,and other places.See the Netherlands on Telegram.


Thousands on the streets of Amsterdam as the world unites against Coronavirus tyranny.


Ireland. pic.twitter.com/dAPhmJVrbv

Italy…video on Telegram.


Italy out in force too against covid passport discrimination.


These perspectives show the full impact of the unbelievable crowds in the UK and France.


If Telegram isn't your thing,then go to Twitter and do a search.Posts always come up.

如果你不喜欢 Telegram,那么去 Twitter 上搜索一下,帖子总是会出现。

WATCH: An enormous crowd of anti-vaccine passport protesters has formed near the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. pic.twitter.com/JZL4CobGqk

The world knows who the boss is.


No Description

Austria is reacting to the uncontrollable influx of illegals breaching their border and sending troops to manage the situation.


Someone asked for the top ten Telegram channels and that's a big ask because it changes from day to day,depending on the stories we're watching because some folks specialize in specific topics while many cover a variety,like we do.

有人点击了 Telegram 的前十个频道,这是一个很大的要求,因为它每天都在变化,这取决于我们正在观看的故事,因为有些人专注于特定的主题,而许多人像我们一样覆盖各种各样的主题。

If I had to make a list today,it might be:


Romana Didulo



Ghost Ezra


Q)The Storm Rider


Mel Q


Charlie Ward


Wendy Rogers(Colonel)


Seth Keshel(Captain)




We The Media




There are so many more excellent channels I follow so ten is unfair and there may be hurt feelings.If I wanted some fun I'd say Catturd and Il Donaldo Trumpo.If I want to know what's going on in Washington DC or a rally,I'd go to Richard Citizen Journalist.

我还有很多很好的渠道,所以十条是不公平的,可能会伤害到我的感情。如果我想找点乐子,我会说 Catturd Il Donaldo Trumpo。如果我想知道华盛顿特区或者集会上发生了什么,我会去找理查德公民记者。

If I wanted to know what was on the fake news I'd go to Karli Bonne/Midnight Rider.If I wanted better legacy media I'd check RT/Ruptly.

如果我想知道假新闻里有什么,我会去 Karli Bonne/Midnight Rider。如果我想要更好的传统媒体,我会检查 RT/Ruptly

If I want medical updates I check out Dr.Rashid Buttar or RFK Jr.

如果我想了解最新的医疗状况,我会去看看拉希德·巴塔尔医生或者 RFK jr.

If I want the pedophile news I look at The Real Dark Judge and Agent A1.See what I mean?

如果我想知道恋童癖的新闻,我会去看《真正的黑暗法官》和探员 A1,明白我的意思了吗?

If I post something from Telegram that interests you and you want more of that,then follow that source.Easy peasy.You'll wind up with a long list and Telegram never stops pinging for long.

如果我发布的东西,从电报,你感兴趣的,你想要更多的,然后按照这个来源。小菜一碟。你最终会得到一个长长的名单,Telegram 永远不会停止长时间的连接。


It's looking like that prediction about what will be revealed when the flood waters recede may very well come to pass.Look at what's happening in Chyna—with a typhoon on the way.Most of it's flooded. It's definitely biblical at this point on our planet.

这看起来像是关于洪水退去后会发生什么的预测。看看在台风即将来临之际发生在 chyna 的事情。大部分都被淹了。在我们这个星球上,这绝对是圣经上的。

The treasonous media are saying it's due to climate change and use the carnage for views and corporate gain.


Belgium has flooding as well,and they need to wash away those disgusting pedovores and satanists.


⛈ De nouvelles inondations dramatiques (mais localisées) ont touché Dinant en Belgique (province de Namur) ce soir au passage d'un orage diluvien ! (© Scotty Noel) pic.twitter.com/rJBOcnGNwx


German cops identify over 1,600 suspects in sting op on online chat groups where child porn&zoophilia materials were distributed


Police in Germany have identified more than 1,600 potential child sex-abuse suspects who participated in online chat groups on which child pornography and zoophilia material was shared.Many of the suspects are reportedly minors.(https://t.me/iv?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rt.com%2Fnews%2F530153-german-police-sting-child-pornography%2F&rhash=8b7b9f9e18d765)


Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT t.me/rtintl


Exercise Caution,everyone,if you attend live events,says Ghost Ezra.


"I heard someone got scammed$540 from one of these PAYtriot conferences for Vip tickets.Be careful everyone.Lot of you are generous and kind patriots who will do anything for your country.I don't want you to become victims of these grifters.Why are we having these conferences when our country has gone to shit and the Zionist death jab continues?We should be having marches not conferences.Money doesn't solve problems,it often intensifies them.What solves problems is,courageous leaders who speak truth and are transparent with the real issues facing America.Especially when it's unpopular.Where's our priorities?"Link to Telegram.

"我听说有人从 PAYtriot 的一个会议上骗了540美元,买了贵宾票。大家小心点。你们很多人都是慷慨善良的爱国者,愿意为国家做任何事情。我不想让你成为这些骗子的受害者。为什么我们的国家已经一团糟,犹太复国主义的死亡攻击还在继续,我们还要举行这些会议?我们应该举行游行,而不是开会。金钱不能解决问题,反而会加剧问题。解决问题的是,勇敢的领导人,他们讲真话,对美国面临的真正问题保持透明。特别是当它不受欢迎的时候。我们优先考虑的事情在哪里?"链接到 Telegram

Did you see Juan O'Savin?Some did.


Time to get this post out.Enjoy your weekend as a warrior,my friends.Thanks to the crew for the shares and support.~BP





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