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I love this little video of USA high school students walking to school mask-less, defying the mandates. Go them...!
我喜欢这个小视频,美国高中生走到学校面具-没有,藐视的任务。去他们... !
Please keep the Canadian truckers - and ALL freedom truckers worldwide - in your prayers and heart.
I knew that the Trudeau who spoke from his hidey-hole was a body double. Here is photographic proof.


Awesome news from UK - Scotland Yard police confirm that a criminal investigation is underway for jab injuries and coercion. 
A bizarre 'news' cover story for jab injuries and deaths. Keep spreading the TRUTH.
We must NEVER forget what happened to the children. Tragic incidents like this are happening in New Zealand and being covered up. The souls who contracted to have these short lives are to be honored for their sacrifice to help awaken humanity.


Kari Lake destroyed the MSM during an interview with a reporter. 'Their days are numbered...'

卡里 · 莱克在接受记者采访时摧毁了 MSM。他们的日子屈指可数了... ..

Check out the NZ government's bizarre criteria for 'opening the borders'. Does this look like normal unrestricted travel to you...?? Wake up, Kiwis! Don't be fooled by her 'generous offering' - you are still trapped in a prison of mind-control. 
看看 NZ 政府关于开放边境的奇怪标准吧。这看起来像是正常的不受限制的旅行吗?醒醒吧,新西兰人!不要被她的“慷慨奉献”所愚弄——你仍然被困在精神控制的牢笼里。
Love the Brazilian President...! 
Wonderful post from an Anon - inspiring and uplifting. Enjoy.


The truth is simple. We are the cure. The Great Awakening is an unstoppable force. The role of Q is so beautiful. They gave the people what they needed to wake up. And they've been battling the deep state day and night, steering them down the path that leads to The People having the will to stand up! The fog of war is thick but there is a uniting of the world happening before our eyes. If you've slumbered from lost hope, it's not too late. Look around you. People who years ago who were so deeply enveloped into the deep state brainwash system have eyes wide open now. If the few good people at the top would have arrested the deep state players and executed them years ago it would have been a disaster. Civil war, nuclear war, the damage to society would have cost too much. The path we're on is truly the best case scenario. The World is slowly finding common ground. This isn't about Republican or Democrat, Race, or Gender. This is about the People finding the will to change. When the People of the world come to that place.. it'll be a spectacle like we've never seen.
事实很简单。我们是解药。大觉醒是一股不可阻挡的力量。Q 的角色是如此美丽。他们给人们他们需要唤醒的东西。他们日夜与深州斗争,引导他们沿着通往人民有站起来的意愿的道路前进!战争的迷雾很浓,但是世界的联合正在我们眼前发生。如果你已经从失去的希望中清醒过来,现在还不晚。看看你的周围。年前,人们被深深地包裹在深州的洗脑系统中,现在他们睁大了眼睛。如果高层中为数不多的几个好人在年前逮捕了深州的玩家并处决了他们,那将是一场灾难。内战,核战争,对社会造成的损害将会付出太多的代价。我们现在所走的路是最好的情况。世界正在慢慢地找到共同点。这与共和党或民主党、种族或性别无关。这是关于人们找到改变的意愿。当全世界的人们来到那个地方。.这将是我们从未见过的壮观场面。
 Finally, blog reader Tim sent this cool meme. Thanks Tim. This is my story. I am sure that I am not alone in this blog community, having more on-line friends than in the physical. I will make sure we get the opportunity to meet up - it will be amazing. I am thinking Sedona.
最后,博客读者 Tim 发送了这个很酷的文化基因。谢谢,蒂姆。这就是我的故事。我相信在这个博客社区中,我并不孤单,我在网上的朋友比在实际生活中的朋友更多。我会确保我们有机会见面——那将是令人惊奇的。我在想塞多纳。
Freedom is in the air in every country around the world. Light Warriors feel hopeful, excited, supported and ready to spring into action as soon as a BIG domino falls. 
Sure there are moments during the day when we wobble and falter. I freely admit that I do. But we pick ourselves up, dust off our swords of Truth and charge back into the battle.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.. 



Love and Light 

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