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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

August 17,2021 2021817


Regardless of how long we've been on the battlefield or how exhausted we are,little naps do wonders and we fall in every day to fight the good fight.It's why we came.


Some days are marked by significant victories;others marred by perceived defeats,but we offer no quarter.It's us or them—and it ain't gonna be them that steals our flag and rides into the fort to claim the spoils of war.



I began listening to the Juan O'Savin(107)video below last night but didn't get all the way through the 1 hr.21 min.This morning when I picked it up,I was at the 1:07:—mark.No word of a lie.You can't make this up.

我昨晚开始听下面的 Juan o'savin(107)视频,但没有听完整个1小时。21分钟。今天早上我拿起它的时候,已经是1:07了。没有谎言。你不能编造这些。

This is one of the best conversations with Juan yet.He's had several exceptional ones lately but this one from August 12 during Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium focuses on the laws regarding the military vs the executive branch and what those rules mean to the current fight.It connects many dots and I wished he would go on longer.


Obviously Juan is an inner circle member and will never give away the game plan.He tells us enough to help us understand the situation,but nothing is what it seems.I believe the resources and brilliance of the White Hats/Earth Alliance/Galactic Alliance are far superior to the enemy and obviously supported by the legions of Heaven.This is a process and it must play out as our race is evolving along the way.


Juan stated that we are at the 60 per cent mark of awakening in America.We need to achieve 80 to go to the next level,according to him.


This is a gift from the crew,and we thanQ.


Juan O'Savin:White Hat Command Structure 


If you listened to the Tom Numbers,Jetson White,Brice Watson video from the other day,you heard Tom say that we are playing the numbers.The game is all about numbers;the Divine language.Gematria is an incredible key for unlocking those numbers.Behind the mystery doors lie fundamental understandings of who and what we are;what happened to land us here,and our glorious future.

如果你听过 Tom NumbersJetson WhiteBrice Watson 那天的视频,你会听到 Tom 说我们在玩数字游戏。这个游戏全是关于数字,神圣的语言。Gematria 是解锁这些数字的一个难以置信的关键。在这些神秘的大门背后,是对我们是谁和我们是什么的基本理解;是什么让我们来到这里,以及我们美好的未来。


Behind door number one—our true past and origin.Door number two helps us decode the present war for our dramatic breakthrough from this prison.When we venture through door number three we get a glimpse of our destiny.It's like time travel—which we are learning is not fiction.


The rest are decoys leading to myriad rabbit holes that may go nowhere,or take you on a long and frustrating journey of conflicting information and contradictory facts exposing many shills.


Did I mention the doors are not outwardly numbered?



To complicate matters we are provided with a mess of keys and your mission,should you choose to accept it,is to find the right keys for the right doors and discern the truth about your reality from what you find on the other side.


It's quite the challenge,and not for the feint of heart.


Today,being a seventeen day,is an auspicious one and I expect interesting revelations.


I see many people looking at the clues and evidence and trying to work out the true situation.I'm just enjoying the show.I don't believe we have the"key"to unlock all the truths about what is unfolding,or The Plan so I'm just going with it in full trust and faith.


This guy is running the numbers.Link to Telegram for 4 min.video.

这家伙正在运行的数字。链接到 Telegram 4分钟视频。

This is quite interesting.


The claim:There's no way 150 million Americans got the shot.


The math:If there was a shot produced every second,24/7,365 days a year guess how long it would take to produce 2 billion shots?The answer is 63 years.4-5 years to produce 150 million.31.5 million per year.According to him.


The large numbers that are thrown around are so large that no one can truly conceptualize what these numbers mean,not in any real sense.It's a psychological operation.


Of course it's a psyop.Did I not suggest that it could not possibly be what they claim?Something else is going on.Romana Didulo also stated that not nearly as many people accepted the jab in Canada or the US as stated.


This entire liberation effort is a psyop;on us,on the enemy…it's all good.


I'll repeat again:Q said,"You and your families are safe."I don't know how or why but I know it to be true.We don't know who is dying from vaccines.I suspect it is the enemy,but that's just my intuition talking.

我再重复一遍:q :"你和你的家人都很安全。"我不知道如何或为什么,但我知道这是真的。我们不知道谁会死于疫苗。我怀疑那是敌人,但那只是我的直觉。

Trump said the military is going to deliver the vaccine.Jetson White has given us an inkling of the scale of this rescue mission and we know the Earth Alliance has the upper hand.I do believe the Patriots are in control.They can't explain this to us and we don't have a lot to go on but I don't feel like a victim.Call me irrational,a Pollyanna,whatever.That is my stance.It's all good and soon we will come out the other side.


What we're currently seeing are the signs/counter-signs and disinformation about the predicted WWIII scenario.It is not about a world war,except for the fact that the entire world as we know it has declared war on the global El-ite psychopaths.Our best sources tell us the WW scenario is cover for deploying the military of every country to make the arrests of the cabal's minions.Beyond that,I'm not interested in pursuing the finer points because it's all theatre.It's not what it seems.I'd rather relax and explore other things and enjoy the show.Popcorn is a highly prized commodity.



Romana Didulo has been posting chat links for MedBed Technicians/Operators for many countries.See the posts beneath this one on her channel for the chat link for your country.

罗曼娜·迪杜洛已经在许多国家发布了 MedBed 技术员/操作员的聊天链接。请看她频道下方的文章,了解你们国家的聊天链接。

In Canada 2.0,I,invite our Military Veterans to please sign up to be trained as MedBeds Operators/Technicians.


Join here…

Canada 2.0 Military Applicants

Canada 2.0 Military Applicants 3 244 members, 836 online This page is for #Canadians wishing to join the Canada 2.0 Military. Please do not post your personal information on this page. You are invited to the group Canada 2.0 Military Applicants. Click above to join.


Everything will be explained after EBS.

EBS 之后,一切都会得到解释。

Please and thank you.


If the military vets are healed first of their trauma and physical damage,would they then not be prime candidates to train on the med-bed technology to heal the rest of us?Just a thought.



The dark wants to terrorize us,but we don't have to accept the challenge.It has rained here in the desert before.It's been very windy in the past.We've had flash flooding every summer.We've had more than one haboob.


THIS year,however,the EAS alarms are off the charts.Everywhere you look you see warnings about weather.This morning when I fired up the beast the notification at the bottom of my screen said,"Rain coming."I've never seen that before.


Last night I heard there may be the odd,isolated severe thunderstorm so before I retired for the night I went outside to secure the patio furniture,etc.It was dead calm and hot with nary a leaf moving.I turned off my PC and while I was washing up I heard a roar and the"ship's bell"on the patio started chiming wildly.I thought the palm trees were going to get stripped.


Shortly thereafter an EAS came through saying a storm with up to 80 mph winds was in the area.It said to seek shelter in a sturdy building and stay away from windows because projectiles,blah,blah,blah.Unbelievable.It's subtle terrorism.The scariest thing I've seen this summer is my hair in all this humidity.


So after a little rain the storm passed and it was calm again with no one the worse for wear.No damage,but at 12:49 a.m.another EAS came through and woke me up,telling us to refrain from travel unless we are fleeing a flood situation.They just can't do enough to try to scare people and have them in fear all the time.



Everywhere you look,whether it's the TV,the online weather channels,the Jumbotrons on the freeways saying you need to join the 3.8 million Arizonans and get the jab…it never stops.How many died of Covid?Bullshit.Are people desensitized by now?I know I am.


They never used to send out Amber alerts,flood warnings,storm bulletins,or tell you about all the wildfires,how many died from trying to cross a fast-flowing wash…but now that nearly everyone—including kids—have cell phones,they're taking full advantage.


Obviously the EAS system works,and I have no doubt that the tech the White Hats possess can override any blocks the dark ones might have in place.We will get our Emergency Alert/Broadcast and 10 Days of Darkness/Disclosure and nothing can stop that from coming.

显然,EAS 系统是有效的,我毫不怀疑白帽子拥有的技术可以覆盖黑帽子可能存在的任何障碍。我们将得到我们的紧急警报/广播和10天的黑暗/大揭露,没有什么能够阻止它的到来。


Scott Mowry went into detail via another insider's post on Sunday night's Miracles Intel Call.I don't know the source,but it was very detailed.They recommended at least 3 weeks of food and supplies,generators,cash,etc.in preparation to be on the safe side.Scott said he didn't believe phones and Internet would be down for the full 10 days but we understand the Internet will be down for probably the 3 days that the looped videos are playing to explain what has happened,why,who dunnit,the remedy,who's in charge,what to expect going forward,etc.


Dates are important,for many reasons,and anniversaries often come into play.September 11 is a key one,as we all know,and might figure into The Plan.When you run the numerology of various dates they become meaningful in many cases.I think it's best not to dwell on dates and just relax and let The Plan unfold as it must.Thanksgiving and Christmas might be highly memorable this year.We'll see what happens.



Meanwhile,back on the front lines the scripts continue.Things are lively down under as Ardern delivers her directives.Link to Telegram.

与此同时,回到前线,剧本还在继续。当阿德恩传达她的指令时,下面的事情变得很活跃。链接到 Telegram

New Zealand to enter nationwide lockdown after detecting 1st local case in 170 days:
"Don't go out,don't talk to your neighbours."2021年8月17日星期三:三伏天不能懒洋洋地躺在疲惫的草坪上


Another observation…


She saying exactly what the health minister in Australia was saying in her speeches.This shit has been scripted



And in Oz…Link to Telegram.


Yep swamp drainers there now disguised as Covid Australia's up too About 8 DUMBS'earthquakes'in last few days

是的,那里的沼泽排水系统现在伪装成澳大利亚的Covid上升了,在过去的几天里大约有8DUMBS "地震"

When you know,you know.Covid is a cover.



Do you know fake news when you see/hear it?There must have been a fake terror incident/photo op in Afghanistan I missed.Another way to use trauma to keep people under the spell.This Telegram goes into the analysis.


Come down the rabbit hole with me.Where's my conspiracy theorists at?


There's some things I want you want to you pay attention to and tell me what you think.


The video I posted yesterday of the plane that was taking off with people flying off it in Afghanistan as it took off.Look at the video.You'll see a few odd things.First,look at the numbers on the plane in 1st pic.Read the numbers backwards.1109.(9/11).Coincidence?You'll see a really happy guy throwing up his hands running along the plane.Pretty chaotic for him to be so happy.You'll see a guy climbing the plane and his stash or people's hair barely blowing.Not blowing in chaos and air blowing from a jet engine about to take off.Let's talk about that air.When a plane like that takes off,why is everyone still standing or doesn't look phased by the thrust?Do you know what happens when a jet like that takes off?Look at slide 5.That's what happens.Go back to slide 2.


Dave's first X22 Report in a few days was excellent,as always,and explains what we're seeing now.He is very good at decoding and getting the research behind the subtle nuances of the"intel"we get.The onion has many layers.

几天后 Dave 的第一份 X22报告一如既往地出色,并解释了我们现在看到的情况。他非常擅长解码和研究我们得到的"情报"背后的微妙差别。洋葱有很多层。

That's the end of this post.We're coasting rapidly through the summer and into fall;the fall of the cabal.Coming soon to a theatre near you.


Be sure to surf through the comments for more good stuff and wisdom from the crew.~BP





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