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Dominos start to fall
Wake up, read the headlines, see another bank panic…
Precious metals are your safe haven
Major sovereign debt crisis
Banking crisis unfolding
The Final Card

Dominos start to fall


A “Too Big To Fail” Bank In Europe is literally on the brink of collapse. Do you remember when wealthy people all over the world would stash their money in Swiss banks because these were so 经济周期的终结导致经济崩溃|最后的警钟strong and so private?  Well, the second largest bank in Switzerland is literally on the brink of collapse. As written earlier Credit Suisse is a prime candidate to be one of the next dominoes to fall. It has been on very shaky ground for a long time, and now the global banking panic has greatly accelerated the outflow of assets from the bank. So why should you care if it fails? Unlike Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, Credit Suisse is so critical to the worldwide banking system that it has officially been designated “as being systemically important by the international Financial Stability Board”.

欧洲一家“大到不能倒”的银行实际上正处于崩溃的边缘。你还记得世界各地的富人把钱藏在瑞士银行里的时候吗? 因为这些银行非常强大,而且非常私密?瑞士第二大银行正处于崩溃的边缘。正如前文所述,瑞士信贷(CreditSuisse)是下一个倒下的多米诺骨牌的主要候选者之一。长期以来,该行一直处于非常不稳定的地位,如今,全球银行业恐慌极大地加速了该行资产的外流。那么,你为什么要在意它是否失败呢?与硅谷银行(Silicon Valley Bank)和签名银行(Signature Bank)不同,瑞士信贷对全球银行体系至关重要,以至于“国际金融稳定委员会(International Financial Stability Board)正式将其列为具有系统重要性的机构”。

Credit Suisse, the 167 year-old banking behemoth, is not a domino falling in reaction to bank failures in the U.S. Its troubles are of its own making, and have been cascading for over a decade. Still, its current dire predicament could hardly come at a worse time for the global financial system.

有着167年历史的银行业巨头瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)并不是因为美国银行倒闭而倒下的多米诺骨牌。它的麻烦是自己造成的,并且已经持续了十多年。尽管如此,对于全球金融体系而言,它目前的可怕困境来得再糟糕不过了。

Wake up, read the headlines, see another bank panic…


Credit Suisse is one of just 30 global financial institutions designated as being systemically important by the international Financial Stability Board. In other words, it’s too big to fail.

瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)是国际金融稳定委员会(Financial Stability Board)指定为具有系统重要性的30家全球金融机构之一。换句话说,它“大到不能倒”。

经济周期的终结导致经济崩溃|最后的警钟The widespread panic that is witnessed is definitely not what the bureaucrats at the Federal Reserve were anticipating. Following the second largest bank collapse in U.S. history and the third largest bank collapse in U.S. history a few days layer, the Federal Reserve unveiled an unprecedented rescue plan that was supposed to end the banking panic.



Major sovereign debt crisis


If you have not seen it yet, you can view the details on the official website of the Federal Reserve right here.  The most important part of the plan is the Fed’s decision to fully guarantee all of the deposits at Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

如果你还没有看过,你可以在美联储的官方网站上查看详情,就在这里。该计划最重要的部分是,美联储决定为硅谷银行(Silicon Valley Bank)和签名银行(Signature Bank)的所有存款提供全面担保。

The world is entering a major sovereign debt crisis and that’s going to turn many markets inside out and upside down. 


经济周期的终结导致经济崩溃|最后的警钟Don’t expect any voluntarily rate hike this year. Instead, the next round of QE will start around the world in order to stabilise falling markets. The problem is that this time it will have minimal and only short-term effects. For the last years, investors around the world have ignored risk. That is why the coming panic will be so brutal.


When interest rates inevitably go up from these artificially suppressed levels, the bond and stock markets are going to collapse, and with it, the real estate market. Pension funds are going to be wiped out. This is a very bad situation; the world is itself digging in deeper and deeper.

当利率不可避免地从这些人为压低的水平上升时,债券和股票市场将会崩溃,随之而来的还有房地产市场。养老基金将会被消灭。这是一个非常糟糕的情况; 世界本身正在越陷越深。

The European Union will not survive. It will disintegrate. And right now, all of the powerful economic cycles will converge this year, forming the Super Cycle that will signal total collapse.


Governments are desperate; Spain has begun taxing bank deposits. You pay an income tax on your pay-check, and then pay another tax when you deposit it in the bank.

政府已经绝望了; 西班牙已经开始对银行存款征税。你在你的工资支票上支付所得税,然后在你把它存入银行时再支付另一种税。

Happens really a financial crisis; as such huge sums of money are available to the élite banking bloodlines, why is crippling financial austerity being imposed by national governments on their populations?

真的会发生金融危机; 既然精英银行血统可以获得如此巨额的资金,为什么各国政府要对本国民众实施严厉的财政紧缩政策?

And why are the elected politicians in the Western democracies keeping their mouth shut to keep their electorates in the dark about these vast hidden riches, while, at the same time, they are raising taxes and cutting public expenditure on services and infrastructure?


An enquiry must be made: Is there really a global banking crisis at all? Or is the “financial crisis” just a set-up media event to provide cover for massive élite theft?

必须提出一个问题: 真的存在全球银行业危机吗?还是说,“金融危机”只是一个为大规模精英盗窃提供掩护的媒体事件?

In 2008 the world has experienced the hurricane going through the financial system, first entering and then crossing its eye in the centre of it, all went relatively quiet, and now we are leaving that eye at the other side, entering the trailing stream. This is going to be much severe, different and longer lasting than what was seen in 2008/9.


Most of the printed fiat money still is in de banking system, but not in the economy. Divided over the real estate, stock, bond and crypto markets, creating bubbles in all of those. The higher they go, the harder they fall.


Sadly, not many people are prepared when this next crisis hit. Keep an eye on Janet Yellen, she just poured lighter fluid on every small bank in America and don’t forget the EU.  Listen for serious trouble at “too big to fail” banks. The coming months are going to be extremely significant, and be wise to get ready out, while it still is possible.

遗憾的是,当下一次危机来袭时,没有多少人做好准备。盯紧珍妮特 · 耶伦,她刚刚把打火机油泼到了美国的每一家小银行别忘了欧盟。留心“大到不能倒”银行的严重问题。接下来的几个月将是非常重要的,明智的做好准备,尽管它仍然是可能的。

“Everything is lining up to see the most massive shocks in the global economy and markets. This panic seemed to come out of nowhere as global bond markets see a massive selloff and stocks plunge.”


Banking crisis unfolding


The banking crisis that we see unfolding in the world is proof that more is coming our way. This March, three banks have collapsed in the span of one week.


It started at first with a California-based cryptocurrency-focused bank, Silvergate, which collapsed on March 8th, and then two days later Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) went down as well. It went down in the largest-ever bank run.

起初是一家总部位于加利福尼亚的加密货币银行 Silvergate,该银行于3月8日倒闭,两天后硅谷银行(Silicon Valley Bank,SVB)也随之倒闭。这是有史以来最大的一次银行挤兑。

And that was the second biggest ever to fail in US history. And it was also the largest bank to crash since 2008.


Silicon Valley Bank had $209 billion in assets, compared to the largest-ever bank failure which was Washington Mutual, which had $307 billion in assets, and that was in 2008. Well in order to understand why they’re crashing, you have to compare it to what happened in 2008 and 2009.


经济周期的终结导致经济崩溃|最后的警钟This crash is much more serious. In 2008 and 2009, Washington Mutual collapsed because it was a crooked bank. It was writing fraudulent mortgages, junk loan mortgages. It should have been allowed to go under because of the fraud.

这次的坠机事故要严重得多。2008年和2009年,华盛顿互惠银行(Washington Mutual)倒闭,因为它是一家不正当的银行。写欺诈性抵押贷款,垃圾贷款抵押贷款。因为欺诈,它应该被允许破产。

The basic subprime fraud and collapse was widespread fraud throughout the whole financial system. Citibank was one of the worst offenders.These were individual banks that could have been allowed to go under and the mortgages could have done what President Obama had promised to do.


The mortgages could have been written down to the realistic market values that would have cost about as much to service as paying your monthly rent. And you just would have got the crooks out of the system. To rob a bank is to own one, is often said, but true!.


Obama had promised to write down the loans, to keep the subprime mortgage people in their houses, but to write down the loans to the fair value they had to undo the fraud.


What happened instead was, as soon as he took office, he invited the bankers to the White House and said, “I’m the only guy standing between you and the mob with the pitchforks.”

然而事实却是,他一上任就邀请银行家们来到白宫,说: “我是唯一一个拿着干草叉站在你和暴徒之间的人。”

He bailed out the banks and directed the Fed to undertake fifteen years of quantitative easing (QE). And what that was, was the Fed said, “Well the mortgages are worth less than —the value of the property doesn’t suffice to cover all of the bank deposits, because the banks have made bad mortgages.”


“How do we save the banks that have misrepresented the value of what they have?”


They slashed interest rates to zero, and t spurred the largest asset-price inflation in history. Flooded the market with credit, instead of real estate prices going back to an affordable level, to make them even more unaffordable. Made the banks much richer. It also made the 1% in the financial sector much richer, and so on!

他们将利率下调至零,并引发了历史上最大的资产价格通胀。信贷充斥市场,而不是房地产价格回到可承受的水平,使他们更难以承受。让银行变得更加富有。它还使得金融业的1% 更加富有,等等!

Of course this created inflation in stock prices, bond, real estate and crypto prices. Leaving out the bottom 90%.


As people may begin smelling one or more rotting fishes, they may cause a run on the banks which would be Step One to a full scale financial collapse. Credit Suisse (CS) is in deep trouble. As these lines are written Union Bank of Switzerland its largest bank, (UBS). is talking about takeover. CS for $3 Billion.

当人们开始闻到一条或多条腐烂的鱼时,他们可能会引起银行挤兑,这将是全面金融崩溃的第一步。瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)深陷困境。正如这些行写的瑞士联合银行其最大的银行,(瑞士银行)。正在谈论收购。政务司司长: 30亿元。

As part of the deal, the Swiss National Bank is offering a 100 billion-franc liquidity assistance to UBS while the government is granting a 9 billion-franc guarantee for potential losses from assets UBS is taking over, i.e., this is a taxpayer-backed bailout.


This wipe out, actually a bail-in, is the biggest loss yet for Europe’s $275 billion AT1 market, far eclipsing the approximately €1.35 billion loss suffered by junior bondholders of Spanish lender Banco Popular SA back in 2017, when it was absorbed by Banco Santander SA to avoid a collapse.

这实际上是一次内部纾困,是欧洲2750亿欧元的 AT1市场迄今为止最大的亏损,远远超过了2017年西班牙大众银行(Banco Popular SA)次级债券持有人约13.5亿欧元的亏损,当时该银行被桑坦德银行(Banco Santander SA)吸收,以避免破产。

Urgent warning: “The game is over” prepare immediately!

紧急警告: “游戏结束”立即准备!

Precious metals are your safe haven


This time precious metals and their stocks will not fall with the market. Instead, they substantially will move up. Gold and silver will protect investors from the massive wealth destruction that has been and still is going on. The financial system cannot survive the annihilation of asset markets and the implosion of debt, real estate and all is coming.


经济周期的终结导致经济崩溃|最后的警钟Everyone must getting out of electronic currencies and into precious metals. Adding silver and gold to your private safe depot is the only way to ensure that your currency will be accepted following the collapse.


The cabal has planned the IMF issued SDR-world currency that devalues existing fiat currencies with up to 90%. Imagine that you have to pay ten times more for everything, instead of €2 now, then €20 for a bread. Your € 200,000 mortgage would become a 2 million euro mortgage!

阴谋集团计划发行国际货币基金组织发行的特别提款权世界货币,将现有法定货币贬值90% 。想象一下,你必须为每样东西多付10倍的钱,而不是现在付2英镑,然后再付20英镑买一个面包。你的20万抵押贷款会变成200万欧元的抵押贷款!

Keep Israel in focus in the coming time, because we could soon see some incredible events take place.  Rumours of an imminent war between Israel and Iran are starting to reach a crescendo, such a conflict could potentially erupt.


Look for an announcement about the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.  Needless to say, such an announcement would be the greatest archaeological bombshell in history.  The current location of the Ark has been kept very quiet for a long time, but Israeli government is not going to be able to keep a lid on this indefinitely. And when the truth finally comes out, literally everything will change.


Wakeup and Shakeup. otherwise accept a premature death, or indefinite enslavement!


Creating money out of thin air is not a solution. Central banks are printing money like there is no tomorrow, while debts are piling up faster than ever and the economy is falling apart. Count on ‘sky-high’ inflation before the new QFS system is up and running.

凭空创造货币不是解决办法。各国央行正在像没有明天一样印钞票,同时债务比以往任何时候都堆积得更快,经济正在崩溃。在新的 QFS 体系启动和运行之前,要考虑到“天价”通胀。

This is the very essence of a sovereign debt crisis: Investors realise that not only the debt never will be repaid; these governments may fail to pay the interest due on the debt they already have.

这就是主权债务危机的本质: 投资者意识到,不仅债务永远无法偿还,这些国家的政府可能无法偿还已有债务的利息。

The Khazarian Mafia pretending to be central bankers have to be brought to justice.


“In criminal law it is a given that stolen assets need to be returned to their rightful owners. These owners are the average tax-paying citizens of the planet. Police and military agencies around the world have a duty to enforce the law and arrest criminals. Top central bankers are proven criminals. So, what are they waiting for?”


The Final Card by Dr Carol Rosin

卡罗尔 · 罗辛博士的最后一张卡片

经济周期的终结导致经济崩溃|最后的警钟The Last card is the Alien card, to put up weapons in space, which is a lie from 1974 when Wernher von Braun told his many years confidential assistant Carol Rosin just before he died in 1977. An extended more detailed version, explaining how wars are created, and specifically the war on Saddam Hussein was prepared already 20 years in advance.

最后一张牌是“外星人”牌,用来在太空部署武器。这张牌是1974年的谎言,当时沃纳·冯·布劳恩在1977年去世前告诉他多年的秘密助理卡罗尔•罗辛(Carol Rosin)。一个更详细的扩展版本,解释了战争是如何产生的,特别是对萨达姆侯赛因的战争早在20年前就准备好了。


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