本杰明|2021/7/19 这是罗马对巴比伦,未宣布的西部内战达到高潮

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本杰明|2021/7/19  这是罗马对巴比伦,未宣布的西部内战达到高潮

The undeclared civil war in the West has opened a long-hidden schism in Western civilization:the contradiction between Egyptian and Mesopotamian traditions(Babylon)and Greco-Roman-Germanic European traditions(Rome).This schism has been revealed for all to see by the ongoing fake pandemic.


Babylon gave us monotheism,financial accounting,and much of modern medicine,while Rome gave us a strong military,science,the rule of law,and Democracy.


So now in the news,we see Babylon using control of money to bribe governments and control of medicine to scare people into a single,monolithic,totalitarian power structure.Those who believe in the rule of law and democracy are fighting this structure.


In this battle,there can be no doubt that Rome will prevail.The reason is that the creator is on their side.What this means is that science,the study of facts based on observation,will prevail over lies,even endlessly repeated lies.The facts are that overmagnified PCR creates bogus numbers to instill fear,and Covid-19 is a collection of symptoms for a virus that has not been truly"isolated"and therefore does not exist,which means the entire pandemic martial law and coerced vaccination scam are war crimes.

在这场战斗中,毫无疑问,罗马将获胜。原因是创造者站在他们这边。这意味着科学----基于观察的事实研究----将战胜谎言,甚至是无休止的重复谎言。事实是,过度放大的 PCR 产生的虚假数字灌输的恐惧,和2019冠状病毒疾病是一个病毒的症状的集合,并没有真正"隔离",因此不存在,这意味着整个大流行戒严法和强制疫苗接种骗局是战争罪。

OK let's get a bit more concrete here.Sources in Western intelligence,including MI6,the P3 Freemasons,and Mossad tell us they are waiting for court cases to prove the pandemic is a war crime before taking full military action against the Cabal.They say they support the various legal actions being taken by Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues around the world against the pandemic and vaccine pushers.

好,让我们在这里得到一点更具体的。包括军情六处、P3共济会和摩萨德在内的西方情报机构告诉我们,他们在对阴谋集团采取全面军事行动之前,正在等待法庭判决来证明这种流行病是一种战争罪。他们说,他们支持 Reiner Fuellmich 和他在世界各地的同事们针对大流行病和疫苗推销员正在采取的各种法律行动。


In the testimony at the link above Dr.Fuellmich says that if you told him a year ago that a small cabal wanted to kill a huge portion of humanity and enslave the rest,he would have suggested you need to go to a mental hospital.Now,having obtained testimony from hundreds of experts in various fields,he can and is proving in courts of law that this is exactly what has been happening.


在上面链接的证词中,Fuellmich 博士说,如果你在一年前告诉他一个小阴谋集团想要杀死一大部分人类并奴役其余的人类,他会建议你去精神病院。现在,他从各个领域的数百名专家那里获得了证词,他能够并且正在法庭上证明这正是正在发生的事情。

It is no coincidence that freedom day was declared in the UK today,July 19th as all restrictions related to the fake pandemic are lifted.



In fact,this day celebrates the end of two centuries of Rothschild rule in England and is likely to become a permanent holiday,MI6 sources say.MI6 summed up the situation:


"The first issue of Queen Victoria was a bastard of Rothschild making the whole line constitutionally illegal…The Rothschild family for the purposes of MI6 is a proscribed terrorist organization as is their Khazarian Mafia(KM)collective…all of this nonsense we are dealing with is because the Rothschild Fifth Column are running and hiding and now they have met their match.Terrorists use terror,military use intelligence."


There are growing signs that Canada and the United States will also soon be freed from the KM.The fake Biden administration,for example,is visibly falling apart on multiple fronts.This is especially true on the financial front where the Babylonian debt slavery scam is blowing up.The Federal Reserve Board has been pumping money into the banks and stock markets like there is no tomorrow but to no avail.The chart below shows that by June of 2021 banks had$7 trillion more in deposits than loans.In other words,nobody wants to become debt slaves to the fake money they are pumping into banks.


本杰明|2021/7/19  这是罗马对巴比伦,未宣布的西部内战达到高潮

The money they are pumping into the stock markets is also leading to absurd things such as companies like Apple and Microsoft having a bigger market cap than the GDPs of countries like Canada or Russia.


When you see billionaires like Jeff Bezos trying to go into space,it is a sure sign they have run out of things on earth to spend their stock market funny money on.


Then,of course,signs of inflation keep piling up as the funny money sloshes around.



Also,fed-up Americans are now refusing to take low-paying slave jobs.



Internationally,the doomed Biden KM slave regime is becoming a pariah.For one thing,they are unable to use their fiat dollars outside of the United States and this means they are desperately scrounging for money.Last week they tried and failed to issue$650 billion worth of IMF special drawing rights to funnel to governments and pharmaceutical interests,according to Japanese military intelligence sources.

在国际上,注定失败的拜登·克里姆(Biden KM)奴隶制正在变成一个被遗弃的国家。一方面,他们无法在美国以外的地方使用他们的法定货币,这意味着他们正在拼命地乞讨钱。据日本军方情报人士透露,上周,他们试图向各国政府和制药企业发行价值6500亿美元的国际货币基金组织特别提款权,但失败了。

Their fake Secretary of State Antony Blinken also allowed the"transfer of Iranian funds in restricted accounts to exporters in Japan and the Republic of Korea,"the Washington Free Beacon reported.Translation:they seized money in frozen Iranian accounts by pretending it was to be paid to Korean and Japanese slave states.


We also saw an announcement"the White House and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have no plans to restart regular U.S.-China bilateral talks on the economy."Yellen called out China for imperiling the"rules-based international order"constructed after World War II after China refused to attend a G-20 meeting between Yellen and the other top global finance chiefs.Translation:she had a hissy fit after the Chinese,Russians,and others refused to attend a begathon staged by KM stooges.


Last week also presented us with the spectacle of White House spokestrans Jen Psaki/Zuckerg confirming she works for Facebook when she said the Biden administration is"in regular touch"with the platform to ensure correct"narratives"are promoted.


上周,白宫发言人詹-普萨基/祖克格向我们展示了她在 Facebook 工作的奇观,她说拜登政府正在与该平台"定期接触",以确保正确的"叙事"得到推广。

Then there is the fact that nobody in the Pentagon wants to take jobs for the fake Biden regime.



These are some of the reasons why General Michael Flynn put the following out on Telegram[14.07.21 10:29]:


"The future is so much brighter than people can imagine.Nothing about what we are going through is normal and the reason for that is this:We are on the precipice of a new era.This is why you are experiencing so many challenges,this is why you have been tested and trained.The cabal had nearly unchallenged authority before this generation.All that is changing and we aren't going back.Keep this in mind whenever you struggle.These birth pains are not in vain."


Something big is also happening in Japan.We received reports from two separate Japanese right-wing sources that Ikeda Daisaku,the leader of the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist sect died on June 18th.


The U.S.military then raided the Sokka Gakkai headquarters in Shinamachi Tokyo and left with two busloads of arrested people.SG is important because its approximately 7 million members and its Komeito political party are essential to keeping the current slave regime of Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide in power.

随后,美军突袭了位于 Sokka Gakkai Shinamachi 东京总部,带着两车被捕人员离开。秘书长之所以重要,是因为其约700万成员及其公明党对于保持现任首相菅义伟的奴隶制度至关重要。

According to Richard Koshimizu of the Japan Independence Party and other sources,SG workers were crucial to election theft in Japan because they mass-produced fake ballots.It is interesting to note that these raids took place at the beginning of the Tokyo Olympics.The Japanese know that the Olympics are like the flowers presented by a domestic abuser after a particularly violent incident.

根据日本独立党的 Richard Koshimizu 和其他消息来源,SG 工人对日本的选举盗窃至关重要,因为他们大量生产假选票。有趣的是,这些突击检查发生在东京奥运会开幕之初。日本人知道,奥运会就像是国内施虐者在一次特别暴力的事/件后献上的鲜花。

They know that the Rothschilds were behind the March 11,2011 Fukushima attacks,and they know that the Olympics are supposed to be a consolation prize for that.This is why only 22%of Japanese support the Olympics and the reason why Olympic officials everywhere face boos and protests.


This mistake did not help:Our common goal is safe Games for all;for the athletes,for all delegations and especially for the Chinese people–the Japanese people,said Thomas Bach,president of the International Olympic Committee.




The Japanese have also found out to their disgust that Olympic officials have their own sovereign passports and flout all laws.They found this out in June when the head of the Japanese Olympic Committee's accounting department,Yasushi Moriya,52,was murdered and they were forced to call his death a suicide.


日本人也发现了他们的厌恶,奥林匹克官员有自己的主权护照和藐视一切法律。今年6月,日本奥委会会计部门负责人,52岁的 Yasushi Moriya 被谋杀,他们被迫称其为自杀。

Moriya was investigating the systematic use of bribes and embezzlement of Olympic funds.It was found that Olympic officials receive a cut of 20%of all money earned through the event.They can also bribe or murder with impunity.For this reason,in retaliation,the Japanese have banned all ticket sales for Olympic events using the fake pandemic as a pretext.


All this proves that there is a group of people in Switzerland that can grant special privileges to certain groups that make them sovereign and therefore immune to all laws.This also applies to private groups such as the World Economic Forum(headed by Klaus Schwab,a Rothschild),the WHO(headed by one of its slaves)and the IMF.Last week Schwab tweeted the following:


The World Economic Forum is working with the Biden administration to ensure that most people survive the coming food shortage.Citizens who have current immunization records will receive regular packages of plant-based protein products.


Here are signs of the food shortages Schwab and his fellow KM mobsters are trying to engineer:


The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 - UNICEF DATA

This year's The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) summarizes the first global assessment of food insecurity and malnutrition for 2020 and offers some indication of what hunger and malnutrition would look like by 2030, in a scenario further complicated by the enduring effects of the pandemic.

这里有食物短缺的迹象,施瓦布和他的 KM 黑帮同伙正试图策划:

Here are the threats made at the WEF cyber terror rehearsal earlier this month:A single data breach across the ocean could set off a chain reaction and trigger a digital pandemic around the world.People,organizations and entire nations could fall victim to the catastrophic…


Information and money remain the main targets of cybercriminals.



Their latest crime appears to have been a failed Stuxnet attack on a Belarusian nuclear power plant.



NSA and MI6 also report a nuclear explosion in Turkmenistan,almost certainly linked to KM.These people are mass murdering terrorist psychopaths and need to be removed as soon as possible.


From a military standpoint,destroying the KM world headquarters,as shown below,may be the only way to remove this parasitic filth from our planet.Hopefully this may not be necessary as there are signs all over the world that their rule is collapsing anyway.

从军事的角度来看,摧毁 KM 世界总部,如下所示,可能是从我们的星球上清除这种寄生污秽的唯一方法。希望这可能没有必要,因为全世界都有迹象表明,他们的统治正在崩溃。

For example,South Africans are awakening to their disguised pseudo-apartheid regime with Mandela psyops.




Following the events after the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma,his son Duduzane is seen in a video saying,"The people who are protesting and looting,please do so carefully and please do so responsibly.


在前总统雅各布·祖马被捕后,他的儿子 dududuzane 出现在一段视频中,他说:"那些抗议和抢劫的人们,请谨慎行事,请负责任地行事。

There are also protests in Canada,France,Germany,etc.



Poland,for its part,is giving the finger to the KM EU by refusing to accept EU court rulings.



Saudi Arabia,formerly a pillar of the KM petrodollar,also shows further signs of regime change.



沙特阿拉伯,曾经是 KM 石油美元的支柱,也显示出更多的政权更迭的迹象。

You can be sure to see much more turmoil around the world over the summer as the revolution continues.


Finally,I would like to inform readers that I will be taking my annual sabbatical in the Canadian wilderness starting next week,so the next four reports are pre-written.We will issue emergency reports when something really significant happens.But we also recommend that our readers rest and recharge their batteries over the summer,as we anticipate a very eventful fall.



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