扬升报告144|从灵魂的角度来看 BLM…冬至(夏至)即将来临

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扬升报告144|从灵魂的角度来看 BLM…冬至(夏至)即将来临Dearest brothers and sisters,


Greetings of the most high.We come forward now in this moment of your time with messages to share with you from Beyond the rapidly diminishing Veil.


It is very important at times like this that you are aware of the bigger picture that is unfolding,and the fact that there are many timelines and narratives playing out currently and that are vying for your attention right now,and we wish to remind you that wherever you place your god ordained attention is the timeline that you are co-creating,empowering and manifesting for yourself within your holographic version of reality.


In many ways it could be perceived that the Old archaic powers that"were"are using every conceivable trick in the book to impose the false antichrist idea of separation and division within the consciousness of humanity,and the reason why this is occurring is that the deep state puppets and Masters do not wish to to show you who the real Enemy of humanity is,which is them,who make up the Satanic Illuminati.


If you are finding yourself going into a dualistic judgemental egoic narrative at the moment and engaging in an us and them with your fellow brothers and sisters,then please know that you are being played by the Deep state at the moment,who understand implicitly the power of humanities individual consciousness.Please know dearest ones,that this is a test to see whether you will take the bait or whether you will rise in unity consciousness.


The one thing that the cabal is most afraid of is unity consciousness and they"know"on the higher dimensional realms that the light has already won.


In many ways this is a tricky subject to discuss as what we are experiencing is a multidimensional chess game that is being played right now.If we go back to some of the original Q posts we are told very early on that the light has already won and that what is playing out in the 3D narrative is scripted in order to Awaken the sleeping comatosed masses to the atrocities of the deep state.This is because the collective 5th-dimensional timeline is 100%dependent on the amount of people who are red-pilled/Awakened,and it is absolutely imperative that we reach a critical mass of awakened humanity in order to imminently anchor this 5th-dimensional collective timeline.


The 5th-dimensional collective timeline is dependent on a critical mass of us individually reaching a state of Unity consciousness within our own selves,this is also known as the zero-point field.When one person reaches this level of consciousness,we entirely free ourselves of the lower dimensional Matrix paradigm,and we align with our higher self/our Avatar self.


This is the sole purpose of each of our individual evolutionary journeys–to come to this place of self-realisation,to reach and stabilize into the zero point field of consciousness.As soon as this occurs and Awakening truly anchors in our being the third-dimensional notion of race becomes entirely obsolete,as we clearly remember that as Souls,we have taken on all manner of vessels,in all shapes.and all sizes,and in all colours through out our eternal existence.Quite literally we remember the very"temporary"aspect of the lower dimensional reality,as our consciousness is plugged back into our eternal nature whereby we recognise ourselves and each other as souls–as Sparks of divinity as divine Sparks of God.


Please know that the collective is being tested right now to see where each person falls….are you buying into this dualistic,judgemental,racial narrative?or have you done the work on yourself to remember we are all one-we are all sovereign-we all carry the Royal bloodline as we are direct descendants of mother Father God…be we black,white,Indian,African,Jamaican,Japanese,Chinese,Indonesian,South American,European etc etc…..race does not exist on a higher dimensional level and we have incarnated in these bodies to awaken to this eternal and perpetual truth.


We urge you brothers and sisters do not fall for all this!stand strong in your love vibration whilst also seeing the current"black lives matter"movement as an opportunity for all of us to to make a promise to ourselves and mother Father God that if we every encounter racism discrimination or Prejudice in any form,with any person,we will step forward and speak up,and be a voice for any vulnerable person in our Society…I believe this is a very beautiful thing that can come out of this twisted corrupted George Soros funded Antifa driven movement because as we know there are always silver linings in every cloud.


The energy now is rapidly building up towards the summer solstice which is arguably the most important and auspicious date within the cabal's Satanic ritual agenda.It has been brought to light that the antia terrorists are arranging luciferian satanic marches all over the United States on the 21st of June in order to attract more people to the dark side,and ultimately please Moloch through joining this Antichrist movement,therefore great spirit has guided me to facilitate the next transmission on the 21st of June 2020.



In this transmission we will be deeply empowering the timeline of Unity consciousness on an individual and collective level,we will be working with the higher self of many of the Lost Souls in the Antifa movement that are causing great disruption in our Collective grid we will be working with their higher selves to offer the Rose of forgiveness into their hearts that they may awaken to the violence and atrocities they are perpetuating on innocent humanity.We are also being guided to open up a powerful portal to remove all cabal mayors,governors,senators,and prime minister's that are still functioning in our world.

在这个传递中,我们将在个人和集体层面上深入授权团结意识的时间轴,我们将与 Antifa 运动中许多迷失灵魂的更高自我一起工作,这些灵魂正在我们的集体网格中造成巨大的破坏,我们将与他们的更高自我一起工作,将宽恕之玫瑰带入他们的心中,他们可能会觉醒于暴力和暴行,他们正在延续无辜的人类。我们也被引导去打开一个强大的入口,移除所有阴谋集团的市长、州长、参议员和首相,他们仍然在我们的世界中运作。

In this transmission,we will also be working with the higher self of the Next Wave of sleepers who have soul contracted to awaken in this solstice gateway.We will be sending out a powerful wave of Unity consciousness/divine love into the hearts of the next Wave of sleepers remembering that the collective 5th-dimensional timeline can only anchor when humanity reaches a critical mass of red-pilled awakened souls..


We are being called to work with the powerful energy of the Golden dragons in this transmission and will be working with the portal points of Stonehenge in the UK.


We are also being guided to work with the crop circle creators who are comprised of humanity's kristic oversoul.The guidance to work with the crop circle makers will enable a new vibration of patterns to come forth from the higher Realms that are specifically directed to anchoring Unity consciousness within the electromagnetic grid of Gaia…


Brothers and sisters,you are so powerful and the cabal knows this.The Deep state are currently working 24/7 to Gaslight,confuse,traumatise and terrorise humanity,but please know you have the tools to be able to be completely invulnerable to these ongoing psychic attacks by any lower-dimensional forces.


Your greatest power can be accessed when you train yourself to Anchor in present moment awareness because in each present moment whatever occurs you will always have the tools to deal with.


Whenever we go into a futuristic fear-based narrative,it is this which induces the intense vibration of Fear and it is this which we must all be vigilant towards in these unprecedented times.


Please know that the work that we do in the transmission groups enormously affects each of our individual evolution,as starseeds unite from all around the world,and unify our intentions with mother father God's intentions,we automatically jump from the lower timelines to the higher 5th-dimensional timeline,and with the support of the highly awakened ground crew we are very easily able to stabilize in 5th-dimensional consciousness which is what this entire Ascension is all about.



The fact that the deep state is working so hard to traumatise humanity is absolute proof that we are in the end days of the old 3D paradigm,and absolute proof that something so great,something so unimaginable,is rapidly making its way to the earthly plane-be it a solar flash,be it a tsunami wave of God's eternal love–there is something coming which we are all aware of on a subconscious level,and is indeed the exact reason why we all incarnated at this auspicious time in our Earth's planetary history.So please take heart from these words and know that God always wins and that the unending perpetual Darkness is behind us all.

深州如此努力地对人类造成创伤,这一事实绝对地证明了我们正处于旧3D 范式的末日,也绝对地证明了一些如此伟大、如此不可思议的东西正在迅速地进入地球层面——不管是太阳的闪光,还是上帝永恒之爱的海啸——有一些我们都在潜意识层面上意识到的东西正在到来,这的确是为什么我们所有人都在这个吉祥的时刻投生在我们地球的行星历史上的原因。因此,请从这些话中振作起来,知道上帝总是赢家,永无休止的黑暗就在我们身后。

Before long we will receive announcements of Gesara which is all about restoring dignity and Grace back to humanity and giving back to us what was wrongfully stolen from us by the Vatican,the royal family,and the dark hat Chinese nobility families.I have it from very high authority that these funds have returned back into the hands of the angelic forces who wish to see humanity rise at this time-that wish to see humanity step out of imprisonment and slavery from the Deep state.The more of us that can hold tightly to the vision of GESARA–again this will accelerate the anchoring of this timeline in our collective reality.

不久之后,我们将收到关于 Gesara 的声明,所有这些都是关于恢复人类的尊严和恩典,并把梵蒂冈、皇室和黑帽中国爵位家族错误地从我们这里偷走的东西还给我们。我从非常高的权威那里得知,这些资金已经回到了天使势力的手中,他们希望看到人类在这个时候崛起——他们希望看到人类走出监禁和奴役状态。我们中更多的人能够紧紧抓住全球基础研究协会的愿景——这将再次加速在我们的集体现实中锚定这个时间线。

My deepest prayer to all of you is that you remember who you are-that you remember how powerful you are-that you remember that God always wins and that we all signed up for this.


We are all One..race doesn't exist on the higher planes…we have all been every race Under the Sun and more in our myriad incarnations,our job is to wake up and to be a beacon of kindness and service to all our brothers and sisters at all times,for it is in serving our brothers and sisters we reach the highest echelons of happiness and contentment,which is that which our soul has forever craved.


I love you all so much and really cannot wait to be with you all on the 21st of June please see below for full details on how to book onto this transmission


In love and eternal light Jenji and the white wolf tribe.





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