柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

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I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the ascension conference organized this month in Paris with the contactee Cobra. Here I share with you some of my notes from this workshop-conference as well as some of my thoughts. This text is in no way a report of the conference and does not reflect the exact words of the Cobra contactee. Everything written here constitutes my own interpretation of what was said or presented during the two days of this seminar. There will no doubt be other similar reports, and I invite you to consult them as well. The vast majority of information and tools presented in this seminar have already been the subject of publications and reports (in particular on this site).

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

我很幸运能够参加这个月在巴黎组织的与柯博拉联络员的升天会议。在这里,我与你们分享我在这次研讨会上的一些笔记以及我的一些想法。这篇文章绝不是会议的报告,也没有反映 Cobra 联络员的确切话语。这里所写的一切都构成了我自己对这两天研讨会上所说和所呈现内容的解释。毫无疑问,还会有其他类似的报告,我也邀请你们参考一下。本次研讨会上提供的绝大多数信息和工具已经成为出版物和报告的主题(特别是在本网站上)

I would first like to point out that we were about 320 people to participate in this workshop, with a significant proportion of French and Asian (Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia) and of course people from all over the world. This kind of seminar is also an opportunity to make wonderful encounters, with who knows, perhaps even lost members of our soul family.


For the French-speaking people who participated in this seminar, I invite you to send me your comments and any corrections. An article on the second day will follow.


In addition I specify that no photograph nor no recording can be made during these conferences, all thus rests on written notes. We were not able to recover the visuals of the conference but found some of them in the publications of Cobra.

此外,我特别指出,在这些会议期间,不得拍照,也不得录音,因此,一切都依赖于书面记录。我们无法恢复会议的视觉效果,但是在 Cobra 的出版物中发现了一些。

First half-day of the Paris conference – December 2022


Traditionally, to tune our various energies, we start this type of seminar with a tuning exercise where we will all together breathe light into all our successive bodies (physical body, then plasma, then etheric, then astral, then mental ), to emanate this light from our different bodies all around us.

传统上,为了调节我们各种各样的能量,我们以一个调节练习开始这种类型的研讨会,我们将一起把光呼入我们所有相继的身体(物质身体,然后等离子体,然后以太,然后星光体,然后精神) ,从我们周围不同的身体散发出这种光。

One of the stated goals of this conference on Paris is to bring spiritual light to Paris. 250 years ago, his vortex was activated. It's going to be reactivated and it's going to play a part in the planetary liberation.


And we start with a visual inspired by the Starwars series that has inspired us for decades:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

"You must unlearn what you have learned"


First an introduction to all the forms of programming that we have been able to undergo in this Matrix: programming coming from our implants, our parents or transgenerational, school, the media, society... Let's use our common sense and have the courage to question ourselves.

首先介绍一下我们能够在这个矩阵中经历的所有形式的编程: 来自我们的植入物、我们的父母或跨代人、学校、媒体、社会的编程... ... 让我们用我们的常识和勇气去质疑自己。

And blindfolded, each sees the reality of an elephant in a different way because of their own point of view and lack of perspective in this matrix:It's a fan, it's a wall, it's a rope, it's a tree, it's a snake, it's a spike...

蒙上眼睛,每个人都以不同的方式看待大象的现实因为他们自己的观点在这个矩阵中缺乏透视: 这是一个扇子,这是一堵墙,这是一根绳子,这是一棵树,这是一条蛇,这是一根尖刺..

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

Moreover, of all that we can see with the naked eye of the stars from our planet, it all fits in a galactic-scale pocket handkerchief:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)


All the stars you see at night are all included in this yellow circle.


This remark is of course valid for the well-differentiated stars and not for the milky band that we observe at night and which holds us to a galaxy.


Cobra shares with us the experience he had beyond the veil in a Russian military aircraft in space flight: a unique photo of himself in the aircraft, which of course I cannot share here. The idea is to tear the veil put on this planet so that humans can be integrated into the galactic community and history.

柯博拉和我们分享了他在俄罗斯军用飞机进行太空飞行的经历: 一张他在飞机上的独特照片,当然我不能在这里分享。这个想法是为了揭开这个星球上的面纱,这样人类就可以融入银河系的社区和历史。

We are at the intersection of different cosmic cycles (which will be detailed later), but also at a crucial crossroads in the history of the universe. We have proof of the importance and particularity of this moment by observing the movement of the stars.

我们正处于不同宇宙周期的交汇点(稍后将详述) ,但也处于宇宙历史的关键十字路口。通过观察恒星的运动,我们已经证明了这一时刻的重要性和特殊性。

Note: I allow myself to specify at this stage that Cobra is basically a cosmic astrologer, so he is well placed to say so.

注意: 我允许自己在这个阶段明确指出 Cobra 基本上是一个宇宙占星家,所以他很适合这么说。

Cobra then shares the image of a moving torus as all life in this universe is based on a toroidal energy field. However the Universe has not reached its state of equilibrium and the change that is coming goes so far as to change the physical laws of this universe. Gravity and light will change.


We will know a stop of the expansion of the universe with a reversal of the direction of the expansion and therefore all the laws will change. He then shows us a graph on the metastability of the vacuum and tells us that we are going to experience a quantum leap:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

Link in English:  https://cosmosmagazine.com/physics/vacuum-decay-ultimate-catastrophe

链接: https://cosmosmagazine. com/physics/vacuum-decay-ultimate-catastrophe

Link in French:  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faux_vide

法文链接: https://fr.wikipedia. org/wiki/faux _ vide

Note: This diagram represents the ratio between the mass of the top quark and the mass of the Higgs Bozon (in Giga electron Volt) and that the current position is a state of meta-stability (yellow zone) which will bring us towards stability ( green area)

: 此图表示顶夸克质量与希格斯玻色子质量之比(以千兆电子伏特为单位) ,当前位置处于亚稳定状态(黄色区域) ,将使我们趋向稳定(绿色区域)

The pseudo quantum vacuum that we are currently experiencing will change with the events ahead of us.


Each galaxy has a galactic central sun that sends energy throughout the galaxy.


Note: We have illustrated this point by comparing it to a heartbeat in our various shows.

注意: 我们通过将其与我们各种节目中的心跳进行比较来说明这一点。

What we call a great galactic wave of light is actually a pulse of galactic energy, like a heartbeat, and that pulse causes an evolutionary leap, and that's what we're getting at. There will be an emission of particles beyond the speed of light.


The Earth's ionosphere absorbs tachyons. The Pleiadians have implemented technology that allows tachyonic energy to be focused through a 12-hour tachyonization process. Cobra then presents the map of the island of Taiwan with the location of the Cintamanis stones buried in a network of flowers of life.


Cobra reveals the existence of a new type of stone never before marketed, which he calls a galactic cintamani stone, which allows one to reconnect with the galactic central sun. This stone would come from a stellar object in the heart of our galaxy, it would dethrone in terms of vibration our now classic Cintamani stone from the Sirius star system. This galactic Cintamani could anchor the highest vibration to the surface of this planet.


If you would like to reserve a galactic cintamani, you can email Cobra at cobraresistance@gmail.com

如果你想预定一个银河系的如意宝珠,你可以发邮件给 Cobra,邮箱是 Cobra resistance@gmail. com

As Cobra offers a stand of tachyonized objects, it takes the opportunity to advertise and shows as an example a rhodonite which allows traumas to be transformed.

由于 Cobra 提供了一系列超光速的物体的展台,它利用这个机会来做宣传,并以一种允许创伤转化的菱镁石为例。

Question : what about the plasma abnormality? Answer : it is above all on the surface of this planet and is powered in particular by all our electromagnetic equipment.

: 血浆异常是怎么回事?答: 它首先存在于地球表面,特别是由我们所有的电磁设备提供动力。

Question : Where are we with Operation Dreamland? Answer : This operation is classified.

: "梦境行动"进展如何? 回答: 这次行动是机密。

The cosmic changes that await us are of course seen through the end of the great cycle of precession which is coming to an end, but also through an accumulation of smaller cycles which we will discuss later.


We return to this notion of galactic pulse which reverses the magnetic field of a galactic center. He insists on the fact that this reversal can be very rapid in 9 to 12 months for example for a complete cycle. And what we observe from our galactic center is a picture of the past and does not reflect current galactic center activity.

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

我们再来看看这个银河系脉冲的概念,它使银河系中心的磁场发生逆转。他坚持认为,这种逆转可以非常迅速,例如912个月为一个完整的周期。而我们从银河系中心观察到的是过去的画面,并不反映当前的银河系中心活动。Example of magnetic reversal of a galactic center


This pulsation generates a reversal of the magnetic poles of the Earth and in general a great wave of extinction, that is to say approximately every 12 to 13000 years.


Note: Cobra then shows us a graph that I have not been able to find which shows an extinction of species at least partially every 12,000 years or so. I remember seeing there -60000 years, -72000 years, -84000 years, -96000 years. But these are not the 5 mass extinctions of geological time that we usually talk about and which are much more distant.

柯博拉然后给我们展示了一个我无法找到的图表,它显示了物种灭绝至少每12,000年左右部分地发生。我记得在那里看到过 -60000年,-72000年,-84000年,-96000年。但这不是我们通常所说的地质时间的5次大灭绝,也不是更遥远的那次。

This galactic pulsation releases in particular in the scalar energy field of the galaxy and affects all the stars and all the planets of our Galaxy. This shift has already begun and this is manifesting through the lowering of the earth's magnetic field.


The diagram below illustrates this predictive collapse of the Earth's magnetic field with a likely reversal around 2025:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

This is what would also be said through the famous YouTube channel Suspicious Observers: https://www.youtube.com/@Suspicious0bservers

这也是通过著名的 YouTube 频道"可疑观察者"(Suspicious observer)所说的话: https://www.YouTube. com/@Suspicious 0bservers

Cobra gives as an example the solar storm of 1859 which has been called the Carrington event.


Note: we talked about the Carrington event here https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/la-revelation-lapocalypse/

注意:我们在这里讨论了卡林顿事件 https://revolutionavire.fr/la-revelation-lapocalypse/

Link: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temp%C3%AAte_solaire_de_1859

链接: https://fr.wikipedia. org/wiki/temp% c3% aate _ solaire _ de _ 1859

Today we would have lost 25% of the Earth's magnetic field. The loss was slow at first, but we would now lose 1-2% per year. He also gives as an example the year 776 at the origin of great geopolitical changes in Europe with Charlemagne which corresponds to a major solar eruption.


He then shows us a graph that I have not been able to find which expresses the chances of the earth's magnetic field collapsing on the abscissa and the effective loss of magnetic fields on the ordinate. There are scenarios where this loss is complete and rapid and others where it is slow and incomplete. We would have a 25% chance of experiencing a complete loss of Earth's magnetic fields by 2025, if memory serves.

然后,他给我们展示了一张我还没有找到的图表,表示地球磁场在横坐标上崩溃的几率和磁场在纵坐标上的有效损失。在一些情况下,这种损失是完全和快速的,而在另一些情况下,它是缓慢和不完全的。如果我们没记错的话,到2025年,我们有25% 的机会经历地球磁场的完全消失。

If we experience a solar storm with zero magnetic field on the surface of this planet, then we will have no protection and everything will melt on the surface of the planet. This is a phenomenon that has already happened and demonstrated by geologists where we observe rocks melted by a burst of energy of solar origin.


NASA and a Chinese Rover also provide evidence of such waves of energy on the surface of the Moon which has a very weak magnetic field and this in a cyclical way in connection with the solar cycle of approximately 12 years.


As long as the magnetic field is strong there is good adhesion between the Earth's crust and mantle. However, if this magnetic field collapses, then we can have what is called crustal displacement: the whole of the earth's crust can slide in one piece on the surface of the mantle, which would cause a physical displacement of the poles. This would result in a gigantic tsunami on the surface of the planet 1 to 2 miles high.

只要磁场强大,地壳与地幔之间就有良好的附着力。然而,如果这个磁场崩溃,那么我们就可以得到所谓的地壳位移: 整个地壳可以在地幔表面一块滑动,这将导致两极的物理位移。这将导致地球表面发生12英里高的巨大海啸。

Crustal displacement: https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/la-revelation-lapocalypse/

地壳位移: https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/la-revelation-lapocalypse/

Note: we have detailed this notion of crustal displacement in this Radio Pléiades program:

: 我们在 Pléiades 无线电节目中详细介绍了地壳位移的概念:

Radio Pléiades #39 - Apocalypse et Révélations

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He then shows us the curve of the solar cycle ahead of schedule:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

The Deep State is fully aware of this situation. And finally all this catastrophic information from the end times was repackaged in a somewhat special way in global warming by the Cabal.


Since June 2022, Dyson spheres, through the positioning of motherships, have been positioned around the Earth and the sun to contain the renewed activity of our sun and thus give us a little more time for the transition by limiting the impact.


He then shows us the map of the equator of the previous cycle (some speak of a leaning equator but it is necessary to check which precessional cycle we are talking about). This equator of the previous cycle was called the line of the goddess and passed through Paris, Lebanon, Syria and important archaeological sites...


The Baalbeck site in Lebanon was built with blocks weighing more than 100 tons. Even today we would be unable to build in this way. It compares with the pyramids that they were built with smaller blocks.

黎巴嫩的 Baalbeck 遗址是用重达100多吨的石块建造的。即使在今天,我们也无法以这种方式建造。与金字塔相比,它们是用较小的石块建造的。

There is an area from the Americas to Europe and North Africa where you can find small glass balls in the area of ​​the old equator and which were created by a previous solar flash. They were formed with a temperature of around 2000°C on the surface of the planet.


The next window of maximum solar activity being for 2025, it is possible that this corresponds to the next solar flash. Nothing can say for sure but we would have a 25% chance of it happening. According to Cobra, the Light forces are targeting 2025 and are doing everything to make it happen then, but with the protections that go with it.

下一个太阳活动最大的窗口是2025年,这可能对应着下一次太阳闪光。没有什么可以肯定,但是我们有25% 的可能性会发生。根据柯博拉的说法,光明势力的目标是2025年,并且正在尽一切努力使之成为现实,但是有了随之而来的保护措施。

The economist Martin Armstrong simulated civilizational cycles and thus offers predictions very similar to those of Cobra. He showed us a collapse curve for 2025 that I couldn't find, but I show you below a comparable curve with a collapse for 2032/33:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

经济学家马丁 · 阿姆斯特朗模拟了文明周期,因此提出了与 Cobra 非常相似的预测。他给我们展示了一条我无法找到的2025年的崩溃曲线,但我给你们展示了一条与2032/33年的崩溃曲线相似的曲线:

A question was asked about the fact that Martin Armstrong predicted a collapse for 2032 and not 2025, to which Cobra replied, that the collapse scenario for 2025 was also part of the scenarios envisaged by Armstrong.

有人问到,马丁 · 阿姆斯特朗预测的崩溃发生在2032年,而不是2025年,柯博拉回答说,2025年的崩溃情景也是阿姆斯特朗设想的情景的一部分。

In the graph shown the pre-collapse peaks therefore correspond to 1404, 1715 and 2024.


Then we switch to the more astrological part. The circulation of the planets constantly alters the scalar fields within our solar system, and this affects everything. The planets and even the asteroids therefore play an important role of influence.


Question : will we all be saved? Answer : After the event we will have the option to be teleported to motherships, much like the story of Noah's Ark. We will have the possibility of refusing this physical teleportation to experience physical death on the surface of this planet. There will however be an exception for the super villains who will have to be restructured in their essence in the galactic central sun.

问题: 我们都会被拯救吗?答: 事件发生后,我们可以选择被传送到母舰上,就像诺亚方舟的故事一样。我们将有可能拒绝这种物理传送,在这个星球的表面体验物理死亡。然而,对于那些在银河中央太阳中被重组为本质的超级恶棍们来说,这将是一个例外。

On the astrological aspects therefore, Pluto is today in Capricorn which is favorable to the exposure of corruption. But Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023. From that moment Pluto will be a double-edged sword that can bring light or also offer the possibility to the shadow to strengthen its dystopia through the influence of the world economic forum. In general, an end of the cycle of Pluto brings drastic changes in human societies.


Furthermore we would have Neptune in Pisces which is a redemptive force. Neptune in Aries will put a focus on spiritual action in 2025.


The sextile of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) brings the energetic changes for the new age.


Then he evokes two outer planetoids Sedna and Hauméa. Sedna in conjunction with the Pleiades will favor the intervention of the Pleiades. And Sedna because its cycle of revolution is approximately, half of the cycle of precession of the equinoxes is very related to the galactic central sun and therefore brings in the energies of the new age. Haumea in scorpion awakens occultism in individuals.

然后他想起了两个外行星 Sedna HauméaSedna 与昴宿星相结合将有利于昴宿星的干预。Sedna 因为它的公转周期大约是岁差的一半,春分进动周期的一半与银河系的中心太阳非常相关,因此带来了新时代的能量。蝎子的 Haumea 唤醒了个体的神秘主义。



Dwarf planet - Wikipedia (wikipedia.org)


Cobra told us with humor and authenticity that the following graph was the graph of his life:

Cobra 以幽默和真实的口吻告诉我们,下面的图表是他生活的图表:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

See the publication that was made here: https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/le-portail-de-lan-2025/

请看这里的出版物: https://revolutionatoire.fr/le-portail-de-lan-2025/

This configuration in 2025 will be much more powerful than in 1504 because Uranus and Pluto will both form a sextile with Neptune at the apex point, with Neptune positioned exactly at the point of Aries, Pluto entering Aquarius and Uranus entering Gemini.


So this resonance field of the 3 outer planets will allow a new rebirth as was the case 500 years ago but in a more powerful way. He cites the internet supporting this new renaissance. The first two quarters of 2025 will mark a total astrological shift. It is a new cycle trigger.


Moreover, it also coincides with the cycle of the triple star (considered a double star by official science) of the Sirius star system. We will be at a maximum distance between the two stars (cycle of 45 to 50 years), which creates harmonic resonances with our situation.

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

此外,它还与天狼星系统的三星(官方科学认为是双星)周期相吻合。我们将处于两颗恒星之间的最大距离(周期为4550) ,这将与我们的情况产生谐波共振。

So we know by reading the stars that something big is coming. Even if the dark forces try to delay this moment there are inviolable universal laws. Cobra took this opportunity to inform us that astrologically the weekend chosen for this conference was the only real possibility offered.




Second half-day of the Paris conference – December 2022


This second half-day focuses on the foundations and structure of the Earth quarantine. There are various very advanced technologies that constitute a matrix of control and which prevent the positive forces from intervening.


The history of the Earth is only a succession of wars and violence and this is absolutely not natural. Black holes are actually the very foundation of the dark reality we live in. Negative emotions can persist thanks to black holes.


Cobra explains to us that if the fear reaction is a natural phenomenon of reaction to a danger, for example, the engramed fear that lasts more than a few seconds is absolutely not natural. It is the distortion of black holes that allows this.

Cobra 向我们解释说,如果恐惧反应是对危险反应的自然现象,例如,持续几秒钟以上的烙印恐惧绝对不是自然的。正是黑洞的扭曲导致了这种情况的发生。

And this statement can thus be transposed on all levels. He specifies at this time that he will not speak of the physical plane otherwise it could drive us crazy...


For ordinary mortals a black hole is a very massive object outside our space-time. According to him, string theory is the quantum theory that is closest to reality. He then gives us a visual demonstration with a large stretched scarf. He asks someone from the assembly to throw a stone at the scarf, which obviously has the effect of deforming the flat, taut surface of the scarf. This is to illustrate how a black hole warps and distorts our space-time continuum.


Quantum vacuum fluctuations are also full of anomalies due to the presence of these micro black holes. A subatomic particle can indeed emerge from quantum vacuum fluctuations.


Here is the illustration used:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

So to act on the Matrix it is necessary to be able to act on the black holes. It will thus be easier afterwards to act on the quantum fields. He then begins to explain the different types of quarks, this modified, heavier matter, beyond the classic UP and DOWN quarks:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

This matter, made up of "strange" or "top" quarks, was notably created in gigantic particle accelerators in the constellation of Orion. It shows us the pattern of formation of "strange" quark aggregates called "strangelets". These quarks are the basis of the strangelet and toplet bombs which prevent or have prevented the forces of light from intervening.


Note: we explained this to you in detail in a previous update (with the correct time slider):

注意:我们在之前的更新中详细解释了这一点(使用了正确的时间滑块) :

Mise à jour de situation planétaire du 2 novembre 2022

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The idea of ​​the forces of light is to change the properties of the ambient quantum medium so that the "top" quarks can no longer propagate and therefore the destructive power of the toplet bombs is destroyed.


To do this they use what he calls Mjolnir technology: a quantum cannon that changes the nature of the quantum field. This technology truly constitutes what he calls a "game changer", a new deal that upsets Nash's balance in the presence. To learn more about this so-called Thor's hammer technology, see this article:

为了做到这一点,他们使用了他所谓的雷神之锤技术: 一种改变量子场性质的量子炮。这项技术真正构成了他所谓的"游戏规则改变者",一个打破 Nash 在现场平衡的新交易。想要了解更多关于这个所谓的雷神之锤技术的信息,请看这篇文章:

Opération Mjolnir (Marteau de Thor), technologie divulguée dans Stargate SG-1 | Révolution Vibratoire

La série Stargate SG-1 a, sans aucun doute, prouvé qu'elle avait divulgué plusieurs informations clés concernant les technologies classifiées et la situation exopolitique sur Terre et au-delà.

Cobra then shows us an illustration of a multicolored vibrating string, to illustrate string theory. According to him the black hole is not a 3D object but a composite object of 11-dimensional strings.

Cobra 然后向我们展示了一个多色振动弦的例子,来说明弦理论。根据他的说法,黑洞不是一个3D物体,而是一个由11维弦组成的复合物体。

Notes : if you look at what is said about string theory, strings must be 10-dimensional elements (one dimension of time and 9 dimensions of space) for this theory to hold water. Here Cobra speaks of 11 dimensions for reasons unknown to me.

注意: 如果你看看关于弦理论的说法,弦必须是10维元素(一维时间和9维空间) ,这个理论才能站得住脚。这里 Cobra 提到了11维,原因我不知道。

This would be described through the Randall-Sundrum model which models the universe as a space with more than 4 dimensions. And this model would be the basis of implant technology.



There are micro black holes in all of our energy bodies. They cut off part of our connection. They deprive us of part of our mind. He then shows us the image that all people who have participated in implant dissolution sessions know well, which materializes the location of the primary implants above the eyebrows and the navel:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

These black holes are the source of the disruption of our emotional reactions. And so the Light forces are trying to clear out these black holes, which is what Cobra recently said that the Light forces are clearing out our implants.

这些黑洞是我们情绪反应中断的源头。所以光明力量正试图清除这些黑洞,这就是 Cobra 最近说的,光明力量正在清除我们的植入物。

A strange thing has been said about the fact that reptilians can emerge from black holes cleared in this way. But we are soon coming to the end of this cleaning.


Then Cobra switches to the concept of Hawking radiation, the name given to the fact that a black hole does not only absorb, but can also emit, and thus lose part of its mass by radiating energy and here the formula presented to illustrate the duration of the evaporation phenomenon as a function of the mass of the black hole:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

然后 Cobra 切换到霍金辐射的概念,这个名字指的是黑洞不仅吸收,而且还可以发射,因此通过辐射能量损失一部分质量,这里给出的公式说明蒸发现象的持续时间,是黑洞质量的函数:

A video here to illustrate this: https://youtu.be/Sz-tnYUqkC4

这里有一个视频来说明这一点: https://youtu.be/Sz-tnYUqkC4

Normally the evaporation time of a black hole is so high, that we can say that it never disappears in practice. Thus the dark forces thought they could reign eternity by relying on this property of black holes.


"t" is the evaporation time and we see that we have the speed of light to the power of 4 in the denominator. The idea that would be implemented through Mjolnir would be to play with this c factor (speed of light). If we can multiply this factor c by ten (which is immutable by the way for conventional science), then the evaporation time of the black hole would be divided by 10000. Thor's hammer technology would allow this. We would no longer be in an Einstein-Minkowski type space-time.

" t"是蒸发时间,我们看到光速是分母的4次方。通过雷神之锤实现的想法是利用这个 c 因子(光速)。如果我们能把这个因子 c 乘以10(这在传统科学中是不可变的) ,那么黑洞的蒸发时间将被除以10000。雷神的锤子技术可以做到这一点。我们将不再是爱因斯坦-明科夫斯基那样的时空。

Note: we are talking more about Poincaré-Minkowski space-time.

注意: 我们更多讨论的是 Poincaré-Minkowski 时空。

The forces of light, with this technology, therefore evaporate these micro black holes and will thus be able to block the destructive power of the toplet bombs.


Question : how long is there still to get there? Answer : not much time.

问题: 还要多久才能到达那里? 答案: 时间不多了。

Question : how to work on it at our level? Answer : cut ties with negative people and use the violet flame.

问题: 在我们这个级别如何解决这个问题?回答: 切断与消极的人的联系,使用紫色火焰。

The light forces are in the process of setting up personal-type Mjolnir technology, but it is not ready yet.


He then shows us an image that expresses the fluctuations of the quantum background. I didn't find the image he chose but I found another one that came close:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

View of quantum foam, quantum fluctuations of "vacuum".


It is therefore possible that a subatomic particle emerges from this quantum foam (we see an example on the representation). In reality all materiality emerged from this quantum field. He then cites the device he markets, which is the quantum field fluctuation resonator also known as QFR (Quantum Fluctuation Resonator) which we have talked about on this site and which makes it possible to realign the quantum field.

因此,一个次原子粒子有可能从这个量子泡沫中出现(我们在这个表示中看到了一个例子)。实际上,所有的物质都是从这个量子场中产生的。然后他引用了他所推销的装置,量子场涨落谐振器,也被称为 QFR (量子涨落谐振器) ,我们在这个网站上已经讨论过这个装置,它使得重新调整量子场成为可能。

When a subatomic particle emerges from the quantum vacuum it can cause the emission of light. This disturbed quantum background makes our environment extremely dangerous for the Light forces. He even talks about the most dangerous planet in the universe. It is dangerous for their ships to circulate in this quantum field and it is necessary to clarify it before landing somewhere.


The cosmic change that is coming will reorganize the whole universe. The primordial black holes from the big bang have not been able to evaporate so far.


The fact that the Earth has become the last stronghold of the dark forces is the result of what is called the sacrifice of Orion. All of the darkness that was present in the Orion system has been repatriated here to Earth. An interdimensional portal has been opened in particular to repatriate all the reptilian entities there. Following this event the forces of light took about 5 years to recover and regain their strength.


The light forces set up a set of motherships around the solar system about 20 years ago. The subsoil of the planet could be cleaned. When the forces of light can finally intervene the first visible signs will be geopolitical events. This will be proof of the dark forces losing control.


Then we come back to the phase change diagram of water that comes to a boil:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

Obviously it is not a question of boiling water but of a supply of energy to the surface of this planet which puts society in turmoil. More kundalini energy on the surface of this planet creates an unpredictable situation.


Cobra would have accessed the results of a quantum computer but even these computers considered the most powerful do not know how to calculate the unpredictability of the situation. Here he makes an analog with the so-called three-body problem, where as soon as we have more than 2 bodies present, very quickly, and whatever the computing means at our disposal, we are unable to predict what will happen. go long term.

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

Cobra 可以访问量子计算机的结果,但即使是这些被认为是最强大的计算机也不知道如何计算这种情况的不可预测性。在这里,他对所谓的三体问题进行了类比,一旦我们有两个以上的物体出现,很快,无论计算意味着什么,我们都无法预测将会发生什么。从长远来看。

Note: Philippe Guillemant addressed this question through the question of the simulation of billiards in his book "the physics of consciousness".

: Philippe Guillemant 在他的《意识物理学》一书中通过模拟台球的问题解决了这个问题。

Only one thing is certain: we are in a dynamic of convergence.

只有一件事是确定的: 我们处于一种趋同的动态中。

What we call the Matrix is ​​the sum of all technologies, physical and non-physical, that are used to control the physical world and consciousness. He cites the use of electromagnetic waves, scalar technologies, ultra and infra-sound, relay antennas… For example, sounds between 9 and 60 Hz have an influence on our emotions.

我们称之为矩阵的是所有技术的总和,物质的和非物质的,被用来控制物质世界和意识。他引用了电磁波、标量技术、超声波和次声波、继电器天线的使用... ... 例如,960赫兹的声音会影响我们的情绪。

Non-physical technologies are even more powerful than physical technologies. According to Cobra 80% of our emotions are of artificial origin.

非物理技术甚至比物理技术还要强大。根据 Cobra 的数据,我们80% 的情绪都是人造的。

Editor's note: how can we still accept being angry knowing this?


As far as the Resistance Movement is concerned, it has been far too much in reserve recently. Today things are better. For example the movement of the yellow vests started following an activation of Kundalini, but this movement was blocked by the shadow. The Resistance movement is once again active today, particularly for the reactivation of the Paris vortex. We must reactivate what was activated 250 years ago (the year 1775 which we will talk about in day 2).


We are going to discover under our feet the existence of very advanced technologies.


Question : what about Nassim Haramein who makes each elementary particle a black hole? Answer : There is good and bad in what he says.

问题: Nassim Haramein把每个基本粒子都变成了黑洞,他怎么看?答案:他说的有好有坏。

Question : what about time travel? Answer : This is disinformation from the CIA.

问题: 时间旅行是怎么回事? 答案: 这是来自中情局的假情报。

Above all, we must reserve our integrity!


Then Cobra talked about the ATVOR technology, the pillar of light technology. This technology was developed by the galactic confederation to assist our spiritual development and ascension process. It has been used since the 90s and has since undergone improvements.

然后 Cobra 谈到了 ATVOR 技术,光支柱技术。这项技术是银河联盟为了帮助我们的灵性发展和提升过程而开发的。它从90年代开始使用,并且从那时起经历了改进。

With ATVOR technology when you invoke the pillar of light a pillar of light is truly created. Cloaked ships of the Galactic Confederation use both Mjolnir and Atvor.

使用 ATVOR 技术,当你调用光柱时,一个光柱就真正被创造出来了。银河联邦的隐形飞船同时使用 Mjolnir Atvor

We take this opportunity to do a practical exercise and invoke this pillar of light. Here is the text to be declaimed:


"I call upon the pillar of pure brilliant white light to descend upon me and form all around me.


I call the presence of the I Am that I Am


I ask that the presence of the I Am that I Am join me and merge with me"


Following this exercise Cobra asks the assembly to express themselves on the feeling.

在这个练习之后,Cobra 要求大会表达他们自己的感受。

Question : is there an advanced method of meditation? Answer : no

问题: 有没有一种高级的冥想方法? 答案: 没有

Question : can black holes be an explanation for a person being open or closed? Answer : Black holes may be one of the reasons.

问题: 黑洞能够解释一个人是开放的还是封闭的吗?答: 黑洞可能是原因之一。

Question : what about the atomium in Brussels? Answer : It is a neutral building.

: 布鲁塞尔的atomium怎么样? : 它是一个中立的建筑。

Question : what can we see in the galactic center currently? Answer : We go back in time by observing our galactic center, today the structure of this center is changing.

: 我们现在能在银河系中心看到什么?回答: 我们通过观察银河系中心回到过去,今天这个中心的结构正在发生变化。

Question : what about the confinement still practiced in China. Answer : Cobra begins by answering that it is irrelevant but is partly reframed by the questioner, by the fact that it is far from neutral from the point of view of the Chinese in mainland China.

: 在中国仍然实行的限制是什么。答: 柯博拉首先回答说,它是无关紧要的,但部分是由提问者重新定义的,因为从中国大陆的中国人的观点来看,它远非中立。

Questions : the forces of light act on what types of implants? Answer : All implants.

问题: 光的力作用于什么类型的植入物? : 所有的植入物。

Question : How much Goddess energy do we have on the surface of this planet? Answer : almost zero.

问题: 在这个星球上我们有多少女神的能量? 答案: 几乎为零。

Then we move on to the question of the I Am Presence.


Our Presence emanates very strongly all the time. Without it in reality we would be dead. He recommends that we do a daily reconnection exercise. Doing so activates our toroidal field. He shows us a visual that I have not found which shows a toroidal field with a double vortex: a descending vortex called "vortex in" and a rising vortex called "vortex out", with a star in the center symbolizing our I Am Presence. .

我们的存在一直强烈地散发出来。在现实中没有它,我们就会死去。他建议我们每天做一次重新连接的练习。这样做可以激活我们的环形磁场。他向我们展示了一个我没有发现的视觉效果,这个视觉效果显示了一个带有双重漩涡的环形磁场: 一个称为"漩涡内"的下降漩涡和一个称为"漩涡外"的上升漩涡,中间的一颗星星象征着我们的存在。.

Doing this work of reconnection allows us to become super-conductive and our Presence at the moment of Ascension becomes our vessel.


There is a lot of misinformation around Ashtar and a lot of nonsense on the internet, yet Ashtar Command plays an important role in planetary liberation and Ascension. Ashtar is a real being and the one who helped us the most. Cobra has an experience related to him but does not specify which one.

有很多关于阿斯塔的错误信息和互联网上的无稽之谈,然而阿斯塔指挥部在行星解放和扬升中扮演着重要的角色。Ashtar 是一个真实的存在,也是帮助我们最多的人。Cobra 有一次与他相关的经历,但没有具体说明是哪一次。

The ATVOR technology we talked about will be the one used for planetary evacuation. It will not be necessary to be in resistance to its energy otherwise the ascent towards the ships risks being unpleasant. Cobra shows us the visual of a ship which descends a beam of light to the surface of the planet which has the effect of raising the bodies towards the ship.

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第一天)

我们谈到的 ATVOR 技术将用于行星疏散。没有必要抵抗它的能量,否则向飞船上升的过程会很不愉快。柯博拉向我们展示了一艘飞船的视觉效果,这艘飞船将一束光束射向地球表面,这样就可以使船体向飞船方向升起。

Illustration by Barbara who attended the conference


Editor's note: I hear some voices here who will take this assertion as proof that the great evacuation is a plan of darkness disguised as light and would therefore only be a plan of generalized abduction...


Cobra ends the day by offering us a new technique of protection, which simply consists of visualizing a bubble of blue light around us.

Cobra 最后给我们提供了一种新的保护技术,这种技术仅仅是想象我们周围有一个蓝色的光泡。

That a bubble of blue light surrounds me,


May its light create a shield and protect me from all negative energy,


So be it!


Then he asks the room for feedback on this shield of light. He indicates following a remark I believe that we are indeed monitored 24/7 but that this will change.


Question : Difference between this practice and the violet flame? Answer : Here it is protection, the violet flame is purification.

问题: 这个练习和紫罗兰火焰的区别?回答: 这里是保护,紫色火焰是净化。

Question : what is the future of traditional or classical medicine? Answer : After the event everything will be transformed and improved.

问题: 传统医学或经典医学的未来是什么?回答: 事件发生后,一切都会改变和提高。



Another publication is coming on the report of the second day.



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