世界开始注意到有多少年轻运动员在接种了covid 疫苗后死亡

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世界开始注意到有多少年轻运动员在接种了covid 疫苗后死亡

(Natural News) Young, healthy athletes from around the world are suddenly starting to suffer from heart conditions, breathing difficulties, nervous system disorders, among other serious chronic diseases. Some athletes are collapsing on the playing field, never to wake again.


A German newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, took note of this disturbing pattern of cardiac arrest in a report titled, “Puzzling heart diseases in football.” The report seeks to understand why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.” The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are suffering and DYING after taking covid vaccines. Jake Kazmarek, a 28-year-old bodybuilder died unexpectedly four days after taking a covid vaccine. Another recently-vaccinated athlete collapsed in the middle of a game; hockey player Boris Sadecky (24) died after suddenly collapsing on the ice.

德国报纸《柏林报在一篇题为《足球中令人费解的心脏病》的报道中注意到了这种令人不安的心脏骤停模式,这份报告试图理解为什么“最近大量的职业和业余足球运动员倒下了”,全世界都开始注意到有多少年轻运动员在接种了covid疫苗后正在遭受痛苦和垂死挣扎。28岁的健美运动员杰克 · 卡兹马雷克在接种腹腔注射疫苗4天后意外死亡。另一名最近接种疫苗的运动员在比赛中途晕倒; 曲棍球运动员鲍里斯 · 萨德克基(24岁)在冰上突然晕倒后死亡。

Long list of young vaccinated athletes coming down with heart problems and cardiac arrest


The German report documents the sudden collapse of FC Barcelona’s Sergio Agüero, a 33-year-old striker who was taken off the field after suddenly coming down with breathing problems and dizzy spells. Sergio managed to survive, but there is a large number of athletes whose collapse led to hospitalization and early death.

这份德国报告记录了巴塞罗那俱乐部的塞尔吉奥 · 阿圭罗的突然倒下,这位33岁的前锋在突然因为呼吸困难和眩晕晕倒后被罚下场。塞尔吉奥设法活了下来,但是还有大量的运动员因为倒下而住院并过早死亡。

A 17-year-old soccer player named Dylan Rich died of a heart attack mid-game in England. A 24-year-old named Lucas Surek developed a heart muscle disorder and had to be kept out of the BFC Chemie Leipzig club. Twenty-five-year-old Kingsley Coman from FC Bayern Munich underwent heart surgery after suffering from a cardiac arrhythmia post vaccination. Belgium’s Rune Coghe (18) suffered a heart attack during a game. Thirty-one-year-old Fabrice N’ Sakala from Istanbul collapsed on the field and had to be taken to the hospital. Bitterfeld’s team leader, Dietmar Gladow also suffered a heart attack pre-game. Marvin Schumann a Gifhorn amateur, went into cardiac arrest and had to be revived. JSG Hoher Hagen had to revive a 17-year-old player mid-game in Hannoversch Munden.

17岁的足球运动员迪伦·里奇(Dylan Rich)在英格兰中场因心脏病发作去世。24岁的卢卡斯·苏瑞克(Lucas Surek)患上了心肌疾病,不得不被排除在莱比锡BFC化学俱乐部之外。拜仁慕尼黑足球俱乐部25岁的金斯利·科曼在接种疫苗后心律失常,接受了心脏手术。比利时的鲁恩·科赫(18岁)在一场比赛中心脏病发作。31岁的法布里斯·恩萨卡拉(Fabrice N‘Sakala)来自伊斯坦布尔,他晕倒在球场上,不得不被送往医院。比特菲尔德的领队Dietmar Gladow也在赛前心脏病发作。马文·舒曼(Marvin Schumann)是吉福霍恩的业余爱好者,他心脏骤停,不得不复苏。JSG Hoher Hagen不得不在汉诺威施芒登的比赛中途救活一名17岁的球员。

Other young people who suffered cardiac arrest on the playing field include Anil Usat from VFB Schwelm in Ennepetal, Dimitri Lienard from FC Strasbourg and Diego Ferchaud. This young 16-year-old collapsed in a U-18 league game in Saint-Lo. This should not be happening to young athletes. A 13-year-old soccer player form the Janus Nova club in Saccolongo Italy also collapsed right on the field. Belgian soccer player, Jente Van Genechten (25) went into cardiac arrest in a cup game. Another Belgian soccer player named Jens De Smet (27) died in the hospital after suffering from a heart attack, mid-game.

其他在赛场上心脏骤停的年轻人包括来自恩讷珀塔尔 VFB Schwelm 的阿尼尔 · 乌萨特、来自斯特拉斯堡 FC 的迪米特里 · 利纳德和迭戈 · 费尔肖德。这个16岁的年轻人在圣罗的一场 U-18联赛中晕倒了。这不应该发生在年轻运动员身上。在意大利萨科隆戈,一名13岁的足球运动员也在球场上晕倒了。比利时足球运动员,Jente Van Genechten (25岁)在一场杯赛中心脏骤停。另一名比利时足球运动员延斯 · 德 · 斯梅特(27岁)在比赛中途心脏病发作死于医院。

The list of sudden adult death is exhaustive and includes trainers and referees. One game was abandoned because a referee went into cardiac arrest in Lauber SV in the Donauworth district. An assistant referee collapsed with heart problems at a game in Emersacker. A goalkeeping coach from SV Niederporing had a heart attack at a training session. During a team training, 53-year-old coach Antonello Campus collapsed in Sicily. An English line judge had to be carted off with heart problems at the World Cup qualification match for women in Chemnitz.

成人突然死亡的名单是详尽的,包括训练员和裁判。有一场比赛因为裁判在 Donauworth 的 Lauber SV 心脏骤停而被取消。在埃默萨克的一场比赛中,一名助理裁判员因心脏问题而倒下。一位来自 SV 尼德波灵的守门员教练在一次训练中心脏病发作。在一次团队训练中,53岁的教练安东内洛校区在西西里岛倒下了。在开姆尼茨举行的世界杯女子预选赛中,一名英国裁判不得不因心脏问题而离场。

The Covid Blog documents several other cases of young athletes dying suddenly in the United States. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what’s going on.


Spike proteins were designed to cause inflammation in the cardiovascular system


Young athletes who aren’t at risk from a natural infection are continuously being coerced to take experimental mRNA spike protein vaccines in order to keep their careers. The spike protein encoded in people’s cells was designed to kill red blood cells by hampering their ability to transport oxygen. The spike proteins have also been shown to cause clumping in the blood, leading to blood clots. Dr. Richard Fleming demonstrates this nefarious characteristic of the Pfizer vaccine, by showing microscopically how red blood cells are deprived of oxygen when they are contacted by the vaccine ingredients. As Dr. Judy Mikovits points out, these spike proteins were designed in a lab with a component from HIV. They also contain syncytin, allowing the vaccine to express cancer genes, cause reproductive harm and immunodeficiency. Even the Wall Street Journal is now commenting on the damage done by these vaccines, which includes heart inflammation, pericarditis and myocarditis.

那些没有自然感染风险的年轻运动员为了保住自己的职业生涯,不断被迫接受实验性的信使核糖核酸刺激蛋白疫苗。人体细胞中编码的刺突蛋白通过阻碍红细胞运输氧气的能力来杀死红细胞。刺突蛋白也已被证明能引起血液凝块,导致血液凝块。理查德 · 弗莱明博士通过显微镜展示了辉瑞公司疫苗的这一邪恶特征,当红细胞与疫苗成分接触时,红细胞是如何被剥夺氧气的。正如 Judy Mikovits 博士指出的那样,这些棘突蛋白是在实验室中设计出来的,其成分来自艾滋病毒。它们还含有合胞体蛋白,使疫苗表达癌症基因,造成生殖损害和免疫缺陷。甚至《华尔街日报》现在也在评论这些疫苗造成的损害,包括心脏炎症、心包炎和心肌炎。

Watch Dr. Richard Fleming show how covid vaccines deplete oxygen levels in the blood.

请看理查德 · 弗莱明博士的展示,看看Covid疫苗是如何耗尽血液中的氧含量的。

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