X22报道|第2648集: 人民现在将看到全部经济真相 ,特朗普证实他正在归还牛角号

2021年12月10日16:26:49揭露宇宙X22报道|第2648集: 人民现在将看到全部经济真相 ,特朗普证实他正在归还牛角号已关闭评论3081字数 1389阅读4分37秒阅读模式

多年来,[ DS ]一直在窃取“我们人民”的声音。特朗普正在把话语权还给“我们人民”。

X22报道|第2648集: 人民现在将看到全部经济真相 ,特朗普证实他正在归还牛角号

Ep. 2648a – Trap Set, The People Will Now See The Entire Economic Truth


Ep. 2648b – Trump Confirmed That He Is Returning The Bull Horn Back To ‘We The People’




Evergrande has finally defaulted. The fake news is now in full spin mode on the economy, the people are not believing what they are being told. Trump confirms that Biden is a failure and the [CB] push to the Great Reset is exposing them all. Yellen confirms, the only way to survive the supply chain problem in the nationalistic approach.



The [DS] over the many years have stolen the voice of the We The People. Trump is no in the process of giving the voice back to the we the people. The [DS] plan is failing and the people are waking up and soon they will heard without shadow banning, censorship, this will be the end of the [DS] narrative. The pandemic is over, the [DS] players, Big Pharma are pushing hard to keep control but as they push they are losing control. The end is near. 

多年来,[ DS ]一直在窃取“我们人民”的声音。特朗普正在把话语权还给“我们人民”。DS的计划正在失败,人们正在觉醒,很快他们就会听到没有影子禁令、审查的声音,这将是DS叙事的终结。大流行已经结束,大型制药公司正在努力保持控制,但随着他们的努力,他们正在失去控制。末日即将来临。


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