X22报道|第2811集: 中央银行撞墙,有时候背后的人才是关键

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X22报道|第2811集: 中央银行撞墙,有时候背后的人才是关键

Ep. 2811a – [JB]/[CB] Hits A Brick Wall, [JB] Choice, Expand Oil Production Or…, Trapped

Ep.2811a-[ JB ]/[ CB ]碰壁,[ JB ]选择,扩大石油生产或... ,陷入困境

Ep. 2811b – Sometimes It’s The People In The Background That Are Significant, Other Investigations

Ep. 2811b –有时候背景中的人才是重要的,其他的调查

X22 报告发表于2022年6月28日


The patriots trapped the [CB]/[JB] in their agenda, they were hoping they could get another country to fill the oil void, now they can either continue down the path or restart oil production in the US. Brazil bank now allows customers to purchase Bitcoin.

爱国者们把[ CB ]/[ JB ]困在了他们的议程中,他们希望能够找到另一个国家来填补石油空白,现在他们要么继续沿着这条道路走下去,要么在国家重新启动石油生产。巴西银行现在允许客户购买比特币。


The [DS] is afraid, they have lost and they are fighting for their lives. They are trying everything, but it is failing. The J6 hoax broadcast is falling flat and the people are not believing the propaganda. The people see it as joke. [GM] was just sentenced to 20 years, low man on the pole. One leads to another which leads to another. Sometimes it’s the people in the background that are of greater significance. Some investigations have not been made public. The [DS] system is collapsing right in front of their eyes.

[DS]很害怕,他们已经输了,他们正在为自己的生命而战。他们尝试了所有方法,但都失败了。J6的恶作剧广播失败了,人们不相信这些宣传。人们认为这是个笑话。[GM]刚刚被判处20年徒刑,处于低位。一个导致另一个,这导致另一个。有时候背景里的人才更有意义。一些调查尚未公开。[ DS ]系统正在他们眼前崩溃。


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