X22报告|第2900集: 特朗普“征税有后果”,深邃的黑暗世界正在被揭露 

2022年10月17日11:45:53最新动态X22报告|第2900集: 特朗普“征税有后果”,深邃的黑暗世界正在被揭露 已关闭评论3912字数 1333阅读4分26秒阅读模式

DS 在挣扎,J6不工作,人们不买他们卖的东西。[DS]正在苦苦挣扎,他们希望在中期选举前起诉特朗普。他们已经部署了一切,但是没有用。

X22报告|第2900集: 特朗普“征税有后果”,深邃的黑暗世界正在被揭露 

Ep. 2900a – Trump: Taxes Have Consequences, [CB] On Deck

特朗普: 税收是有后果的,[CB]在甲板上

Ep. 2900b – Deep Dark World Is Being Exposed, Freedom Of Information [truth] = Game Over

黑暗深处的世界正在被揭露,信息自由[真相] = 游戏结束



The people around the world are rising up, the more the [CB]/[WEF] push the worse it will be for them. The Biden administration have lost the economic narrative. The [CB] is in focus, another [CB] is removed for illegal activity. Trump mentions taxes and that they have consequences.

世界各地的人们正在崛起,[CB]/[WEF]推动的越多,对他们的影响就越糟糕。拜登政府已经失去了对经济的叙述。这个[ CB ]是焦点,另一个[ CB ]因为非法活动而被移除。特朗普提到了税收问题,并表示税收会产生影响。


The [DS] is struggling, J6 is not working the people are not buying what they are selling. The [DS] is struggling and they want Trump indicted before the midterms. They have deployed everything they have but it is not working. Truth social is the bull horn, its getting strong and stronger as the truth comes out the people will learn that world they live in is deep and dark and those in control are criminals. Once the people learn the truth the game is over. 

DS 在挣扎,J6不工作,人们不买他们卖的东西。[DS]正在苦苦挣扎,他们希望在中期选举前起诉特朗普。他们已经部署了一切,但是没有用。真理社会是牛角,它变得越来越强大,当真理出来的人们会知道,他们生活的世界是深沉和黑暗的,那些控制者是罪犯。一旦人们知道真相,游戏就结束了。


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