很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

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很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

I was introduced to the brilliant Australian JC Kay by IDC reader Ann Ra-Nae Meders.Thank you so much again,Ann.JC is AWESOME.

IDC 的读者 Ann Ra-Nae Meders 向我介绍了杰出的澳大利亚人 JC Kay。再次感谢你,安。JC 棒极了。

I can believe Aboriginal Elders have embraced her.She is the real deal and in a world of deception JC Kay is priceless.

我相信原住民长老们已经接受了她。她是真实存在的,在一个充满欺骗的世界里,JC Kay 是无价之宝。

JC Kay is a gifted"Remote Viewer."Some might call her a psychic but Remote Viewing describes what she does best because she literally"sees"what is taking place.She is"viewing"it.

JC Kay 是个有天赋的"远程观察者"有些人可能称她为灵媒,但是 Remote Viewing 描述了她最擅长的事情,因为她确实"看到"了正在发生的事情。她正在"观察"它。

Her latest video is a thrilling description of what is taking place right now in Git-Mo with POTUS.


Global An_ons know that something other than Mainstream Media silliness is going on.

Global Anons 知道,除了主流媒体的愚蠢之外,还有一些事情正在发生。

This is a brilliant case of"misdirection."Watch my body double waving to peeps outside Walter Reed while I'm actually somewhere else.AF1?Git-Mo?A battleship?Other?


POTUS took a page out of President Kennedy's playbook.JFK faked a cold to get back to the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis:



Kinda'like POTUS 45 getting…um…Co_vid 1/9?Yeah,right.He's so brilliant.

有点像 POTUS 45得到了......Covid-19?是的,没错,他太聪明了。

BTW,according to Santa Surfing,many of his staff will soon"get Co_vid,"which means they'll go into quarantine protection.BIG MOVES are happening right now.


You KNEW it was time to buckle-up when POTUS said,on 9-30-20"I tell ya,we caught'em cold.It's about time that something happens,OK?!It's enough!We got plenty of information on these crooks.A bunch'a crooks.A thing like that has never happened in our country and it's about time that something happens!!"


Oh yeah.


So—WHAT is happening behind-the-scenes?


This video by JC Kay provides a vision of what might be taking place right now in Cuba and elsewhere and it is utterly thrilling.

这个由 JC Kay 制作的视频提供了一个关于古巴和其他地方可能正在发生什么的愿景,它是完全令人兴奋的。

I've provided my decodes and hope they're right.


It's important to keep in mind that when"cue"says"WE'VE GOT IT ALL"he isn't kidding.


The NSA[National Security Agency]have been spying on the deep state at the same time and using the exact same equipment/tech the ca_bal was using to spy on American citizens.


The ca_bal"thought"The Patriot Act,stripping American Citizens of our Constitutional Rights,was our end but it turned out to be THEIR end.The Alliance reversed it.From dark to Light.


Just like the Alliance reversed the Co_vid lockdown.Instead of Humanity's end,it is the deep state's end.From dark to Light.


Remember,the deep state has been soundly checkmated by Multi-Dimensional Galactic Chess Masters which make up the mighty Alliance.


Gene Decode told us that this Plan has been 117 years in the making,since 1903,when Nikola Tesla and Van de Graaf first met to try and figure it out,and it has been executed flawlessly.Beyond genius.

Gene Decode 告诉我们,这个计划已经酝酿了117年,自从1903 Nikola Tesla Van de Graaf 第一次见面试图解决这个问题以来,它已经完美地执行了。超越天才。

The mighty Alliance have dismantled and destroyed a thousands-year-old evil dem_onic bloodthirsty Global empire and are now in the process of removing the minions.


The upper handlers were dealt with in March'20,even before the lockdown began,when POTUS took out the heads of the 13 dem_on Blood_line families in Venice."The head of the snake,"he said.


I verify some of my JC Kay decodes from my transcriptions of podcasts or videos by Colleen and Charlie Freak and Mark Devlin.

我从 Colleen Charlie Freak Mark Devlin 的播客或视频中,验证了 JC Kay 的一些解码。

Colleen and Charlie have been EXTRAORDINARY in their understanding of what has been taking place and their truths are being verified every single day.A_nons everywhere owe their thanks to these two amazing people for their histories.


If you enjoy JC Kay,I highly recommend her other vids.The first one I viewed was"What's Happening Underground in Australia?August 2020."I thought of transcribing it but felt it was too"out there"at the time and that it was enough to deal with the heart-crushing rescue of the ch_ildren from the tunnels.

如果你喜欢 JC Kay 我强烈推荐她其他的视频。我看的第一个视频是"澳大利亚地下发生了什么"20208月。"我想把它抄写下来,但当时觉得它太"离谱"了,足以应付从隧道里救出孩子们的令人心碎的事情。

However—evading laser weapons that can evaporate them,rescuing caged and tortured ch_ildren,as well as Trafficked men and women,finding massive stashes of gold,diamonds,cash and valuables,as well as huge adr–enoch_rome stores,are not all the Global Militaries have been dealing with in those tunnels.

然而,全球军队在这些隧道中所要应付的并不仅仅是躲避可以蒸发他们的激光武器、拯救被关在笼子里、受尽折磨的儿童以及被贩卖的男女、发现大量藏匿的黄金、钻石、现金和贵重物品以及巨大的 adr-enoch_rome 商店。

The Alliance have not released this data and I don't know if or when they will.But I've had two of my Galactically gifted Healer friends verify what JC remote viewed in those tunnels.

联盟还没有公布这些数据我也不知道他们会不会或者什么时候公布。但我已经让我的两个银河系天才治疗师朋友证实了 JC 远程监控在那些隧道里看到了什么。

There is more to this"Awakening"than just the corporeal.This is a Spiritual,Angelic and Galactic as well as an Earthly Ascension.


William Shakespeare put it this way,"There are more things in Heaven and Earth,Horatio/Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."Hamlet,Act 1,Scene 5,167-8


Yes indeed.


Here's JC's vision of what is going on right this minute.

这是 JC 对此时此刻发生的事情的看法。

As with everything I post,take what you can use and leave the rest.


With blessings of Peace,Health,Happiness,Abundance and Truth for all—we are Goddess,Sovereign,Free,





JC Kay-G-M0 Bay and the 45th-ENCODED MESSAGE-TOP SECRET 10-5-20

JC Kay-G-M0 Bay 和第45条编码信息-最高机密10-5-20


Transcribed and illustrated by Kat,using notes written by JC Kay that are posted on her YouTube link

Kat 转录和插图,使用 JC Kay 写的笔记,这些笔记被张贴在她的 YouTube 链接上

JC Kay:Hello everybody.This is JC Kay and I have a YouTube channel called Quantum Truths JC Kay…before I start anything in this video…I'd like to ask you to share,subscribe…today I've got a very different message than I normally do…it might be a bit controversial...it's something a lot of people want answers to…

大家好。这里是 JC Kay 我有一个 YouTube 频道,叫做 Quantum Truths JC Kay 在我开始这个视频之前,我想请你们分享,订阅,今天我得到了一个非常不同的信息,可能有点争议,很多人都想知道答案。

0:45 But it's information you can't get any validation for…because it is a secret location...but there's a lot of information there…that will give us answers to what's really going on in the word…


1:12 In doing my journeying...seeking answers via"remote viewing"I was able to see things that maybe most people would only speculate at…and so the message has to come forward in a very encoded fashion…


1:32 When I finished my journeying and I went to write down all my notes…the information came out like a code…it's not heavily encoded but it's encoded enough for you to be able to use your own discernment…sleuth-skills…deciphering skills to work out what it means…


1:59 The title of this video…the title of this document is called G-MO Bay and the 45th…and I'm going to be reading that for you today…


很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

2:15 JC Kay cont.:First of all,today is Monday 5th October,2020 and this is all a very very exciting video,I just hope that it makes sense…you don't have to believe any of it…up to you…

2:15 JC Kay cont.:首先,今天是2020105日,星期一,这是一个非常非常令人兴奋的视频,我只是希望它有意义...你不必相信任何...由你决定..

2:36 This is for entertainment purposes only…in order for you to innerstand the following information you will need to think in terms of Symbology,metaphor and hidden ciphers…allow the information to sink in,then go back,read and listen again…and absorb on multiple layers…no questions will be answered by JC Kay in the chat or the comments below…it is being presented in this way for you to discern without her assistance…

2:36这只是为了娱乐目的......为了让你们能够理解下面的信息,你们需要从符号学,比喻和隐藏的密码的角度来思考......让信息沉淀下去,然后回去,再读,再听......然后多层次地吸收......JC Kay 不会在聊天或下面的评论中回答任何问题......它是以这种方式呈现给你们,让你们在没有她的帮助下辨别.....

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

3:15 JC Kay cont.:The vision during this journeying came through as both a series of scenes via a Looking Glass Technology,presented once again in the"white room"with VIPs present,and these scenes are experienced as though they are remote viewed.

3:15 JC Kay cont.:在这次旅行中,我们看到了一系列通过窥镜技术呈现的场景,这些场景再一次出现在"白色房间",有贵宾在场,这些场景仿佛是远距离观看的。

3:31 But these also came through on a different level;How I arrived at this highly protected location was as an Eagle…I became the bird,and it was as if I was the bird…the Eagle,and beside the Eagle all at once,floating beside it as an observer.


4:00 We flew in and sat on some branches just outside of Camp Justice,watching a spectacle before us.I also received specific wording for encoded messages as I was trying to document what I saw…


4:11 The 45th stands before me in the white room,looking healthy,looking through papers,looking focused,powerful,and efficient.M nearby,healthy and radiant.They are safe and protected for the next phase…


很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

4:33 JC Kay cont.:Scenes before me,first of several prominent US politician's faces–noses growing like Pinocchio.

4:33 JC Kay:我面前的场景,是美国几位著名政治家的第一张脸——鼻子长得像匹诺曹。

4:40 A Handsome Man from the Great White North should feel at home in Cuba–High Trea_son.



Kat Note:I've read that Tru_deau's father is actually Fi_del Cas_tro,which is why he might"feel at home"in Cuba.

Kat Note:我读到过特鲁多的父亲实际上是菲德尔・卡斯特罗,这就是为什么他在古巴可能会有"家的感觉"

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

This is from my transcription of Colleen and Charlie Freak,and Mark Devlin,7-30-20:

这是我对 Colleen Charlie Freak,以及 Mark Devlin7-30-20的抄本:

59:30 Charlie Freak:And then at the G7 Summit in Canadahe[Trump]had horrific pe_dop_hile and adren_ochromer Ju__stin Trud_eau hosting the meeting…he was there…Ang__ela Mer_kel was there as well and…she was one of the big ones Trump wanted to have be there as well…cuz she didn't play a major role back in Brussels…so at this meeting he got everyone there but in particular,it was the capitulation of Jus__tin Trud__eau of Canada…and An_gela Me__rkel of Germanyboth of them did the same thing…spent most of the G7 meeting with hands clasped like they were in handcuffs…


"Video:How Trump,the NSA,Q-JFK Jr.,Against all Odds,Took Down the Cabal,Part 1"by Kat-7.30.20

中文链接:"视频:特朗普,国家安全局,Q-JFK Jr.,如何克服重重困难,打垮阴谋集团,第一部分,第一部分"Kat-7.30.20


4:51 JC Kay cont.:Past Presidents ready to go to sleep.

4:51 JC Kay cont.:过去的总统们准备睡觉了。

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

4:52 JC Kay cont.:HRC behind bars–what you see publicly are"stunt doubles."

4:52 JC Kay:监狱里的HRC——你在公开场合看到的是"替身演员"

5:00"She swings at noon."Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.No Saturnalia this year.



Kat Note:I sought the advice of someone who chooses to be called'Anonymous Starseed Friend.'This is what that person related about"Saturnalia,"which name I'd never heard of:

Kat Note:我向一位选择被称为"匿名星种朋友"的人寻求建议以下是这个人对"农神节"的描述,我从未听说过这个名字:

Saturnalia–"Festival to increase Saturn-Sa_tan influence with human sa_crifice,December 17-23.This was meant to diminish the light leading up to Christmas.December 25th is the celebration of"the unconquered sun,"or the remaining sun in this universe.


"Every universe has two suns.Our brightest sun,Lucifer,imploded,turning it into a black sun,reversing anything that entered it...resulting in a fallen or inverted lower dimensional system...in which we[currently]exist


"Saturnalia Festivals celebrate this fallen sun Lucifer;the conquered sun.The planet Saturn is an outpost used as a mind control center to accelerate inverted behavior in humans through Sa_tanic ritual abuse and blood sa_crifice to siphon life force."~Anonymous Starseed Friend



5:07 JC Kay cont.:The best is yet to come.

5:07 JC Kay:最好的还在后面。

5:10 Blonde B received his marching orders–assassination attempt uncovered–on a flight home to Cuba.



Kat Note:Blonde B/Jo_hn Bren_nan?

Kat Note:金发B/约翰·布伦南?



5:21 JC Kay cont.:The Hyacinth breathes a sigh of relief–capitulated,but not out of the woods–direct descendent of a Madman in high position.

JC Kay cont.:风信子松了一口气——投降了,但还没有走出树林——他是位高权重的狂人的直系后裔。

[Kat Note:Is"Hyacinth"Ang_ela Me_rkel,daughter of Ad_olf Hi__tler and Eva Br_aun?]

[Kat Note:"风信子"是阿道夫·希特勒和爱娃·布劳恩的女儿安格拉·默克尔吗?]

5:32 JC Kay cont.:"Take no prisoners."Level up."The Eagle has Landed"

5:32 JC Kay:"不留活口",升级"勐鹰突击兵团已着陆"

5:40 Julian–I ask about him and his welfare,the answer I get from the 45th is"We have a med-bed for him"



Kat Note:From my transcription of Colleen and Charlie Freak and Mark Devlin,7-30-20

Kat Note:来自我对 ColleenCharlie Freak Mark Devlin 的抄本,7-30-20

8:26 Charlie Freak:Julian A__ssange has been a big player…eventually when the truth comes out about Julian Assan__ge you'll go,oh,I should have noticed that…I should have picked up on that…you'll see…


[The physical resemblance to Dr.John Trump,POTUS'uncle,John G.Trump]


很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

       John J.Trump,                                                              Julian Assange

     约翰·j·特朗普,                                               朱利安·阿桑奇


John George Trump(August 21,1907–February 21,1985)was an American electrical engineer,inventor,and physicist.A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1936 to 1973,he was a recipient of the National Medal of Science and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.John Trump was noted for developing rotational radiation therapy.Together with Robert J.Van de Graaff,he developed one of the first million-volt X-ray generators.He was the paternal uncle of President Donald Trump.

约翰·乔治·特朗普(1907821日至1985221)是美国电气工程师、发明家和物理学家。他于1936年至1973年在麻省理工学院担任教授,曾获得美国国家科学奖章和美国国家工程院院士。约翰·特朗普因发展旋转放射疗法而闻名。他和罗伯特杰米森范德格拉夫一起开发了第一台百万伏特 x 射线发生器。他是唐纳德·特朗普总统的叔叔。




8:44 Mark Devlin:Was Assang_e really under arrest or was that some kind of ruse?


8:49 Charlie:All part of a ruse for the Mainstream Media to buy into it…to brand him a certain way…he's played a very dangerous role…none of this has been safe and easy for Julian Assa_nge…he's put himself at risk…but then that whole family has…[Trump family]…


9:15 And there's much more to this family[Trump]that we're talking about that is yet to come…you don't know all of it yet…you don't know who's coming out next…there will be another person in this family that's going to be able to shine in the coming months…because this is all about Technology at the end of the day so we'll get to that later[Photo of Tesla onscreen with a baseball cap that reads'Make Electricity Free Again"]


"Video:How Trump,the NSA,Q-JFK Jr.,Against all Odds,Took Down the Cabal,Part 1"by Kat-7.30.20

中文链接:"视频:特朗普,国家安全局,Q-JFK Jr.,如何克服重重困难,打垮阴谋集团,第一部分,第一部分"Kat-7.30.20


5:54 JC Kay cont.:Oh the many famous faces that came before these VIP prisoners…there are no more heroes,no icons,no celebrities…good luck to the many who believe in false idols.

5:54 JC Kay:哦,在这些 VIP 囚犯面前出现了许多著名的面孔......没有更多的英雄,没有偶像,没有名人......祝那些相信虚假偶像的人好运。


Kat Note:For a brief list of false idols,consult the Flight Logs to Ep_stein Island.

Kat :对于一个虚假偶像的简短列表,请参考飞行日志爱泼斯坦岛。

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

1:04 Charlie Freak:It's just flat out horrific…and no,this isn't the full list…so,just to be clear…these are people that have participated in ALL aspects of this…r*pe,tor*tu*re,all the way through the cannibalism and the spirit cooking[can_nibal_ism]…


"Charlie and Colleen Freak,Part 3:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan(Part 1)"by Kat-8.6.20

中文链接:"查理和科琳弗瑞克,第三部分:摧毁阴谋集团的邪恶计划(第一部分)" Kat-8.6.20


6:10 JC Kay cont.:MOZAMBIQUE…W.F.and Thanks…

6:10 JC Kay cont.:莫桑比克...W.F.and 谢谢..

6:20 The Next Level Prisoners are the Political Elite.The Next Level Prisoners ARE the"Second Wave".This is"Operation Justice".Dominoes Fall.


6:36 The most prominent are arrested,while the HIGHEST ranking are under house arrest.


6:33#44 BRQ Lightning is shackled and being questioned,he is FRAZZLED.

6:33#44 BRQ 闪电戴着镣铐,接受审问,他疲惫不堪。


Kat Note:This is a Tweet from Click,October 3,2020,regarding#44 on CBS-TV.Not looking too good.Not sure if it's even him.

Kat Note:这是一条来自 Click Tweet2020103日,关于哥伦比亚广播公司电视台的第44条消息。看起来不太好。我都不确定是不是他。

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)


6:45 JC Kay cont.:You say:"But the news said they're still around,living their life.Free as a bird,causing harm.

6:45 JC Kay:你说:"但是新闻说他们还活着,过着他们的生活。像鸟一样自由,造成伤害。

6:51 We say:"The light has not been shed on their atrocities–nor on the true state of where they have been."


6:59 G Max has not gone quietly.Her data is sound and used to connect dots.BUT not the main source of information.She served as the"surface entertainment."



Kat Note:This is from my transcription of Charlie and Colleen Freak's Part 3 of their video presentation of President Trump and"Cue"-Team's Takedown of the Cabal:

Kat Note:这是我对查理和科琳·弗莱克关于特朗普总统的视频演示的第三部分的抄录以及"Cue"团队对阴谋集团的打击:

54:22 Charlie Freak:Why is the arrest of Max_well so HUGE?"Buffers."The last line of defense between the 13-Phoenician families and all their minions…


See,they don't want to deal directly with any of these people…they don't like the Clin_tons,they probably can't stand the Clin_tons and how absolutely vile and disgusting they are…but they're a necessary evil that has to be controlled…


So they need agents in place that they do know,that they do respect,that they do trust,that will help them to control their minions…that's the role of Ghis_laine Max_well…that put her more important than Jeff_rey Ep_stein…


55:08 Eps_tein was a one-trick-pony…he had that island,had help by Max_well putting that island together…taken out of the pages of the Bible just twisted…instead of good it now becomes evil…it's the Temple upon the Mount where all of these sa_crifices to God took place…


But these are sa_crifices[of ch_ildren]are to the Venetian God which is Baal…Baal is Nimrod…the same false God…Nimrod who built the tower of babel who attempted to take Heaven by force…Baal/Nimrod are the same Deity…the FALSE God…


That's what we've been living under for the last 150 years…


55:55 If you heard an audible collective GROAN when Ghisl_aine Maxw_ell was arrested that was the collective bowels of everyone in Hollywood giving out…everyone in Hollywood shat themselves because they KNOW that Ghisl__aine Maxwe__ll is ABOVE Epstein…


That's why the arrest of Ghis__laine Maxw_ell is a MASSIVE deal.#9 on our 10 key points.


"Charlie and Colleen Freak,Part 3:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan(Part 1)"by Kat-8.6.20

中文链接:"查理和科琳弗瑞克,第三部分:摧毁阴谋集团的邪恶计划(第一部分)" Kat-8.6.20


7:15 JC Kay cont.:The real data,the goldmine is in the A.I….THEY'VE GOT IT ALL…Take no prisoners…

7:15 JC Kay cont.:真正的数据,金矿是在人工智能...他们得到了一切...不要留活口..

[Kat Note:The Alliance has massive NSA folders,DVDs of horri_fic acts,CDs,phone messages,E's,texts,documents…EVERYTHING.Also,once arrested,every cent of their ill-gotten wealth is recovered and redistributed to we the people from whom it was stolen.]

Kat Note:联盟有大量的国家安全局文件夹,恐怖片的 dvd 光盘,cd,电话信息,E's,短信,文件...一切。而且,一旦被捕,他们非法所得的每一分钱都会被追回并重新分配给我们这些被偷走的人

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

7:27 JC Kay cont.:Beware now of the Spiders who watch you–the few who remain.Be vigilant citizens and don't get caught up in their silly games.As long as you see through their illusions,and as long as you remove the fear from your mind,then you will truly see the world clearly–without a second thought for'WHEN?'."

JC Kay cont.:当心那些看着你的蜘蛛——那些少数留下来的。提高警惕,不要陷入他们愚蠢的游戏中。只要你能看穿他们的幻想,只要你能消除心中的恐惧,你就能真正清楚地看到这个世界——不必再想"什么时候?"真的。"


Kat Note:Who/what are"the Spiders who watch you"you might ask?

Kat Note:你可能会问,"看着你的蜘蛛"是谁/什么?

I enclose,FYI,a description of what A.I.spiders are from my Starseed friend.I have complete confidence in the information.

顺便说一句,我附上了我的 Starseed 朋友对人工智能蜘蛛的描述。我对这些信息完全有信心。

"The spiders are A.I.They are like the clones in the Star War movies,or the A.I.man from The Matrix,Agent Jones,that kept replicating.They exist in a phantom system.Very disturbing creatures.It's impossible to fight them one by one as they just continue to replicate.The entire phantom timeline must be collapsed."~Anonymous Starseed Friend


Kat cont.:Keep in mind what JC Kay says in this remote viewing:"The few who remain."So their phantom timeline is being collapsed as I write this.Nevertheless,keep your protective prayers going.Fortify your Immaculate Divine Light and your unbreakable connection to Father God and Divine Mother and they cannot mess with you.Grrrrrrrr:)

Kat cont.:请记住 JC Kay 在这次远程观看中说的话:"少数留下来的人。"所以在我写这篇文章的时候,他们虚幻的时间线正在崩溃。尽管如此,请继续你的保护性祈祷。强化你完美无瑕的神圣之光,以及你与父神和神圣母亲之间牢不可破的联系,他们就不会干扰你。Grrrrrrrr:)


JC Kay cont.:It's happening NOW.

JC Kay cont.:现在正在发生。

7:58 NOW.10 past the hour.


很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

JC Kay cont.:It's Leave NO PRISONERS.Take no prisoners.Leave the cells empty...

JC Kay cont.:这就是不要囚犯,不要囚犯,让牢房空着。..

8:06 A grid forms a dome over the Bay.No one can get out.No one can get in–it keeps their freedom at bay.Justice served on their terms–no 4D interference.Dark cannot interfere...

8:06一个网格在海湾上方形成一个圆顶。没人能出去。没人能进去,这样他们的自由就不会受到限制。正义以他们的方式服务,没有4D 干涉。黑暗势力不能干涉。

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

JC Kay cont.:With deaths and indictments against heavy hitters,the"Secret Seals"are BROKEN–vows of silence and secret societies crumble to dust.

JC Kay cont.:随着对重量级人物的死亡和起诉,"秘密封印"被打破了——沉默的誓言和秘密社团瓦解成尘埃。

8:40 The Light is coming for the Dark...


8:46 On the ground–business as usual–that is Optics.It's for the show.


很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

JC Kay cont.:Shocking people suddenly out of their slumber is counter-productive to an"Awakening".

JC Kay cont.让人们突然从睡梦中惊醒对于"觉醒"来说是适得其反的。

8:57 Blessed be the Freedom Fighters.


很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)

JC Kay cont.:Blessed be the Men and Women who hold up their heads in a sea of Sleepwalkers,breathing freely,shining the light.

JC Kay cont.:祝福那些在梦游者的海洋中昂首挺胸,自由呼吸,闪耀光芒的男男女女们。

9:09 Endure no more suffering.Stand Tall.


9:15 The night of the 14th will shed some light on what has been done and won.


9:21 Harriet Tubman...who is she?

9:21 Harriet Tubman...她是谁?


Kat Note:I think most Americans know who Harriet Tubman is,but for Global readers:

Kat Note:我想大多数美国人都知道哈里特-塔布曼是谁,但是全球读者:

Harriet Tubman(born Araminta Ross,c. March 1822–March 10,1913)was an American abolitionist and political activist.Born into slavery,Tubman escaped and subsequently made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people,including family and friends,using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad.During the American Civil War,she served as an armed scout and spy for the Union Army.In her later years,Tubman was an activist in the movement for women's suffrage.

哈里特-塔布曼(出生于 Araminta Ross18223-1913310)是一位美国废奴主义者和政治活动家。塔布曼生来就是奴隶,他逃脱了,随后执行了大约13次任务,利用被称为地下铁路的反奴隶制活动分子网络和安全屋营救了大约70名被奴役的人,包括他们的家人和朋友。在美国内战期间,她曾是联邦军队的武装侦察兵和间谍。晚年,塔布曼是争取妇女选举权运动的积极分子。


Kat cont.:This is a favorite quote from ANYONE and it happens to be from Ms.Tubman:

Kat cont.:这是任何人最喜欢引用的一句话,恰好是塔布曼女士说的:

"If you hear the dogs,keep going.


If you see the torches in the woods,keep going.


If there's shouting after you,keep going.


Don't ever stop.


Keep going.


If you want a taste of freedom,


keep going."


~Harriet Tubman



JC Kay cont.:The sentences for those who are of a higher level of Evil is death by a method unknown to the common man.A type of vaporization,as there are multiple layers to their Evil.

JC Kay cont.:对于那些邪恶程度更高的人的判决是用一种普通人不知道的方法死亡。一种蒸发的方式,因为他们的罪恶有很多层次。


Kat Note:JC is now talking about the"Galactic""Off-world"element of this Ascension from darkness to Light.Here is an explanation verifying JC:

Kat Note:JC 现在正在谈论"银河系""外部世界"元素的这个提升从黑暗到光明。下面是一个验证 JC 的解释:

"There has been a demon of the most horrific order existing in the metagalactic core for thousands upon thousands of years.This demon was being fed by sa_tanic blood sa_crifices to keep it'contained.'


Repaired architecture and ascension frequencies have made it too uncomfortable to exist within the higher frequencies of the Ascending Earth,causing this A.I.beast to surface,now thrashing about perilously.

被修复的建筑和提升频率已经让它太不舒服以至于不能存在于 Ascending 地球的更高频率之中,导致这个人工智能怪兽浮出水面,现在正在危险地挣扎。

It has attacked Krystic place holders,but Holy Father is back and has come to the rescue at the 11th hour.THANK YOU GOD!"~Anonymous Starseed Friend

它攻击了 Krystic 的地盘持有者,但是圣父回来了,并在最后时刻前来营救。感谢上帝!"匿名的星种朋友


JC Kay cont.:Scan the globe.EVERY.SINGLE.REGION has operations to a lesser or greater extent.

JC Kay cont.:扫描全球,每个单独的区域都有或多或少的操作。

9:49 If your country is heavily restricted it indicates one of two things;a POWER PLAY between two factions,and a clean-up job of massive proportions,above and below the ground...



Kat Note:This 10-5-20 Tweet confirms JC's point:Massive clean-up going on in Czech Republic,Ireland,Paris,under the smokescreen of another"Co–vi_d lockdown."

Kat Note:这条10-5-20的推特证实了 JC 的观点:在另一个"Covid 封锁"的烟幕下,捷克共和国、爱尔兰、巴黎正在进行大规模的清理工作

很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)



JC Kay cont.:AGAIN–the question this entire operation,for this entire year is about WHAT IS ILLUSION OR DECEPTION AND WHAT IS REALITY?

JC Kay cont.:再一次——这整整一年的问题是什么是幻觉,什么是欺骗,什么是现实?

10:15 The narrative you are told for public consumption is what has created this fake reality for so long,and we gather together and begin to see clearly with 20/20 vision,OPENLY,COLLECTIVELY,WITHOUT CENSORSHIP–


10:34 The illusion,the deception crumbles.







And when this happens,


and when we allow freedom ring,


when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet,


from every state and every city,


we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children,


black men and white men,Jews and Gentiles,


Protestants and Catholics,


will be able to join hands and sing


in the words of the old Negro spiritual:


Free at last!Free at last!


Thank God Almighty,we are free at last!


Martin Luther King,Jr."I Have a Dream"speech,8-28-63


Lincoln Memorial,Washington D.C.




很棒的JC Kay视频|关塔那摩和第45任总统,发生了什么(Kat解码)


11:27 JC Kay cont.:And that's the end…I hope you liked that…I will be answering no questions,nowhere,not in the group,not in private Emails,not in private messages.

11:27 JC Kay cont.:这就是结局......我希望你喜欢这样......我将不回答任何问题,不在任何地方,不在小组中,不在私人电子邮件中,不在私人信息中。

11:37 This message is for you to work out,and if you can't work it out,ask other people.


Good luck.



End Kat decode

结束 Kat 解码


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