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Optimised bioweapon


Frightful!–Survival Warning


What damage mRNA vaccines do to human body


The medical cure that culls the world population


Decimation of the world population by one third


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟All people are urged to get to their feet to fight and take back their freedom and civilisation.None of the hidden government criminals and their puppets should be left without having been prosecuted and convicted.Our country belongs to us and our vote must be counted fairly.True freedom will be the result of our courage and initiative to fight for it and to help to drain the DeepState swamps around the world.Our revolution has started and will continue until truth,and true freedom is established!


The Anunnaki changed the Earth frequency and its polarisation into negative polarity,meant for war and destruction.When,more are killed the better they can control and manipulate the rest.Debt money put people into debt and makes them debt slaves.Conspiracy theorists are classified as negative doom seekers,while the opposite is true,they are the real truth hunters.People are so deeply brainwashed that positive has become negative.The sheeple live in a world of illusion,were democracy is promoted as freedom,while in reality it is dictatorship where 51%rule the other 49%.And,anarchy has been changed in insurrection,while it originally means self-rule!

Anunnaki 改变了地球的频率和它的极化为负极性,意味着战争和毁灭。当更多的人被杀害时,他们就能更好地控制和操纵其余的人。债务货币使人们负债,使他们成为债务的奴隶。阴谋论者被归类为负面末日的追求者,而相反的情况则是正确的,他们是真正的真相猎手。人们被彻底洗脑了,积极的东西变成了消极的东西。这些人生活在一个幻想的世界里,民主被宣传为自由,而实际上是独裁统治,51%的人统治着另外49%的人。并且,无政府状态在起义中已经发生了变化,而它原来的意思是自治!

Thanks to our digital soldiers;Truth and honesty is coming out of the woods,all around us.Unfortunately,the sheep continue to believe the lies of their government and say publicly the awake truth seekers are doom-tellers and depressing problem chasers.


For clarification;German microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi warns"They are Killing People with these COVID Vaccines"to Reduce the World's 最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟Population."In an exclusive interview,world-renownGerman-Thai-American Microbiologist warns that the COVID hysteria is based on lies and deception because the COVID"vaccines"are set to cause a global catastrophe and a brutal decimation of the human population.He explains that the PCR-test has been abused to produce fear in a way that is unscientific.But then again,conform further research those tests do the same harm as the Covid vaccines.

为了澄清,德国微生物学家博士 Sucharit Bhakdi 警告说"他们正在用这些COVID 疫苗杀死人类"以减少世界人口在一次独家专访中,世界知名的德国-泰国-美国微生物学家警告说,COVID疫苗歇斯底里症是基于谎言和欺骗,因为COVID疫苗"注定要造成一场全球性灾难和残酷的人口大屠杀。他解释说,pcr-测试被滥用,以一种不科学的方式制造恐惧。但话又说回来,进一步的研究表明,这些试验和COVID疫苗具有同样的危害。

It is unquestionable,we the people have purposely not been told the truth about Covid,PCR tests,vaccines,masks,social distancing,lockdowns and mortality.In fact,the only thing of which we can be 100%convinced,is that governments,public health officials and the MSM have been lying persistently and mercilessly on virtually every topic over the last year.Lying and deception have become the official state strategy.

毫无疑问,我们人民故意不被告知有关COVID的真相,PCR 测试,疫苗,口罩,社会距离,封锁和死亡率。事实上,我们唯一可以百分之百确信的是,在过去的一年里,政府、公共卫生官员和 MSM 在几乎每一个话题上都在不断地无情地撒谎。说谎和欺骗已经成为官方的国家策略。

最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟Reports have surfaced in recent days that people who have chosen not to receive the experimental COVID-19 shots but have been exposed to those who have received them,have suffered what appears to be toxicities coming from these fully"vaccinated"people".Affecting mainly women who have reported menstruation difficulties,heavy bleeding,miscarriages,and reduction of breast milk.


At this point,five doctors came out.who believe that these Covid-shots are not vaccines,but bioweapons designed to kill human beings.These 5 doctors are highly qualified to address this topic,and held a round-table discussion a few days ago to address these issues.Watch this video and share it with as many people as you can.


Those vaccines are not legal vaccines.The word vaccine means only a synthetic immune stimulation.In order to detect the virus,it is enough to take a sample from the saliva or the urine.Consequently,every PCR-test is irrelevant.Then again,every use of PCR-test is against the Nuremberg Codex and a crime against humanity.Authorities in charge who demanded the carry-out of the Covid-19 vaccination and test,will have to face the Nuremberg Codex penalties.

这些疫苗不是合法的疫苗。疫苗这个词只意味着一种合成的免疫刺激。为了检测病毒,从唾液或尿液中取样就足够了。因此,每个 PCR-test 都是无关的。然而,每一次使用 pcr 检测都是违反纽伦堡法典和反人类罪。主管当局要求进行2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗接种和测试,将面临纽伦堡法典的处罚。

Thousands of honest doctors and genuine scientists are telling that most vaccinated people will die horribly within 3 years'maximum.They also warn the none vaccinated to stay away from vaccinated people.Each individual,that has received the Covid injection,undergone a PCR-test,or constantly has worn a face mask,will certainly die prematurely,while three years is a generous estimate for how long they can expect to remain alive.

成千上万诚实的医生和真正的科学家告诉我们,大多数接种疫苗的人将在最多3年内可怕地死去。他们还警告没有接种疫苗的人远离接种过疫苗的人。每一个接受了 Covid 注射、经历了 PCR-test 或者经常带着面罩的人肯定会过早死亡,而对于他们能够活多久来说,三年是一个慷慨的估计。

最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟These mRNA-vaccines,are loaded with poisons,and alter the natural immune system in such a way that it will greatly overreact when victims later are exposed to almost any pathogen including the common flu.They will be attacked by their own immune system,a process known as autoimmune disorder.These attacks are more deadly than any disease.


And then to know;there is no pandemic,the public-health-rules mandated are scientifically absurd.Because,the Deep State agenda 2030 states the end game is the completion of 90%depopulation before 2030!


Optimised bioweapon


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟Very disturbing news comes from Slovakia,where hospital lab personnel in Bratislava conducted a study on the COVID-PCR-Tests and concluded that the test swabs they jam in your nose all the way up to the brain are implanting Hydrogels in your body.Those Gels were developed by Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency,in short DARPA,which is a cabal research and development centre,owned by the CIA,and created on February 7,1958 by President Dwight D.Eisenhower.This agency has developed an implantable hydrogel biosensor,funded by Bill Gates that also appears to be scheduled to be used in the next generation COVID-vaccines.

非常令人不安的消息来自斯洛伐克,在那里,伯拉第斯拉瓦的医院实验室工作人员对 covid-pcr 测试进行了研究,得出结论认为,他们堵在你鼻子里一直到大脑的测试棉签正在你的体内植入水凝胶。这些凝胶是由美国国防部高级研究计划局开发的,简称 DARPA,是一个隶属于中央情报局的秘密研究和发展中心,195827日由德怀特·艾森豪威尔总统创建。这个机构已经开发了一种可植入的水凝胶生物传感器,由比尔·盖茨资助,似乎也计划用于下一代COVID疫苗。

From the study is learnt;DARPA Hydrogel is an artificial substance that creates a converter between an electromagnetic signal and living cells in tissue and organs.It converts an electromagnetic signal from a transmitter to a signal which a living cell understands and responds to.DARPA-Hydrogel is injected into nerve structures and controllable via 5G.

从这项研究中可以了解到,DARPA 水凝胶是一种人工物质,可以在电磁信号和组织器官中的活细胞之间建立转换器。它将电磁信号从发射机转换成活细胞能理解和响应的信号。将DARPA水凝胶注入神经结构,通过5G 进行控制。

最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟Defence and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have partnered with Profusa,a Silicon Valley company,to develop a piece of nanotechnology made out of hydrogel,similar to a soft contact lens,that can be injected and implanted under the skin using a vaccine as delivery system.This biosensor,less than the size of a grain of rice,would effectively merge within the body.As a piece of nanotech,it would link up with the wireless 5G-driven network,kind of Internet of Things.It would both transmit information about you and your body to authorities,as well as receive instructions.This biosensor is already integrated in the existing mRNA-COVID-vaccines.

国防部和比尔与美琳达·盖茨基金会已经与一家硅谷公司 Profusa 合作,开发了一种由水凝胶制成的纳米技术,类似于软性隐形眼镜,可以通过注射疫苗作为传输系统植入皮下。这种小于米粒大小的生物传感器将有效地融入人体内。作为一项纳米技术,它将与无线5G驱动的网络连接起来,就像物联网一样。它会将你和你身体的信息传递给当局,同时也会接收指令。这种生物传感器已经集成到现有的mRNA-COVID疫苗中。

"DARPA Hydrogel with lithium cellblock destroy the pineal gland and cause the thinking person to be controllable,like a bio robot.A hydrogel is a carrier of an active substance;its task is to get the substance into the body at a pre-desired place."


As a result,the DARPA Hydrogel is a key component,these are actually nano-antennas to connect to 5G to allow the global elite to literally control people like robot beetles.

因此,DARPA 的水凝胶是一个关键部件,这些实际上是连接到5G 的纳米天线,让全球精英们能够真正控制像甲虫这样的机器人。

Their test results show;DARPA-Hydrogel is also deadly to human blood cells.When used in conjunction with Lithium,which is highly toxic,it destroys the Pineal Gland.The report further states"From this information is clear that PCR-test sticks are a criminal tool of genocide in the population of Slovakia and the rest of the world.This is a worldwide,thoughtful and carefully prepared attack to destroy humanity.

他们的测试结果显示,DARPA-Hydrogel 对人类的血细胞也是致命的。当与锂一起使用时,锂是剧毒的,它破坏松果体。该报告进一步指出,"从这一信息中可以清楚地看出,在斯洛伐克和世界其他地区的人口中,pcr-测试棒是种族灭绝的犯罪工具。这是一次全世界范围的、深思熟虑的、精心准备的摧毁人类的攻击。

Frightful–Survival Warning


Think about;The deep State cabal is fighting their ultimate battle against us the people,in search of population reduction through compulsory"mass protective vaccination".


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟The pathogenic deadly composition of this vaccine,contains next to toxins also Hydrogel nano-chips to control humanity by 5G.Also,in the past,they applied active euthanasia to killing off the elderly and sick by means of strong sleeping pills and opiates that has already done an effective job for them,in removing many of the useless eaters.


Equally,it complies with their worldwide agenda for redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top,i.e.from the poor to the super rich.Two of these"criminals"who are involved in this sinister operation are the former US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger and no other than the well-known eugenic Bill Gates.

同样,这也符合他们从底层到上层,即从穷人到超级富豪的全球收入再分配议程。参与这一邪恶行动的两名"罪犯"是美国前国务卿、诺贝尔和平奖得主亨利基辛格(Henry Kissinger),以及著名的优生学家比尔盖茨(Bill Gates)

Bill Gates not only wants to kill millions with his vaccine but also to change human DNA,destroying all of human antibodies so that vaccinated people can catch any disease that comes along.Vaccinated people are made infectious to unvaccinated people,who in turn infect their families and friends,who will eventually die in severe agony.

比尔·盖茨不仅想用他的疫苗杀死数百万人,而且还想改变人类的 DNA,销毁所有的人体抗体,这样接种过的人就可以感染任何疾病。接种疫苗的人会传染给未接种疫苗的人,而这些人又会传染给他们的家人和朋友,最终这些家人和朋友会在极度痛苦中死去。

What Pfizer just said about its own vaccine is absolutely frightening!


"Vaccine study participants become super-spreaders of something,they don't say what it is,but it triggers secondary adverse events in people that never had the vaccine when they are exposed to people who did have the vaccine."


In fact;Vaccine participants become super-spreaders of something,they don't say what it is,but it triggers secondary adverse events in people that never had the vaccine when they are exposed to people who did have the vaccine.


This is so bad that right here,in this quoted text,it warns that un-vaccinated men who have been exposed to a woman who was vaccinated will then pass whatever is in the vaccine to another woman.


This whole vaccine operation has been designed decennia ago to obtain the most perfect autonomous destructive illness ever invented on planet Earth.People who refused to be injected will die through infection from long-lasting self-replicating bioweapon vaccines of vaccinated.For eugenics the perfect method for 90%population reduction and the eradication of humanity.At any degree,you are warned to stay away of vaccinated people!


Stupid people who took the poisonous Satan vaccine devised and sponsored by Rothschilds,Rockefellers and Gates are going to suffer from every disease imaginable,from hundreds kinds of blindness,all types of convulsion and worse.They can count on a premature death;three years of suffering is judged to be the maximum.


What damage mRNA vaccines do to human body


Further,is explained what damage mRNA vaccines do to the human body in terms and sampled with analogies for better understanding.Among other concerns,massive deadly blood clotting is expected as well adverse immune system responses that will destroy the human body from the inside out.


Finally,Bhakdi,who warned of impending"doom"during a Fox News interview that went viral.He calls for criminal prosecutions of the people responsible and an immediate halt to this global vaccination experiment.Available on Rumble channel and Bitchute channel..

最后是巴克迪,他在福克斯新闻的一次采访中警告即将到来的"厄运",这次采访迅速走红。他呼吁对肇事者提起刑事诉讼,并立即停止这项全球性的疫苗接种试验。可在Rumble channelBitchute channel观看。


For all intents and purposes these satanic corrupt politicians need to be publicly executed for their obvious treason and crimes against humanity.Death is the only thing they understand;they absolutely deserve it!And,don't let us forget the media,medical mafia,and the bankers,as they all are guilty!!!All their assets should be confiscated for distribution to citizens and for redemption to the stupid people who took the Satanic Rothschild,Rockefeller and Gates poison shots.


Meanwhile courts in Austria,Portugal and Holland have ruled;PCR test are not suitable for covid-19 diagnosis and lockdowns have no legal basis.

与此同时,奥地利、葡萄牙和荷兰的法院已经做出裁决,PCR 检测不适用于2019冠状病毒疾病的诊断,关闭也没有法律依据。

There maybe as yet not really solid evidence about whether those injected with the mRNA jab have become infectious and whether they can transmit this to those who have not taken the jab.Nonetheless,it may be quite possible.This is a huge question because of the implications for self-isolation from the injected for their own survival.


But,practical experience already demonstrated,those people that are vaccinated,are a danger for others.As was shown by a mother who had been in close contact with a vaccinated,that resulted in her miscarriage,and loss of foetus.While another victim under similar circumstances died as a result.Nonetheless,people are warned to stay away of vaccinated people!


No matter who,the fake Covid pandemic targets certain groups of people,affecting primarily old and obese people,as the weak will succumb to it anyway,while the fearful and the fools will believe in it and line up to get the vaccination for free.


The medical cure that culls the world population


The criminal deep state has designed a'cure',that will be their solution to complete agenda 2030 with 90%depopulation.The culling of the fools will then be automatic:they will go to the slaughter house of their own accord.


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟Resulting from this Covid-attack;now,billions of people are condemned to certain,unchangeable and agonising deaths.Each person that has received the Covid injection,undergone a PCR-test,or constantly worn a face mask,will certainly die prematurely,for which three years is a generous estimate for how long they can expect to remain alive.Let alone the immense inhuman suffering they are exposed.

由于这次Covid的袭击,现在,数十亿人注定要死去,无法改变,痛苦不堪。每一个接受过Covid 注射、经历过 PCR-test 或经常戴面罩的人肯定会过早死亡,对于他们能活多久来说,三年是一个慷慨的估计。更不用说他们所遭受的巨大的非人的痛苦了。

The late comedian George Carlin offered his unfunny view of the globalists in his:How The Elite Control the World:


"They don't want well-informed,well-educated people,capable of critical thinking…They want obedient workers;People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork,and just dumb enough to passably accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lowest pay,the longer hours,the reduced benefits,the end of overtime,and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it."


By now,everyone should understand;Governments are the main problem for the people,they are people's prime enemy!In a democracy Governments are elected by the people to serve the people,which meanwhile widely is proven not to be the case.


In general,Top-down power starts to fail in a most spectacular manner,to be witnessed almost daily.Motivation for our bottom-up consensus power is growing.The one unlimited resource we have on the planet is the human brain,to discover that the current strategy of globalist capitalism is failing,because it is killing the goose with golden eggs at multiple levels.


The Deep State elite are surrounded by sycophants and pretenders whose continued employment demands that they do not question the ideas they are told to convey.But we can easily beat them by using local news media,such as Telegram groups,to our advantage.

深州的精英阶层被阿谀奉承者和伪装者包围,他们的持续就业要求他们不质疑他们被告知要传达的思想。但是我们可以利用当地的新闻媒体,比如 Telegram 组织,来轻易地击败他们。

The Robber Barons of the past,have become the corporate owners of today's multinational.They are the self-appointed globalists who believe they are more enlightened and entitled through their heritage,therefore being worthier than others to rule the world.


Through their ownership of the multinationals,they control all governments and by extension,our food,water,electricity,and pharmaceuticals.They are extracting immense profits,even as they poison and sicken entire populations in their pursuit of depopulation.Consider yourself warned!


All they tell us are lies and pure nonsense of course."Products are bought with products,"not with debt money alone,said the great 19th-century French economist,Jean-Baptiste Say.He described the real world,as a win-win world.If you want something,you have got to give something in return.Which means you have to produce something to give–and not just a piece of paper with ink on it.


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟This basic insight of this article is that at least thee billion people have been vaccinated,and or PCR-test undergone,separate from mask wearing victims,that decimates for about the same number the world population.The awake are the smartest and will restore our civilisation.

这篇文章的基本观点是,至少有30亿人接种了疫苗,或者进行了 pcr-检测,这与戴着面具的受害者不同,这些人的死亡人数与世界人口的死亡人数相当。清醒的人是最聪明的,他们将恢复我们的文明。

These people will aspire trading,sharing and cooperating,rather than stealing and committing corruption.Which,is at the heart of progress and prosperity.This means in other words;the more you want,the more innovative and better products you have to produce.Besides,the many advantages that come forward,like sufficient money and income for everyone,free energy,clean environment and healthy food and products.A true golden era is upon us,as our reward.


We will build on completely new foundations to establish a people's economy,based on the QFS money system,free markets and innovative autonomous communities led by fellow citizens.

我们将在全新的基础上建立人民经济,基于 QFS 货币体系、自由市场和由同胞领导的创新型自治社区。

Only mass awakening can stop these criminals who are destroying us in real time.Open your eyes and fight for your live and that of your children!


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟If you found this information interesting,explanatory,valuable,and/or insightful,please share it with everyone you know to help them awaken and prepare.And,don't forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake,to further motivate the silent majority to follow suit.The more flags out show the world that the cabal is losing their grip of power over us.There is much more enlightening information to follow!You are invited to subscribe free of charge.


Unity is Power


最聪明的人的生存|最后的警钟Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore.Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality.Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created,such as in Spain in the Marbella/Malaga area,which attracts an increasing number of participants.In just a few months of existence,the group has grown to over 530 members.If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group,please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

我们的解放进程再也不能停止了。与其他志同道合的人一起创造和塑造我们最好的现实。正在建立世界范围的觉醒人民网络,例如在西班牙的马尔韦利亚/马拉加地区,吸引了越来越多的参与者。仅仅成立了几个月,这个组织的成员就超过了530人。如果您想申请或学习如何开始自己的区域或当地团体,请通过电子邮件联系 FWC。我们的未来掌握在我们自己手中,特别是小社区,它们成为我们自我管理的社会的基础。

Stay tuned there is more to follow…




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