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An alarming new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the"scorched Earth oil war unleashed by Saudi Arabia"against the United States for its attempted coup against King Salman has led to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman detaining up to 20 princes involved in this coup plot,as well as his halting all international travel into the country and his sealing off the Shia Qatif region next to the Persian Gulf where US troops could stage an amphibious invasion—the results of which have crashed the price of oil by 30%—a crash that,in turn,has now created a"perfect storm"in which panicked investors are ravaging markets across the globe—most particularly in the US that just saw its 10-year Treasury yield plunging to a new record low of 0.3469%—a global bloodbath Russia reacted swiftly to by saying it's ready for oil prices to crash even lower to$25 a barrel—and when the Ruble hit a four-year low against the US Dollar as oil prices crashed,saw the Russian Central Bank,also,reacting swiftly to suspend purchases of foreign currency on the domestic market for the next 30 days—all of which was followed by the Ministry of Finance(MoF)issuing a declarative statement[English]essentially telling the rest of the world to bugger off and call Russia if need be in 6-10 years—whose exact diplomatic-speak words putting Russia beyond this crisis said:"The value of liquid assets of the NWF and funds in the account for additional oil and gas revenues stand at more than 10.1 trillion rubles($150 billion)or 9.2%of GDP…These funds are sufficient to cover the shortfall in income from falling oil prices to$25-30 per barrel for 6-10 years".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天在克里姆林宫流传的一份令人担忧的新安理会报告指出,沙特阿拉伯对美国发动的针对萨勒曼国王的未遂政变的"焦土石油战争"已经导致王储穆罕默德··萨勒曼拘留了多达20名参与这次政变阴谋的王子,他停止了所有进入该国的国际旅行,并封锁了波斯湾附近的什叶派 Qatif 地区,美军可以在那里进行两栖入侵——结果导致石油价格上涨了30%——一场坠机,接着坠毁,俄罗斯现在制造了一场"完美风暴",惊慌失措的投资者正在全球市场上肆虐,尤其是在美国,10年期美国国债收益率刚刚跌至0.3469%的历史新低。俄罗斯迅速对全球大屠杀做出反应,表示已经准备好让油价跌至更低的每桶25美元。随着油价下跌,卢布兑美元汇率跌至4年低点,俄罗斯央行也迅速做出反应,在未来30天内暂停在国内市场购买外汇。在这之后,财政部(MoF)发表了一份声明(英文),实际上是在告诉世界其它国家,如果需要在610年内赶紧滚蛋,给俄罗斯打电话。这些外交辞令让俄罗斯摆脱了这场危机:"NWF 的流动资产价值和额外石油和天然气收入账户中的资金超过10.1万亿卢布(1,500亿美元),占国内生产总值的9.2%......这些资金足以弥补石油价格下跌至每桶25-30美元,持续6-10年的收入缺口。".:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,for one to understand this current global crisis,they only need look back to last November-2019 when Nobel-Prize winning economist Robert Shiller issued his warning that a"bubbles everywhere"stock market crash was imminent—a"bubbles everywhere"warning Shiller issued due to the United States Federal Reserve pumping a staggering$1 trillion into the US banking system to keep it from crashing—that is likened to pumping air into a tire—that has a limit,unless one wants the tire to explode—and to prevent an explosion,must see this tire being deflated.

根据这份报告,要理解当前的全球危机,他们只需回顾一下去年11——2019年,诺贝尔经济学奖获得者罗伯特席勒(Robert Shiller)发出警告称,股市"到处都是泡沫"即将崩溃——由于美国联邦储备委员会(Federal Reserve)向美国银行体系注入了惊人的1万亿美元以防止其崩溃,席勒发出了"到处都是泡沫"的警告——这就好比向轮胎充气——这是有限度的,除非有人希望轮胎爆炸——并防止爆炸,否则必须看到轮胎漏气。

With the dual coronavirus-oil shock disasters circling the globe destroying everything they crash into,this report points out,when the US Federal Reserve ramped up its emergency bank bailouts to its greatest"maybe ever"levels this past week,the greatest understatement made about what they were doing was"something is seriously wrong here"—a"something",however,that quickly became evident when the US Federal Reserve backstopping their under threat banks began letting the air out of their about to explode US economy tire—and to such an extent,top economic experts noted with gravity:"The Fed blew three economic bubbles in succession…A deflationary bust has started".



Not being fully understood by the American people,either,about this present crisis,this report continues,is that the United States Federal Reserve is not a part of the US federal government,but exists because of an act of the US Congress—is actually owned by a consortium of American and European banking giants,and is able to create money out of thin air—and with their created out of thin air money,have been able to repeatedly"pump air"into the US economic"tire"then"deflate"it in order to advance their globalist warmongering agenda—such as prior to the 2000 US Presidential Election when they deflated the"Dotcom Bubble"they'd created in order to install into power the warmonger President George W.Bush—when prior to the 2008 US Presidential Election they deflated the"Housing Bubble"in order to install into power the warmonger President Barack Obama—and now just prior to the 2020 US Presidential Election,sees them deflating the"Everything Bubble"in order to oust President Donald Trump and install into power their next warmongering leader.

这份报告继续指出,美国人民也没有完全理解目前的危机,即美国联邦储备委员会不是美国联邦政府的一部分,而是因为美国国会的一项法案而存在——实际上由美国和欧洲银行业巨头组成的财团拥有,能够凭空创造货币——凭空创造货币,为了推进其全球主义好战主义的议程,美国经济"轮胎"不断地"充气",然后"放气"——例如在2000年美国总统大选前,他们就曾为自己在年制造的"网络泡沫"放气 2008年美国总统大选前,美国总统乔治·w·布什(George w.bush)为了让好战分子巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack obama)入主白宫,挤压了"房地产泡沫";现在,2020年美国总统大选前,他们又挤压了"一切泡沫",以推翻唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统,让下一位好战分子上台。


As a catalyst to begin their deflation of the"Everything Bubble",this report notes,the US Federal Reserve is utilizing coronavirus Covid-19 manufactured hysteria—a virus worrying millions of people around the globe that is neither new nor unique,as many of the large family of coronaviruses(like the common cold)co-exist with humans without giving them any trouble—is a coronavirus that near exclusively affects elderly people having underlying health conditions like heart disease and diabetes—and is due to this coronavirus having a protein depleted in elderly people,but among young people sees them having this protein in abundance—thus meaning that when this coronavirus"knocks on the door"of young peoples'cells saying"Look what a nice protein I have for you!",these young peoples'cells answer back saying"No thanks,we have more than enough"—but in elderly peoples'cells,sees them answering the coronavirus protein offer with the words"Come on in,we need lots of it!"—a reality exploited to full effect by the doctor-scientists belonging to the American Society For Microbiology who completely protected aged mice from this coronavirus by pumping up their depleted protein levels—and is,also,a protein the doctor-scientists at McMaster University have previously advised the elderly to fortify themselves with to protect their immune systems and rebuild lost muscles.

这份报告指出,作为催化剂,美联储(fed)正在利用冠状病毒 Covid-19制造的歇斯底里症——这种病毒让全球数百万人感到不安,它既不新鲜,也不独特,由于许多冠状病毒大家族(比如普通感冒)与人类共存而不会给人类带来任何麻烦——这是一种几乎只影响有心脏病和糖尿病等基本健康问题的老年人的冠状病毒——这是由于这种冠状病毒的蛋白质在老年人中已经耗尽,但在年轻人中间却看到他们拥有丰富的这种蛋白质——因此意味着当这种冠状病毒"敲开"年轻人细胞的大门时,他们会说:"看我为你们提供了多好的


Coronavirus Covid-19(above)needs to be invited into human cells and offers them a protein—that young peoples'cells have an abundance of and don't need,but already ill elderly peoples'cells do need.

冠状病毒 Covid-19(上图)需要被邀请进入人类细胞,并提供给他们一种蛋白质——年轻人的细胞拥有丰富的蛋白质,他们不需要这种蛋白质,但已经患病的老年人的细胞确实需要这种蛋白质。

While believing that they could manage their"Everything Bubble"deflation using leftist manufactured coronavirus COVID-19 hysteria as the scapegoat,this report concludes,the US Federal Reserve has now been hit with the global oil war crisis—a crisis beyond their scope and power to deal with as the European economy has already ground to a halt and in no way can withstand another shock at the same time Americanexperts are now declaring that"It's not media hyperbole to call what happened this weekend in the oil markets historic"—which joins these experts'fearful just issued warning"that unless US production comes down by a few million barrels per day,fast,oil could easily fall into the$20s,which would crush the value of in-ground reserves that serve as the basis for so much debt collateral in the industry…banks who will realize it no longer makes sense to operate a business with hugely negative cash flow"—and are banks already propping up an oil industry that is facing a three-sided attack:falling prices,a move of institutional investors to divest from fossil fuel companies,and crushing debt loadsnearly all of which is debt that is either junk rated,or rated just above junk—and if collapses these banks,will see them taking the US Federal Reserve down along with them—thus proving true that "The Ground Is Rumbling"in this"Age Of Chaos"where an earthquake is imminent—and remarkably is an"earthquake"being prepared for by a President Trump who sees this historic moment as an opportunity to finally deliver on promises including border restrictions,isolating China and giving the American people and companies broader tax cuts to weather this crisis—which makes one wonder anew as to if there is anything that keeps Trump from winning.

尽管相信他们可以用左派制造的冠状病毒 COVID-19歇斯底里作为替罪羊,来管理他们的"一切都泡沫"通货紧缩,但本报告得出结论:美联储(fed)如今受到了全球石油战争危机的冲击。这场危机超出了美联储的应对范围和权力,因为欧洲经济已经陷入停滞,无论如何都无法承受另一场冲击,与此同时,美国专家现在宣称,"称本周末石油市场发生的事情具有历史意义,并非媒体夸大其词"——这与这些专家刚刚发出的恐惧警告一致"除非美国石油日产量迅速下降几百万桶,否则石油价格很容易跌至20美元左右,这将压低地下储量的价值,而地下储量是该行业大量债务抵押品的基础......银行将意识到,在现金流严重负值的情况下经营业务已不再有意义。"——银行是否已经在支撑一个面临三方面打击的石油行业:价格下跌,机构投资者从化石燃料公司撤资,沉重的债务负担——几乎所有的债务都是垃圾级债务,或仅略高于垃圾级债务——如果这些银行倒闭,他们会把美联储(fed)也拖下水,从而证明在这个地震迫在眉睫的"混乱时代""地面在隆隆作响"是正确的。引人注目的是,特朗普总统正在为一场"地震"做准备,他把这个历史性时刻视为最终兑现承诺的机会,这些承诺包括边境限制、孤立中国,以及给予美国人民和企业更广泛的减税措施,以度过这场危机。这让人再次怀疑,是否有什么东西阻止特朗普获胜。



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