QTSR: 11月24日|星际之门通讯

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Great new intel from QTSR Telegram posts - thanks to Stephen for the compilation.

来自 QTSR 电报的最新消息——感谢 Stephen 的编译。

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QTSR: 11月24日|星际之门通讯

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Elon Musk shut off corporate credit cards for Twitter employees… ?埃隆 · 马斯克关闭了推特员工的公司信用卡。https://twitter.com/WatcherGuru/status/1595479131268988928?s=20Https://twitter.com/watcherguru/status/1595479131268988928?s=20Post 3

'Are you saying babies are having heart attacks in the womb?’你是说婴儿在子宫里就会心脏病发作吗Dr James Thorpe ~ ‘YES’詹姆斯 · 索普博士#DiedSuddenly# 突然死去Post 4

Trump now says he “always liked Elon and always got along with him”.特朗普现在表示,他“一直喜欢埃隆,一直与他相处融洽”。Meaning all the theater between the two on social media, it was fake. Which confirms that Trump will engage in theater to create the illusion of distance between those he is coordinating with. Think Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, etc.也就是说两人在社交媒体上的所有表演都是假的。这就证实了特朗普会在戏剧中制造一种假象,让他与之合作的人之间产生距离感。思考 Sessions,Rosenstein,Mueller 等等。This also means all the people who stubbornly remain anti-Elon, its time to give it up and admit he’s an ally.这也意味着所有顽固地反对埃隆的人,是时候放弃并承认他是一个盟友了。“Ye shall know them by their fruit”.“你们要从他们的果子认出他们来”。Well, Elon continues to produce.伊隆继续制作。White hat.白帽子。-Clandestine秘密行动https://t.me/BennyJohnson/6934Https://t.me/bennyjohnson/6934Post 5


☝️ been telling you......我一直在告诉你。The whole thing is a stage ...整件事就是一个舞台。Post 6