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May 29,2021 2021529


Friday was a slow day,but as the sun began to approach the horizon,the news got more interesting—and the crew found a lot more interesting stuff than I did.


Things are actually moving along very quickly and we can't see around the corner or anticipate the curve balls.The Earth Alliance has put a lot of junk on the balls which are making magical moves as they approach the plate.The demonic left know they're coming and they're terrified because they can't anticipate the moves,either.Their silly bats are useless and no matter how they duck and dodge,they're going to strike out.


It's sounding like the first week of June may be very…um…colourful.I believe we can expect a great deal to change in the coming days.We won't be doing things the same way any more in many aspects of our lives and we shouldn't expect it.It didn't work,so I hope everyone is ready to embrace change and seek better ways.Be creative and open-minded.


Like this…lol.


California cafe charging mask-wearing customers an extra$5 to pay for'collateral damage'of Covid-19 restrictions


JFK Jr.Telegram channel posted the following:



John F.Kennedy Jr.,[28.05.21 14:32]





@jfk q17

John F.Kennedy Jr.,[28.05.21 17:32]





@jfk q17

And speaking of JFK Jr.and the discussion about whether Juan O'Savin(107)is actually John,have a look at this pic the crew found on Gab.Juan only lets us see the lower half of his persona.Note the placement of the hands.



The American Prophet channel has shown us that John is probably a master of disguises and has been on site with President Trump for years as Secret Service,etc.They have lots of intriguing mini-movies on Telegram.

美国先知频道向我们展示了约翰可能是一个伪装大师,多年来一直作为特勤处等与特朗普总统在现场。他们在 Telegram 上有许多有趣的迷你电影。

This is a very interesting document about the Kennedys and John Jr. after his passing on a government site,courtesy of the crew.



Simon Parkes published his new update an hour ago(as of this moment)so here it is.The YouTube version is below.Hopefully it stays.Thanks ever so,Simon.Much appreciated.

西蒙帕克斯发表了他的新更新一小时前(此时此刻),所以在这里。下面是 YouTube 的版本。希望它能保留下来。非常感谢,西蒙。非常感谢。

Simon speaks of the med-beds and Humanitarian healing projects,the nature of the Quantum Financial System,which many of us have difficulty wrapping our heads around as it is a new concept,the military tribunals in Washington DC,and other aspects of the current situation.48 min.



Things are different in the UK today.We have video of a hundred thousand people protesting the lockdowns,etc.and the police aren't bothering them.See the video clip here on Telegram. It's Charlie Ward's channel and there are several clips there.Good for the Brits!

如今,英国的情况有所不同。我们有十万人抗议封锁的视频,等等,警察没有打扰他们。请看 Telegram 上的视频剪辑。这是查理·沃德的频道,里面有好几个片段。对英国人来说是好事!

Parlor is in the news again.If our social media platforms are doing a good job,we can rout out these sickos.


It's coming out,folks.Mainstream.We learned many years ago about the children's remains found at the Brantford,Ontario residential school.This is in The Toronto Star.Huge publication and reach.Unfortunately at this point they stop short of pointing any fingers or even suggesting that appalling crimes were probably committed and hand it off to the investigation and report concluded over five years ago into such mistreatment of children.


Remains of 215 children found at former residential school in British Columbia 


It's not just"Human trafficking"and"child sex rings".It's much,much bigger and the world is going to get the truth.The deluge begins as a drip,then a trickle,and then…


Imagine what the White Hats can show us as a result of the"ground-penetrating radar"they have been using for some time,all over the planet.


When they say someone knows where the bodies are buried,there's an aspect of that that isn't metaphorical.


Who will mourn the billions of people murdered by the predators roaming this planet?



Are you ready for the twists?Roller coasters can be unpredictable.


Is Bezos's Purchase Of MGM A"Secret"Plot To Destroy Trump?Wait Until You See What He's Acquired…


I don't believe this one is from MGM but you might want to check out this movie coming June 19.The 3 minute trailer is at the link below and it's awesome.Patrick Byrne and Michael Flynn have their names on it,and Flynn's brother is in the trailer.https://www.thedeeprig.movie/


The Deep Rig 深井钻机


As you may know,some researchers pointed out that the"Q clearance"claimed by our favourite dropper of breadcrumbs belongs to the Department of Energy.Very interesting when you think about"energy".We understand the team has a Quantum computer.Just a little background.

你可能知道,一些研究人员指出,我们最喜欢的面包屑滴管声称的"q 清除"属于能源部。当你想到"能量"的时候非常有趣。我们知道这个团队有一台量子计算机。只是一点背景知识。


We've been working hard to get the word out about the vaxxx and have another health expert speaking out;Dr.Peter McCullough on What's Up Canada channel on Rumble.(below)

我们一直在努力传播有关 vaxxx 的消息,并且有另一位健康专家发表意见,他是 Rumble 频道加拿大最新消息的 Peter McCullough 博士。(以下)

Medical crimes committed by thousands of doctors and pharmacists.How do they live with themselves?Suppressing and withholding proven,safe,effective cures/preventives like Hydroxychloroquine,Ivermectin,and Budesonide is criminal.


Dr.McCullough also discusses the unapproved use of the PCR test and the actions of the Canadian government to send the public to government-approved hotels at the expense of the travellers and forcing them to submit to the PCR test when there is no medical basis for it.

麦卡洛博士还讨论了未经批准使用 PCR 检测的情况,以及加拿大政府以旅行者为代价,将公众送到政府批准的酒店,并强迫他们在没有医学依据的情况下接受 PCR 检测的行为。

The establishment have allowed sick people to fall by the wayside while they focused their assault on healthy people.Wrongdoing by those in positions of authority is"malfeasance".There is a word for it because it EXISTS!


It's in our faces and the People continue to meekly go along,apparently content to be a cute little lammy-bah.Doesn't it upset them?So far,the carrots have worked quite well for the majority.



McCullough says most Canadians are far too passive and we should all be outraged.Politeness will be your downfall,Canada.It's time for righteous anger and indignation.It's time to stop complying.Barnyard animals comply.Humans should not when dangerous acts are demanded of them which threaten their very existence.


Using a new and experimental drug on a pregnant woman is NEVER,EVER DONE.Until now.This is an unethical and immoral experiment,McCullough says.


He states that less than one per cent of the public will ever come in contact with Covid,yet the thrust has been to get a needle in every arm;regardless of age.

他说,只有不到百分之一的公众会接触到 Covid,然而,不论年龄大小,针刺都会刺进每个人的手臂。

It's one thing to agree to these procedures if you're an adult,but for our youth and children to be bribed and coerced to agree to get an experimental vaxxine that has killed and made people seriously ill is outrageous.Children must be protected and if parents don't do that,they will have to live with themselves.

如果你是一个成年人,同意这些程序是一回事,但是对于我们的青少年和孩子来说,被贿赂和强迫同意接受一种实验性的 vaxxine,它已经杀死并使人们严重生病,这是令人愤慨的。孩子必须受到保护,如果父母不这样做,他们将不得不与自己一起生活。

He says it's"the most toxic,dangerous vaxxine ever unleashed".It's excess risk and hazard over those who contract Covid and now have permanent immunity.

他表示,这是"有史以来释放出的毒性最大、最危险的 vaxxine"。对于那些已经和科维德签订合同并且现在拥有永久豁免权的人来说,这是过度的风险和危险。

Are people examining these things and talking about it?If not now,when?It might already be too late.The number of people who have died after getting the vaxxine exceeds the number who died of Covid/influenza.

人们是否正在研究这些事情并且谈论它们?如果不是现在,那是什么时候?也许已经太晚了。服用 vaxxine 后死亡的人数超过了 Covid/流感死亡的人数。

He says people are now asking,"Is the vaxxine about Covid?"FINALLY!!!1 hr.10 min.

他说人们现在在问,"vaxxine 是关于 Covid 的吗?"终于!!1小时10分钟。

Doctor Talks,Part 8:Dr Peter McCullough,Cardiologist&Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M

医生谈话,第8部分:Peter McCullough 博士,心脏病学家,德克萨斯农工大学医学教授


If you use Protonmail,you probably already know about this.

如果你使用 Protonmail,你可能已经知道这个了。

I,too,was disgusted with this change at Protonmail when I tried to log in to my accounts this week.I didn't know Google is the mother of"captcha",however.Bastards.It's not giving me the captcha hoop to jump through today,however,so perhaps the outrage was effective.See the Telegram post. Excerpt below.

本周,当我试图登录我的账户时,我也对 Protonmail 的这种变化感到厌恶。然而,我不知道谷歌是验证码之母。混蛋。然而,今天它并没有给我一个可以跳过去的验证呼啦圈,所以也许这种愤怒是有效的。请参阅电报邮件。以下摘录。

JUST IN–ProtonMail users are outraged as the email service has reportedly started using Google's reCAPTCHA to"secure"logins,but potentially compromising users'identities in the process.

据报道,这项电子邮件服务已经开始使用谷歌的 reCAPTCHA "安全"登录,但在这个过程中可能会危及用户的身份,只是 IN-ProtonMail 的用户对此感到愤怒。


I never swallowed the claim that Protonmail was secure just because it's"encrypted",I just didn't want to use Gmail any more,and now it's even more suspect.Someone has been censoring my email.Friends who always replied to me frequently don't now—particularly those in Canada with Gmail as their mail program.

我从来没有相信过Protonmail邮件是安全的,仅仅因为它是"加密的",我只是不想再使用 Gmail,现在它更令人怀疑。有人一直在审查我的邮件。经常给我回复的朋友现在也不会了ーー尤其是那些在加拿大用 Gmail 作为邮件程序的朋友。

Changing email addresses is a real pain,and where do you go for secure mail any more?Seems like it's all corrupt and surveilled.It could be filtered and routed anywhere.


That is what happens when the people ruling the world bring everyone into their fold and have them executing their agenda.Monopolies got it covered and there's no way to escape it.It leaves us trapped,with no options.


They pretend to have a better,safer,secure product and then later we find it's compromised like the others.


The election audit delays are endless,but one smart lady side-stepped the roadblocks and hand-delivered a message to the Governor of Georgia.


Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate"Serves"Governor Kemp with Request for State Forensic Audit of 2020 Ballots–VIDEO 



Some are skeptical about Canada's apparent Commander and Chief,Romana Didulo.I found this Telegram post interesting.She is getting noticed and…vetted?Patriots in other countries are asking her if she will help them once Canada is under control.She agreed.


Our God given Commander and Chief Romana Didulo thank you for your your courage for standing up for this great country.
Now I want to say that I was able to confirm with other patriot/digital warriors that you are our new legitimate Head of the State.
Confirmed by:
Judy Byington
Q The Storm Rider
Whiplash 347
Dark Outpost
Ghost Rider
Mel Q etc.
Reason I want to list these patriots is that maybe other fellow Canadians will start for Truth or their daily news here.
This is your news of truth not Mainstream media TV news is poisin,cancer,propaganda a brain washing machine that led you to the JAB.

我们上帝赐予的指挥官和首席罗曼娜·迪杜洛感谢你们为这个伟大的国家挺身而出的勇气。现在我想说的是,我能够与其他爱国者/数字战士确认,你是我们新的合法国家元首。确认者:Judy Byington q 风暴骑士 Whiplash 347 Dark Outpost Mary..。恶灵骑士梅尔 q 等。我列出这些爱国者的原因是,也许其他的加拿大同胞会开始关注《真相》或者他们的每日新闻。这是你的新闻的真相,而不是主流媒体的新闻,电视新闻是毒药,癌症,宣传洗脑机器,引导你的猛击。

Romana is asking a lot of Q-ish q's on her Telegram channel.


Why was it that the Prime Minister of Canada was appointing his Boss,the Governor General?


Do you get to appoint your Boss at work?


She also said this:


Canada 2.0=basic laws.


Law one–if you kill you will be killed


Law two–if you kill in mass we take out your family and your DNA strain.[Ouch!]

法则二——如果你大规模杀戮,我们就会除去你的家人和你的 DNA[哎哟!]

Law three–war and division are unlawful-


Interesting,yes?I love this one.


Why IF a government has been elected to serve the People do you need an opposition in Parliament?


And this?Hilarious.


Why do controlled oppositions in Canada refer to,Romana Didulo,as a psyop?

为什么在加拿大受控制的反对派把 romanadiduro 称为心理战士?

Why was Canada1st Party of Canada's websitetargeted after Romana Didulo's video went viral?Canada1stpartyofcanada.ca

为什么 Romana Didulo 的视频在网上疯传之后,加拿大第一党的网站被关注了

Good news for the"Commonwealth Countries"from Agent A1.25 sec.

代理人 A1.25秒给"英联邦国家"的好消息。

CHANGE of GUARD for ALL Commonwealth Countries



You can't make this up.He's so silly.


I see Dan Scavino is posting multiple Memorial Day addresses done by President Trump in the past.Is that because none are forthcoming from Biden?

我看到丹·斯加维诺(Dan Scavino)正在发布特朗普总统过去做过的多个阵亡将士纪念日演讲。这是因为拜登没有提供任何信息吗?


Some are asking if we believe the perfect storm is on the horizon when it all hits the fan simultaneously.


I'll let you ruminate on that and bid all a fond farewell for this moment in time.Which isn't real,when you think about it.But that's a topic for another day.



Thanks to the crew for the scintillating material to process and share.~BP




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