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群众的觉醒是世界一直在等待的。当群众们意识到冠状病毒疾病大流行是为了通过疫苗中毒自愿杀死人口而发明的时候, 水闸突然打开了。

The Dam is starting to burst
The Time for Action has Come!
Human spirit
Invisible Hierarchy
New World Order

The Dam about to break


The awakening of the masses is what the world has been waiting for. When the mob realises that the Covid pandemic has been invented to voluntarily kill the population through vaccine poisoning, 群众终于觉醒了|最后的警钟the floodgates jump open. People are enraged and seek revenge on any authority they can find. This is exactly the moment the world has been waiting for.

群众的觉醒是世界一直在等待的。当群众们意识到冠状病毒疾病大流行是为了通过疫苗中毒自愿杀死人口而发明的时候, 水闸突然打开了。人们被激怒了,并寻求报复任何当局,他们可以找到。这正是全世界期待已久的时刻。

It is the only way, finally, to deal with the Deep State Cabal for good and forever to remove them from planet Earth.


The hour is late, but the most opportune moment is coming. It is the right time to pick the fruit; earlier it is not yet ripe, later it will be rotten. The already awakened among us should guide and support this action. Sporadic out of control demonstrations may occur. Do not fear great chaos; worldwide, the army is prepared to keeps such situations under control.


Connecting the dots through alternative Internet media offers an influential effect. To show the world mafia from the inside how much and what is already known about them. With feedback of what others know, this creates a very sinister pattern and picture of reality.


群众终于觉醒了|最后的警钟The walls of compartmentalisation are brought down, the curtain of obscurity is raised, causing the Deep State Mafia to panic. Frightened insiders are breaking ranks, more and more coming out, recognising that silence is not an option, because of the direction and degree the world has taken.


The Time for Action has come!


People see their world changing and want to understand what is happening, and why. They want to be informed and prepared. They want the freedom to make informed choices, instead of being told what to do by the same people and institutions that constantly lie and cheat, that have turned the economy into horrific chaos.


The awakening process is exploding. Awakening comes with a price; when working on it may have been difficult. Convincing others by analysing and facing challenging circumstances and conditions to convince the mind is even harder. It is a battle against time, especially observing and recording these injustices that could easily have been avoided.


群众终于觉醒了|最后的警钟It is sad to see, how the non-awakened are tossed back and forth without having a clue of what is really going on. But even these situations are “engineered” consternation, designed by the Deep State. Every waking person should help bring the newcomers to their senses to overcome this false reality. Millions go to alternative news sources to try to understand what is really going on. They encounter realities they had never considered before, or ever imagined.


Once the truth is known, the task for the awakened is to share it fervently, but also on themselves to enjoy it. Not always pleasant, but a duty that must be fulfilled. The hour is late, the span of time in which we live is awful, but short. This situation requires optimal awareness and quick action. There is no alternative.


The conscious must act. It is virtually, us or them, life or death, truth or lie, freedom or slavery. Not only for our loved ones but also for our posterity, all humanity and ourselves.


Human spirit


群众终于觉醒了|最后的警钟Truth comes with a price; it is the end of a period filled with lies, illusions and deceit, on which people have relied all their lives. It is a progressive process. Many now feel lost and afraid.

真理是有代价的; 它是一个充满谎言、幻想和欺骗的时代的结束,人们一生都在依赖这个时代。这是一个渐进的过程。许多人现在感到失落和害怕。

This deliberately created chaos is exactly for that purpose. But parallel and simultaneous to their psychotic pictures is a huge revival of the human spirit, supported by emerging consciousness and a deep sense of growing personal awareness and empowerment.


Many probably do not recognise these emergent, seemingly confusing energetic changes as the creative process now underway, and that is what it is all about.


Awakening is first and foremost a destructive process, eliminating anything unreal that stands in the way of personal development and progress. These two dynamics work simultaneously.


Invisible Hierarchy


群众终于觉醒了|最后的警钟The hidden Deep State mafia controls society from behind the scenes through prominent, extraordinarily wealthy individuals, politicians and big business.


This invisible hierarchy is accountable only to itself and not to the structure perceived as governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement and military. Whatever these are called, all government puppets are Cabal mind-controlled slaves who have deliberately been given too much power.


Watch this video, to better understand democracy within the EU.



Occult Group of the New World Order


Every day, the Khazarian mafia is being exposed more and more by the Alternative Media on the Internet and by word of mouth.


By hijacking all major institutions like most Central Banks, TBTF banks, governments, etc., a House of Cards Empire of Lies and Deception has been created. As the truth exposes the lies and the masses understand who actually controls and sets society; how anti-human “criminal means” are exploited to gain and maintain power; despite extreme power, the hegemony of the Globalist NWO Occult group is broken…. The unexpected collapse by unmasking their flagrantly lying Empire is imminent!

通过劫持所有主要机构,如大多数中央银行,TBTF 银行,政府等,一个纸牌王国的谎言和欺骗已经建立。真相暴露了谎言,群众了解了谁在真正控制和支配社会; 反人类的“犯罪手段”是如何被利用来获得和维持权力的; 尽管权力极端强大,但全球主义 NWO 秘术集团的霸权被打破... ..。通过揭露他们公然撒谎的帝国,意外的崩溃迫在眉睫!

The people must become aware and discover who and what they really are, to help clear out all cabal puppets and cronies.


Promote and spread this truth by sharing this article. Create community links with everyone who is aware of the condition. All that the awakened human needs is support and courage, to grow into full maturity of the awakened and empowered soul.


Still too many people are among the frightened foolish sheep, who do not yet understand why the Covid pandemic was set up; the war on terror is being waged, etc. These are inconveniences deliberately created by its own government to create death, terror and fear, and destabilise society.


群众终于觉醒了|最后的警钟Intentionally, the USA is pursuing a policy that means the end of life on planet earth. A policy that Western puppet governments are obliged to support, while the unconcerned sheeple people have no idea what all this is going to lead to.


Seeing through these policies is confirmation that you are starting to wake up and have had enough of the mainstream media, and reject it for good.


It is necessary to think independently and engage common sense among other things by following alternative news sources. Tap into empowering sources that feed the soul and inspire the heart, and tune in to like-minded souls.


 To activate the mob; Start spreading this short but powerfully written message. The more followers the faster is the final breakthrough to complete liberation of planet Earth a fait accompli. – When asked when this will be, the answer is as soon as the mob rises up! – Please spread the word.
 激活群众; 开始传播这个简短但有力的文字信息。追随者越多,速度就越快,这是地球彻底解放的最终突破,这是既成事实。- 当被问及这将是什么时候,答案是一旦群众起来!请把话传出去。


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