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(Natural News)American politicians are notorious for spreading mass fear and panic about infectious disease outbreaks,which they routinely blame on unvaccinated people.But what these same Big Pharma puppets conveniently fail to mention is that in places like Japan,where vaccination is entirely optional,children are actually much healthiercompared to anywhere else in the world.


Japan not only has the healthiest children on the planet,according to the latest metrics,but also the highest"healthy life expectancy"among all age groups.And at the very same time,Japan also has the lowest vaccination rate in the entire world,which suggests that getting vaccinated actually makes a person unhealthier in the long run.


In the United States,on the other hand,more young children are dying compared to any other industrialized country,including Japan.More American children are dying at birth and in their first year of life compared to their counterparts living in any other country in the West–this,despite the fact that vaccination rates are increasing due to authoritarian mandates like those pushed by Richard Pan in California.


Of the American children that actually survive birth and make it past one year of age,more than half will develop at least one chronic illness throughout their lives–which isn't the case in Japan,where chronic illness is a rarity.So it would appear as though getting vaccinated actually increases an infant's risk of getting sick or dying,rather than the other way around.


"The U.S.government,in bed with Big Pharma,is sacrificing our children for profit,"writes Mac Slavo for SHTFplan.com.

"美国政府与大型制药公司勾结,为了利润牺牲我们的孩子,"Mac Slavo shtfplan 网站上写道。

Vaccines are harming and killing children–and yes,they DO cause autism



While many American states still recognize that parents have the right to exempt their children from mandatory vaccinations for religious,philosophical,personal,or medical reasons,there's a big push to eliminate these exemptions across the board,and force everyone to be vaccinated for"public health."


But does getting vaccinated with questionable vaccines like Merck&Co.'s MMR for measles,mumps,and rubella,really enhance public health?Hardly.As it turns out,there are multiple court cases pending in which whistleblowers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)claim that Merck faked efficacy data for MMR to force it onto the market.

但是,接种有问题的疫苗,如默克公司的麻疹、腮腺炎和风疹的 MMR 疫苗,真的能提高公众健康吗?几乎没有。事实证明,美国疾病控制与预防中心(CDC)的检举人声称默克公司为 MMR 伪造药效数据,迫使其上市的案件数量众多。

They allege that not only is MMR not effective,but it's also not safe,as it can,in fact,increase a child's risk of developing autism or some other permanent injury.In a worst-case scenario–and yes,it has happened–MMR can also cause sudden death.

他们宣称,MMR 不仅无效,而且也不安全,因为它实际上会增加儿童患自闭症或其他永久性损伤的风险。在绝境求生手册--是的,它已经发生--MMR 也可以导致突然死亡。

Some public health officials are actually starting to fess up to this.In New Hampshire,for instance,it was determined that a recent measles outbreak wasn't caused by unvaccinated children,but rather by a vaccinated child who had previously received MMR in accordance with government recommendations.

一些公共卫生官员实际上已经开始承认这一点。例如,在新罕布什尔州,根据政府的建议,最近爆发的麻疹疫情不是由未接种疫苗的儿童引起的,而是由之前接种过 MMR 疫苗的儿童引起的。

The MMR vaccine,in this instance,infected the child's body with measles,which that same child then"shed"onto other children triggering an outbreak.At first,health officials used the scare as ammunition to push mandatory vaccination.But once it was realized that a vaccinated child was"patient zero,"the whole thing magically went away because it made the MMR vaccine look bad.

在这种情况下,MMR 疫苗使孩子的身体感染了麻疹,然后同一个孩子"散播"到其他孩子身上,引发了麻疹的爆发。起初,卫生官员利用这种恐慌作为推动强制接种疫苗的弹药。但是一旦意识到接种疫苗的儿童是"零号病人",整个事情就奇迹般地消失了,因为它使得 MMR 疫苗看起来很糟糕。


"What you won't hear from vaccine advocates or the mainstream media,is that Merck is in court over MMR-related fraud,"Slavo adds.

"你不会从疫苗倡导者或主流媒体那里听到的是,默克公司正在法庭上控告 mmr-相关的欺诈行为,"斯拉沃补充说。

"All of these risks involved with getting vaccinated are being covered up by government agencies(FDA and CDC)and the politicians simply don't care.The vaccine industry is for profit and until safety and saving lives is more important than money,the government and Big Pharma will continue to sacrifice our children to line their own pockets,"he adds.

"所有这些与接种疫苗有关的风险都被政府机构(FDA CDC)所掩盖,而政客们根本不在乎。疫苗产业是为了利润,在安全和挽救生命比金钱更重要之前,政府和大型制药公司将继续牺牲我们的孩子来填饱自己的腰包,"他补充说。

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