X22报道|第2766集: 中央银行完蛋,危机来临,深层国家部署所有资产

2022年5月4日17:51:56最新动态X22报道|第2766集: 中央银行完蛋,危机来临,深层国家部署所有资产已关闭评论4031字数 1452阅读4分50秒阅读模式

[ DS ]刚刚采取了行动,他们玩弄手段,从 SC 窃取信息,然后公布出来。他们试图利用它来推动中期选举和骚乱,这一次它不会起作用,资金没有了,人们没有被封锁。

X22报道|第2766集: 中央银行完蛋,危机来临,深层国家部署所有资产

Ep. 2766a – The [CB] Is Done, No Deals, No Escape, The Crisis Is Coming

Ep. 2766a-[ CB ]已经完成,没有交易,没有逃脱,危机即将来临

Ep. 2766b – [DS] Deploys All Assets, Rule Of Law, Supreme Court Comes Into Focus

2766b-[ DS ]部署所有资产,法治,最高法院成为焦点



The [DS]/[CB] have played their hand and it didn’t work, the [CB] is done they just don’t know it yet. The crisis is approaching and as the Fed continues to raise rates the system breaks down even faster than anticipated. The people are watching it all play out.

[ DS ]/[ CB ]已经玩过他们的把戏,但是没有成功,[ CB ]已经玩完了,只是他们还不知道而已。危机正在逼近,随着美联储继续加息,金融体系崩溃的速度甚至比预期的还要快。人们正在观看这一切的演出。


The [DS] just made a move, the played their hand by stealing information from the SC and then publishing it. They are trying to use it to for the midterms and to push riots, this time it’ not going to work, the funding is gone and people are not in lockdown. They will not get the rally turn out for the midterms. The SC will pushing the decision making power for abortions back to the state and the legislators. The [DS] is trying everything, think of the timing, 2000 mules debuted and the leak happened almost at the same time. Election fraud and the SC are in now in focus. 

[ DS ]刚刚采取了行动,他们玩弄手段,从 SC 窃取信息,然后公布出来。他们试图利用它来推动中期选举和骚乱,这一次它不会起作用,资金没有了,人们没有被封锁。他们不会在中期选举中获得反弹的机会。最高法院将把堕胎的决策权还给州和立法者。(DS)正在尝试各种方法,想想时间,2000头骡子首次亮相,而泄密几乎同时发生。选举舞弊和最高法院现在成为焦点。


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