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(Natural News)What would you do if someone sent you a death threat?If you're like most people,you'd probably report the threat to law enforcement.You'd give them all the information about your case,and they'd investigate it to find out who was behind it so that person could be dealt with appropriately,right?


Unfortunately,that wasn't the case for Dr.Suzanne Humphries,a nephrologist known for speaking out against vaccines.Not only were authorities incredibly unhelpful in investigating gruesome death threats she received recently,but they actually turned it around and blamed her!


Speaking in the studio with Mike Adams on CounterThink,she shared the timeline of this outrageous case.On January 18,she received a letter that described how the author would like to take her somewhere and torture her.Because that would be difficult to pull off,however,the author says he'd like to kill her in a mass shooting in a crowd while she's speaking in public and then watch her bleed.The expletive-laden letter says that this attack will happen in a few months,giving her plenty of time to be afraid.

在演播室与迈克·亚当斯谈论 CounterThink 时,她分享了这起骇人听闻的案件的时间线。118日,她收到一封信,描述了提交人如何想要带她去某个地方折磨她。因为这很难实现,然而,作者说他想在她公开演讲时在人群中大规模射杀她,然后看着她流血。这封充满脏话的信说,这次袭击将在几个月后发生,给了她足够的时间去害怕。

On January 19,she reported this to the police department in person,who told her she needed to report it by phone.Upon doing so,she was told that a detective would call her back but that didn't happen.She also made an FBI report online,which is the standard procedure.


She received a second email on January 23 that was worse than the first one.The hateful missive was sent with a deeply disturbing photo and a video that was so upsetting that others who saw it advised her not to watch it.It was followed by a drone in her backyard.She called the police again and asked them to come to her house.They came out and took a report,and a detective got in touch with her.


On January 25,a day after Natural News reported about the horrific second letter,she received a third email that read like an apology.The author claimed to be autistic and said he didn't own a gun and didn't mean what he had said in the first letters.He said he changed his mind about hurting her when she asked people to pray for him.She is skeptical of the letter,however,and believes it could be an attempt to get her to call off the investigation.


The FBI visited her house on January 26,looking through it,meeting those who lived there and taking a report.She also received a phone message from the Austin police department giving her the case number of her investigation.She then went to California,where she gave a lecture before a crowd of 2,000 people with heavy security.This is where the story becomes even stranger.


"Secret"case number easily obtained by reporter


On January 27,the local Austin police got a fax from an anonymous fax service that appeared to be written by the person who sent the death threats.That fax contained her case number and said they apologized to her and don't actually plan to kill her.The FBI said there was no way someone on the outside could have gotten the case number,so the letters must have been written by her or someone in her house.


She mentioned her phone possibly being hacked,and the FBI agent told her she wasn't important enough for someone to do that to her and that if she persisted with that idea,he would hang up on her.


Dr.Humphries never even wrote the case number down,keeping it in her phone instead,and she had gone to California,so it seems unlikely that anyone in her house had access to the number.Nevertheless,she decided to play along and invited the FBI to come with a polygraph to rule out herself and everyone in her family.


However,there was one really big flaw in the FBI's argument that she or someone in her home must have been behind the threats because there's no other way they'd have the case number.The Austin Police department actually gave the case number to a Natural News reporter who had emailed them and asked for it!Perhaps the FBI didn't know this was possible–although one would like to think they're more competent than that–or they could have been lying to her.


Authorities told her that if someone wanted to kill her,they probably would have simply done so rather than sending her death threat letters.They believe the letters are an attempt to get her to stop talking out about vaccines.According to Dr.Humphries,the author is very good at hiding their identity,but she has private investigators on the case because the FBI hasn't been helpful.


It's disheartening to think that someone could threaten you in such a vile manner and the very people you turn to for help–who are meant to protect us and keep us safe–could actually blame you for the whole situation,but that's exactly what happened to Dr.Humphries.She is a person who doesn't hesitate to point out the facts about vaccines as she,as a trained physician,sees them,and her credibility makes her stance troublesome to those with a vested interest in vaccines.The vaccine industry has a far reach politically and financially,and cases like this raise a lot of alarm bells.


You can hear Dr.Humphries talk about the bizarre case in her own words below:




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