ECETI更新:2021年2月24日|James Gilliland

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ECETI更新:2021年2月24日|James Gilliland


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ECETI Update


We are often privy to information through spiritual messages of which we cannot give details due to jeopardizing ongoing operations.We can say all is going well and there is a plan albeit not unfolding as fast as many would like.In the spirit world the word soon can mean ten years,very soon can mean tomorrow,weeks even months.We are hearing very soon as to the end of tyranny,have been for a while.One thing that always gives me solace is tyranny is not frequency specific to where the Earth is evolving.We have to be specific when asking questions.We were told 90%of the children have been rescued in America,the tunnels under the Capitol are cleaned up.The fences around the Capitol were made to keep people in not out.It is part of capturing a foreign government that took over America,USA Inc.and to keep anything from escaping from the tunnels.Use logic concerning the National Guard and fencing.Many children were seen coming out of the buildings at the wee hours in the morning with rescue vehicles waiting.This was not an arrest of the politicians that is ongoing and will escalate.It is not an operation to keep people out it is to keep people in along with other abominations.The money for the fencing was set aside during the Trump Administration.It was a multipurpose operation,capture the foreign government,USA Inc.,rescue the children,remove the human and nonhuman beings responsible for the horrific things being done to children.This was a multidimensional operation.

我们经常通过灵性信息了解信息,但由于危害正在进行的操作,我们不能给出细节。我们可以说一切都进行得很顺利,我们有了一个计划,尽管没有很多人希望的那么快。在精神世界中,soon 这个词可以表示十年,很快可以表示明天,几周甚至几个月。我们听说很快就要结束暴政了,已经有一段时间了。一件总是给我安慰的事情是暴政并不是特定于地球进化的频率。我们提问的时候必须具体。我们被告知,美国90%的儿童已经获救,国会大厦下面的隧道已经清理干净。国会大厦周围的栅栏是用来防止人们进出的。这是抓捕接管美国的外国政府的一部分,也是为了防止任何东西从地道逃跑。使用有关国民警卫队和击剑的逻辑。许多孩子被看到在凌晨时分从建筑物中走出来,救援车辆等待着。这不是一次正在进行并将逐步升级的对政客的逮捕。这不是一个把人们拒之门外的行动,而是把人们和其他令人憎恶的东西一起关在里面。在特朗普执政期间,用于修建围栏的资金被拨出。这是一个多用途的行动,抓捕外国政府,美国公司,营救儿童,移除那些对儿童做出可怕事情的人类和非人类。这是一个多维操作。

Is Trump in charge?This is a gray area.Trump stepped down from USA Inc.which is a defunct,defunded,corrupt government,so infiltrated by hostile foreign governments and corrupt politicians it is not redeemable.This is being well established by their actions and decisions all not in the highest and best good of the people.The Republic has been restored,the treasury is in charge not the federal reserve.The federal reserve is a group of international banksters,which is not and never was federal.America has taken back control of its financial system thanks to Trump.Other things are set into motion turning everything over to the military Generals who signed an oath to protect the people and the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.The Generals are now 100%aligned with restoring the Republic and removing all foreign interference.Over 80%of the entire military is now on board due to the fact that one of the goals of the hostile foreign governments is to remove the generals with terminal force.They are not to be trusted in the future to carry out their diabolical crimes.This just may explain why Trump is still flying on Air Force 1 and B*iden if flying private or cheap knockoffs.It also explains why the football,codes to the nukes,are not in B*idens hands and he is not being briefed by the pentagon.The military is 100%aware of the stolen election and foreign interference,they have all the facts,know who did it,how they did it down to every illegal vote.The votes and voice of over 80%of America were redirected and silenced thus the massive censorship campaigns.Americans will not stand for this or be silent much longer.


This is just one of the goals of the global elite and the *C*P,Chinese Communist Party.They work hand in hand because the *C*P is the perfect party to carry out the depopulation and global dominance plans of the global elite.China is split between the *C*P and the Chinese Republic the older more honorable side of China.Xi Jing Ping is more aligned with the Chinese Republic.Putin has cleared Russia of the global elite and *C*P despite all efforts to demonize him.Every country has a split leadership between what some would call white hats and dark hats,self-serving leaders verses leaders in service to their people.The end of Tyranny which has been thriving for thousands of years is a global,multidimensional operation.It cannot be done with the flick of a switch.Concerning the military,they operate very precisely,they dot every I cross every T gather all the evidence multifariously before execution.In other words,they move slowly and methodically.Their careers and lives are on the line,if they get it wrong there are consequences.Be patient.All will be revealed.I would say the Ides of March up to 2ndweek of April major events will be unfolding and made public.Voters remorse will be the new epidemic.Only a fool would still be backing B*iden after April 1st fools day.Do not underestimate evil,the social engineering and cognitive dissonance of the masses.They have to be educated and some will have to see just how morally bankrupt their leaders have become.Some are so critical thinking,research impaired and morally bankrupt themselves they cannot be turned around.Other measures will be taken.Most of the cleanup with the higher dimensional beings will be finished paving the way for the ground crew.This plan originated in God/Creator/Great Spirit with legions of light workers seen and unseen.It cannot be stopped.It transcends color,culture and gender.It is Universal Law pressing in to the flesh,a higher consciousness and energy.It is measurable and unstoppable.Simplified it is an exponentially increasing flow of Love.What is and was not done in Love will be undone.


James Gilliland



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