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10月18日,美国现代历史上最具爆炸性的文件《司法部外国情报监听法报告》(Department of FISA report)公布。这份报告涉及的不仅仅是外国情报监听法的滥用,还有一本大城市电话簿那么厚,有可能造成唐纳德•特朗普总统对“深州”(Deep State)和民主党敌人的彻底毁灭。

An actually terrifying new Ministry of Defense(MoD)report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has,for the second time in the past 72-hours,invoked his Article 87 authority as Commander-In-Chief(CINC)to order strategic military deployments in defense of the Russian Federation—the first of which occurred on 11 October when CINC Putin ordered to immediate combat status thousands of elite airborne troops with his wartime authority statement of fact being"Turkey may not be able to contain militants from the Islamic State terror group(outlawed in Russia)active in northern Syria while conducting a military operation in the region"—followed,just hours ago,by his further ordering 8,000 troops in the Eastern Military District to prepare for repelling enemy assault forces—as well as his activating 12,000 nuclear armed ballistic and cruise missile forces,along with their 213 launch facilities,strategic aviation,and surface vessels—fearsome nuclear weapons CINC Putin reminded the West"will be able to outmaneuver all defenses",as well as his further warning them that"Russia has created other weapons that no one else in the world has"—whose additional wartime authority statement of fact notes the thousands of American military forces being activated on 19 October for a"National Emergency"—which comes the day after the 18 October release of the most explosive document in modern American history called the Department of Justice FISA Report—that deals with much more than FISA abuse,is as thick as a big city phone book,and has the potential to cause the total destruction the Deep State and Democratic Partyenemies of President Donald Trump.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天在克里姆林宫流传的一份实际上令人恐惧的国防部新报告指出,普京总统在过去72小时内第二次援引他的第87条授权作为总司令,下令进行战略性军事部署以保卫俄罗斯联邦ーー第一次发生在1011日,当时 CINC 普京下令数千名精锐空降部队立即进入战斗状态,他的战时授权声明事实上是"土耳其可能无法遏制活跃在叙利亚北部的伊斯兰国恐怖组织(在俄罗斯被取缔)的武装分子,同时在该地区开展军事行动"ーー随后,就在几个小时前,普京进一步下令东部军区的8000名士兵做好击退敌人攻击部队的准备,同时启动了12000支核武装的弹道导弹和巡航导弹部队,以及213个发射设施、战略航空和水面舰艇——以及他进一步警告他们,"俄罗斯制造了世界上其他任何国家都没有的其他武器"——其附加的战时权威事实声明指出,1019日,成千上万的美国军队被激活进行"国家紧急状态"——紧接着1018日,美国现代历史上最具爆炸性的文件《司法部外国情报监听法报告》(Department of FISA report)公布。这份报告涉及的不仅仅是外国情报监听法的滥用,还有一本大城市电话簿那么厚,有可能造成唐纳德 · 特朗普总统对"深州"(Deep State)和民主党敌人的彻底毁灭:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,virtually unknown to the American people watching in confusion and/or disbelief as the world nears the brink of a nuclear apocalypse,is the fact that President Trump has inexorably(in a way that is impossible to stop or prevent)linked his domestic fight for survival against his Deep State and Democrat Party enemies with the war in Syria—best exampled in the two times since he took power when Trump ordered US military forces out of Syria—only to see him inexplicably reverse course and keep them there—and after he reversed his de facto position on the matter,saw impeachment proceedings against him magically disappear—and about whom his enemies have ignored to their peril the fact that:"If Trump is anything,he's a man with a larger-than-life ego,but more than that he is underestimated as an intelligent and strategic thinker,and moreover,doubly excels at symbolic messaging….If his opponents really imbibe the propaganda they put out against him,they'll always be in for one surprise after another".

根据这份报告,特朗普总统无情地(以一种无法阻止的方式)将他在国内与他的"深层国家"(Deep State)和民主党敌人的生存斗争与叙利亚战争联系在一起,这是自特朗普掌权以来最好的例子,当时他下令美国军队撤出叙利亚,却看到他莫名其妙地改弦易辙,继续保持这种状态——看到针对他的弹劾程序奇迹般地消失了,而他的敌人却忽略了这样一个事实:"如果说特朗普有什么特点的话,那就是他是一个比生命还要自负的人,但更重要的是,他被低估为一个智慧和战略思想家,此外,他在象征性信息传递方面更胜一筹......如果他的对手真的吸收了他们针对他的宣传,他们总是会遭遇一个又一个的惊喜。"


Over the past few weeks,however,this report continues,this"military pullout-impeachment"dynamic playing out between President Trump and his Deep State enemies suddenly and drastically changed—a change due to US Attorney John Durham expanding his criminal probe into Obama-Clinton Regime officials who tried to overthrow Trump—an expanded criminal probe the Deep State aligned Democrat Party responded to with hysterical calls for Trump to be impeached—and whom Trump fired right back against by ordering all US military forces out of Syria.

然而,这份报告继续写道,在过去的几周里,特朗普总统和他的"深州"敌人之间的这种"军事撤离-弹劾"的动态突然发生了巨大的变化ーー这是因为美国司法部长约翰·达勒姆(John Durham)扩大了对试图推翻特朗普的奥巴马-克林顿政权官员的刑事调查ーー一项扩大的刑事调查——"深州"结盟的民主党对此做出了回应,歇斯底里地呼吁弹劾特朗普ーー特朗普命令所有美国军队撤出叙利亚。。


Not being told to the American people about what their military forces were actually doing in Syria,this report details,is the fact that these US forces had created and armed a group of fighters called the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF)—a group of fighters the US used in their campaign to destroy the ISIS Caliphate in the regions of Syria they controlled—whose fighters were cobbled together from various competing Kurdish factions,al Qaeda terrorists and mercenary fighters coming from such places as Armenia,Turkey and Chechnya—but none of whom were actual citizens of Syria itself.

这份报告没有告诉美国人民他们的军队到底在叙利亚做什么,而是详细描述了这样一个事实:这些美国军队创建并武装了一个名为"叙利亚民主力量"(Syrian Democratic Forces)的武装组织。"叙利亚民主力量"是美国在其控制的叙利亚地区用来摧毁 ISIS 哈里发的一个武装组织,其武装分子来自各个相互竞争的库尔德派系、基地组织(al Qaeda)恐怖分子和来自亚美尼亚、土耳其和车臣等地的雇佣军武装分子,但这些人都不是真正叙利亚公民。

For the past 5-years,this report notes,Turkey,Russia and Iran have repeatedly met in summits to devise a plan to return Syria to a peaceful nation status—all of whom have direct national security interests in this region the United States doesn't—most particularly Turkey,who can no longer afford to keep the over one-million Syrian refugees forced into their country,and who have all been ordered to return to Syria—but whose homes,farms,cities and villages in Syria they need to return to were being occupied by US-backed SDF forces—the most violent Kurdish elements of were attempting to take this region for themselves,from which they began launching attacks on Turkey itself—that Turkey,naturally,responded to by invading Syria to battle against these Kurdish terrorist forces—not the actual Kurdish peoples who are citizens of Syria,and who've just reached an agreement with their own Syrian government to protect them—an agreement that now sees Syrian government military forces rushing in to protect them—and who,over the past few hours,have entered a large number of villages and towns in the southern,southwestern and northern countryside of Raqqa,al-Tabqa city and its countryside and al-Tabqa military airport.

从那时起,他们开始对土耳其本身发动攻击。土耳其的回应自然是入侵叙利亚,与这些库尔德恐怖势力作战。这些恐怖势力不是真正的库尔德人,他们是叙利亚公民,而且刚刚与自己的叙利亚政府达成了一项保护他们的协议。这项协议现在看到叙利亚政府军冲进来保护他们。在过去几个小时里,他们进入了 Raqqa 南部、西南部和北部农村的大量村庄和城镇,还进入了塔布卡市及其乡村和塔布卡军用机场。


Syrian government forces begin liberating their Kurdish citizens(above)from US-backed SDF terror forces on 14 October 2019


With Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stating that"Moscow refuses to even think of the possibility of a military confrontation with Turkey in Syria",this report grimly notes,the same cannot be said about Turkey's own NATO allies—whom Turkish President Erdogan has just addressed with his call for their immediate support stating:"We are members of NATO,and the charter of the bloc has Article 5.We are under the threat of a terrorist organization.And in accordance with Article 5,NATO should be with us.Are you with us or with terrorists?There has been no exact answer".


In a Western world so steeped in illogical leftist hypocrisy that today sees the European Union aligned Scottish nation declaring it will soon hold a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom—at the exact same time the European Union nation of Spain has just jailed for 13-years its Catalan politicians wanting the exact same type of independence vote,this report concludes,the chances of NATO supporting its own ally not only appear nonexistent,they may actually even attack Turkey—an attack Russia will be forced to immediately respond to—Iran will be forced to also reply to—and would,without all doubt,ignite a global war only President Trump is able to prevent—but only if he can destroy his Deep State enemies first—and whose days to do so are fast dwindling.




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