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参议员伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)推动的一项”人口控制”提案将针对”黑人和棕色人种”、未出生的儿童、病人和老年人,未出生项目生命民权牧师主任、小马丁·路德·金(Martin Luther King Jr.)的侄女阿尔维达·金(Alveda King)博士说。


A"population control"proposal 一个"pushed by Sen.Bernie Sanders(I-VT)will target"black and brown"people,unborn children,the sick,and elderly people,said Dr.Alveda King,director of Priests for Life's Civil Rights for the Unborn project and the niece of Rev.Martin Luther King Jr.

参议员伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)推动的一项"人口控制"提案将针对"黑人和棕色人种"、未出生的儿童、病人和老年人,未出生项目生命民权牧师主任、小马丁·路德·金(Martin Luther King Jr.)的侄女阿尔维达·金(Alveda King)博士说。

During a Wednesday"town hall"hosted by CNN regarding"climate change,"Sanders accepted the premise of population growth on Earth being"unsustainable,"requiring government controls over procreation.

在周三由 CNN 主持的关于"气候变化""市政厅"中,桑德斯接受了地球上的人口增长是"不可持续的"这一前提,要求政府控制生育。

Sanders's proposal,said King,reminded her of the 1973 dystopian science fiction film Soylent Green,in which overpopulation and poverty was addressed through euthanization of the elderly and processing their remains into food.

金说,桑德斯的提议让她想起了1973年的反乌托邦科幻电影《绿色食品》(Soylent Green),在这部电影中,人口过剩和贫困通过对老年人实施安乐死,并将他们的遗体变成食物来解决。

"In light of the shocking[statements]that we just heard about population control and all of that,cannibalism,many years ago,I watched a movie with Charlton Heston,"recalled King."It was called Soylent Green,and they were concerned about population growth and all that and the old people were living too long,so they came up with this delicious wafer that they began to feed the public with,and it turns out that Soylent Green was people,the older people,and they were told that they were going to Nirvana…and then they processed them and put them in this little green wafer,and I thought about that when I heard this particular report,and I said,'My God,they're turning us into cannibals.'"

"鉴于我们刚刚听到的令人震惊的人口控制和所有这一切,食人,许多年前,我和查尔顿·赫斯顿一起看了一部电影,"金回忆说。"它叫做 Soylent Green,他们担心人口增长和老年人寿命过长,所以他们想出了这种美味的薄饼,并开始向公众提供食物,结果发现 Soylent Green 是人,老年人,他们被告知他们要去 Nirvana...然后他们加工它们,把它们放在这个小小的绿色薄饼里,当我听到这个特别的报告时,我想到了这个,我说,'天哪,他们把我们变成了食人族。"'

CNN's audience and its host,Anderson Cooper,offered no push-back to Sanders's acceptance of"population control"as a government imperative.


Manning reflected,"The thing that shocked me is that Bernie Sanders can say what he said and essentially justify not just abortion,but essentially homicide,killing people,eliminating excess population,and he could say that,and people didn't boo him overwhelmingly and say,'No,you don't get to do that.'"

曼宁反思道,"令我震惊的是,伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)能够说出他所说的话,并且从本质上为堕胎辩护,但从本质上来说,是谋杀、杀人、消除过剩人口,他可以这么说,而人们并没有一边倒地嘘他说,'不,你不能这么做。"'"'

"They didn't blink,"noted King of CNN's audience's lack of reaction to Sanders's"population control"proposal.


Manning replied,"They accepted it out of hand,and it shows you the sickness that exists."


King asked,"Do they even know who's going to be chosen to be eliminated under such a plan?It might be them.They don't think.Oh,my God."


Left-wing desires previously withheld from the public are"in your face,now,"added King:"What makes him so bold that now he wants to put it out there for everybody to hear?That's what I don't understand."


King remarked,"They kill babies in the womb,and that's going to be the sick and the elderly,as well.You have to know that.


"Population control"measures will target"black and brown"people,determined King,highlighting the policy's advocates'justification of such a measure as a poverty-reduction strategy.


King said,"It reminds you of what Margaret Sanger said,'Colored people are like weeds that need to be exterminated.We don't want that word to get out,so let's get some of their ministers on our side,and they can keep the more rebellious ones—in other words,the ones who can think—in line.'So this is not new.It's been happening for decades and decades,but right now it's really in our faces.So,what are we going to do about it?You're doing something.You're getting it out.You're getting information out.I'm grateful to be invited to have this conversation with you this evening.So it is racist."


Sterilization measures would be included in"population control"laws,King added.


"Their killing centers are on or near streets named after Martin Luther King Jr.,"said King of Planned Parenthood's abortion centers."They're in the African-American communities saying,'Oh,we're helping the underserved.'Well you're helping by killing the underserved?How is killing somebody going to serve them?Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said,'You've got to know the difference between serving the public and killing the public.'"

他们的杀人中心在以马丁·路德·金命名的街道上或附近,国际计划生育联合会堕胎中心的 King 说。"他们在非裔美国人社区说,'哦,我们在帮助那些得不到充分服务的人。'你杀了那些没有得到应有的待遇的人就是在帮忙吗?杀人怎么能为他们服务?终身牧师组织的 Frank Pavone 说,你必须知道为公众服务和杀害公众之间的区别。"'

"Babies,sick,and old people,in that order,"King concluded."If somebody's sick,we have too many people,anyway.Don't really try to treat him,just let him die comfortably.Euthanize him.Somebody's old?Well,put them on the lower end of the healthcare providers.Babies in the womb?Well,we don't know when they're human."




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