SpaceShot76|IG 报告完成,所有 FISA 授权非法,安德鲁王子准备谈话

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SpaceShot76|IG 报告完成,所有 FISA 授权非法,安德鲁王子准备谈话

Image courtesy of SpaceShot76 on YouTube.

IG Report Done-All Fisa Warrants illegal"Prince Andrew ready to talk


By SpaceShot76

Published on Aug 27,2019


All accounts say that prince Andrew is ready to cooperate with investigators in the Epstein case,after last week making statements that were not accurate at all,he said he was an associate of Epstein's which is clearly a lie by the flight logs alone.Also by all accounts the IG report is done and will be handed in the next two weeks,and Joe D says that The IG found all 4 Fisa warrants to be illegal.


[OpDis Editor Note:SpaceShot76 is another good reviewer of Q drops and Q-related news.In this video,we hear about Prince Andrew being ready to cooperate with the Epstein case.Also,the Inspector General Horowitz found all FISA warrants illegal.]

[OpDis编者按: SpaceShot76是另一个很好的Q下降和Q相关新闻的评论者。在这段视频中,我们听说安德鲁王子准备与爱泼斯坦案合作。此外,监察长霍洛维茨发现所有FISA搜查令都是非法的]


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