X22报道|第2680集: 假新闻预测利率上升,治愈方法将在全球传播

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[ DS ]正在乌克兰准备他们的[ FF ] ,这将是全世界网络攻击的开始,[ DS ]将利用这些攻击来推动战争。流行病的叙述正在分崩离析,他们正在尽最大努力推动最后一部分,但人们可以看到真相。

X22报道|第2680集: 假新闻预测利率上升,治愈方法将在全球传播

Ep. 2680a – [CB] Right On Schedule, Fake News Projecting Rate Hikes

Ep. 2680a – [ CB ]准时,假新闻预测加息

Ep. 2680b – The Cure Will Spread WW, Demand Public Disclosure, Warning, Storm Coming, [FF]

Ep. 2680b-治愈方法将传遍www,要求公开披露,警告,风暴来临,[FF]



California moves to create single payer healthcare, the people will be double taxed. The truckers for Canada and the US are fighting back and staging a protest. The fake news is projecting the rates hikes and how its going to be great for the economy. The [CB] is right on schedule, goes after El Salvador.



The [DS] is preparing their [FF] in Ukraine, this will be the beginning of cyber attacks across the world which the [DS] will use to push war. The pandemic narrative is falling apart and they are pushing the last part of it as hard as possible but people can see the truth. Remember there are more of us then them, its time to take back the country, demand public disclosure. Storm coming, everything is about to change. 

[ DS ]正在乌克兰准备他们的[ FF ] ,这将是全世界网络攻击的开始,[ DS ]将利用这些攻击来推动战争。流行病的叙述正在分崩离析,他们正在尽最大努力推动最后一部分,但人们可以看到真相。请记住,我们比他们更多,是时候收回国家,要求公开披露了。暴风雨即将来临,一切都将改变。


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