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(ECETI 新闻) : 2022年1月18日第23期|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

January 18, 2022 | Issue 23

2022年1月18日 | 第23期

Hospitals and doctors make up to 100,000 dollars per patient by following deadly protocols, remdesivir, ventilators, etc. upon signing the cause of death as covid. Remdesivir has a 30% mortality rate, causes kidney failure and lungs to fill with water, other complications as well. This recommended policy is a death sentence and incentivizes death. It is also deceptive as to the true numbers of deaths due to covid. Deaths from cancer, strokes, heart attacks, even the common cold and flu mysteriously disappeared with covid taking their place. This has been admitted by the CDC and hospitals are pushing deaths due to vaccines under the rug. They also demonize and refuse in most cases to use safe, effective, inexpensive therapies which are FDA approved with a very high success rate especially in early treatment. Therapies like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine combined with vitamins and minerals hundreds of studies have proven to be highly effective and boost your immune system. The real epidemic is greed and a lack of integrity supported by the critical thinking and research impaired.


Both the EU and the WHO have recommended a cease in all covid vaccinations due to the high rate of crippling and deadly side effects. Their reporting systems are much more accurate than the US which is flawed by design.


The lock downs were a fail unless you were trying to destroy the economy. The masks are a failure, university studies have proven them to be ineffective and cause brain, organ damage along with causing bacterial pneumonia and rosaria due to the lack of oxygen and rebreathing of expelled toxins, virus and bacteria. Forcing children to wear masks is by the definition of the word, “Child Endangerment”. The vaccines are a complete failure, they do not provide immunity with hospitals filling with the fully vaccinated.


The only thing that has worked is herd immunity, the safe, effective, inexpensive therapies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, “both words that will get you immediately censored” along with other natural immune boosters.


So, what does this mean concerning those pushing the mandates?


They are threatening you, your friends, your family and your children with a deadly weapon and are complicit in genocide.


Legal definition of a weapon,


“A deadly weapon shall include any weapon, device or instrument article or substance that is used or attempted to be used, or threatened to be used capable of death or substantial bodily harm”.


They are killing your unborn children and now going after all children with a vaccine that has crippling and deadly side effects proven to be a complete fail as to immunization. Add the fact that children have almost a zero percent chance of dying and develop herd immunity which is 13 times more effective than the vaccinations.


The only success with the vaccines are depopulation, making the vaccine companies billionaires and enhancing the wealth of anyone who will coerce or enforce their mandates. Mandates are unlawful, unconstitutional, go against the Nuremberg Code, The Constitution and several other universal codes despite the media misinformation.


Recommendation concerning politicians, employers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, news anchors, social media pushing the vaccines and administering the mandates. Those demonizing and not allowing safe, inexpensive, effective procedures like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and vitamin cocktails?


You decide!!!!!!!! Ignorance or denial is no longer an excuse. It did not work in the Nuremberg Trials neither did, “I was just following orders”. Even the media faced charges during the Nuremberg trials, many were hanged. Does Jesse Smollette ring a bell, the fake hanging incident to pass a law outlawing hanging? Was this a CYA move? Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t connect the dots. Ponder that one.

你决定! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !无知或否认不再是借口。这种方法在纽伦堡审判也行不通,“我只是服从命令”。在纽伦堡审判期间,甚至媒体也面临指控,许多人被绞死。杰西 · 斯莫莱特是否敲响了警钟,假吊死事件通过了一项禁止吊死的法律?这是 CYA 的行动吗?如果你没有把事情联系起来,不要自责。仔细想想。

History and real science, not profit politically driven science has and will continue to prove all the above correct. If only for the children’s sake, wake up and do something. It is time for personal responsibility and accountability. Doctors and nurses remember your Hippocratic Oath. Lawmakers and the military remember your oath. Now is the time for courage and impeccable integrity.


James Gilliland
Eceti Stargate Rumble


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