Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

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附上《Gene Decode》新年访谈录的部分抄本,作者是来自 SpirituallyRAW 的 April 和 Jay Matta。这是令人惊讶的。

Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

Enclose a partial transcription of a New Year's Day interview of Gene Decode by April and Jay Matta of SpirituallyRAW.It's amazing.

附上《Gene Decode》新年访谈录的部分抄本,作者是来自 SpirituallyRAW April Jay Matta。这是令人惊讶的。

It includes Gene's crucial decode document for what is happening from now to January 21.


On this trudge,as you know,dates and Boom-week predictions have come and gone with deeply unsatisfying regularity.I finally learned to ignore dates.I figure they're part of the Chess Game."This is going to happen on THIS day."Yeah,actually,no.Grrrrrr


After countless Grrrrrr's I'm done with dates.But Juan O'Savin gave a great explanation as to why dates are ultimately pointless:

不知道吃了多少次,我受够了约会。但是 Juan o'savin 给出了一个很好的解释,为什么约会最终是毫无意义的:

O'Savin said,"We're in the midst of a war and one of the things that goes out the door when you're in war is the strategies change and morph as you go.You have to go with what's happening on the field of battle."


"Juan O'Savin Video:All is Fair in Love and War and We Won't Stop Until Total Victory!"by Kat-12.31.20

中文链接:"Juan o'savin 视频:在爱和战争中,一切都是公平的,我们不会停止,直到完全胜利!"作者:Kat-12.31.20

That said,the January 6th rally for President Trump in Washington a locked in date and both Charlie Ward and Gene Decode say Buckle Up from now to January 21st.

也就是说,16日特朗普总统在华盛顿特区的集会日期已经锁定,查理·沃德和Gene Decode都表示,从现在到121日都要系好安全带。

In a 12-31-20 video with Robert David Steele Charlie reported the following:


He'd received a schedule from General Flynn that said we were in a critical phase.


From now to 1-7 Darkness


1-7 to 1-17 Lightness


1-21 Great Awakening


In a 1-2-21 video with Nicholas Veniamin,Charlie Ward outlined the following:


—I don't know how many times I have to keep saying it but this is ALL pantomime


—U.S.Corporation was got rid of 6-5-19 therefore the Election is null and void


—Expecting BIG THINGS on January 6:Possibly the announcement of the Quantum Financial System.


—As well quite a few"public"arrests.Not just one or two,but quite a few.Remember the arrests have already been executed.


—Obvious ones will be Pence who's stepped down 1-1-21


—And Biden(who according to Gene is actually under House Arrest and wearing an ankle monitor.)


—Utsava predicts that JFK will be Vice-President,not Pompeo

Utsava 预测肯尼迪将成为副总统,而不是蓬佩奥

—(Gene Decode said possible but also Gen.Flynn and a few others would be swell)

(Gene Decode 说有可能,但是弗林将军和其他几个人也会很好)

I can personally verify one of the points Gene made in his decode document which is"The Military is flying unprecedented levels of flights over the entire country.We're on High Alert."

我可以亲自证实 Gene 在他的解码文件中提出的一点,那就是"军方正在全国范围内空前规模的飞行。我们处于高度戒备状态。"

This is true.I've never heard or seen so many Military planes in my California sky as in the last few weeks.Every time I see or hear one I send a prayer to those flying the planes and the entire Military for protecting us.God bless every blessed U.S.Military soul.


Gene Decode explained that the reason I'm hearing so many Military planes is because POTUS stationed 3 carrier groups off the West Coast and 2 off the East Coast.

Gene Decode 解释说我之所以听到这么多军用飞机的声音是因为总统在西海岸和东海岸分别驻扎了三个航母群。

What is a Carrier Group you ask?This—the Abraham Lincoln battlegroup.


Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

My transcribing is a bit hit and miss,I apologize,too much Holidaying.But the essential information is here and Gene's document is a must for all Patriots.


Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

Just a little while longer and all the beautiful wondrous#NesaraGesara changes that President Trump has been longing to bring to America,Americans and the world will be unleashed.

再过一会儿,特朗普总统一直渴望为美国、美国人民和全世界带来的所有美丽而奇妙的 (#nesaragesara)变革都将得到释放。

POTUS,Q and the White Hats had to awaken as many Americans as they could,get their ducks in a row and they are now in a'NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT'S COMING"tsunami of a row.


As Gene Decode said to Charlie Ward in September'20,"The White Hats have literally taken every possible thing.There's no play.It's Zugzwang.What we call in Chess Zugzwang.Where not matter what move the enemy does,he's done.He's going to be Checkmated."

正如 Gene Decode 19209月对 Charlie Ward 所说的那样,"白帽子们已经采取了一切可能的措施。没什么好玩的。是 Zugzwang。我们在国际象棋中称之为 Zugzwang。不管敌人采取什么行动,他都完了。他将被将死。"

POTUS is a 5D+Chess master.


What a glorious Divine Age is coming for Gaia,her Kingdoms and the Human race.


God wins.And so it is.


With blessings unceasing for a spectacular and miraculous 2021,



Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat


Gene Decode Live New Year's Day Special Edition 1-1-21

Gene Decode现场新年特别版1-1-21

For SpirituallyRAW with April and Jay Matta

Partially transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat

4:46 Gene Decode:Such an honor to be here…the last 2 weeks,the team and myself,every single day,we had an ultra-asset or other that have been activated and attacking.Just crazy.Every single day another one.Spending 1.5 hours a day putting fires out from attacks.Let's me know we are over the target.

4:46Gene Decode:很荣幸来到这里...在过去的两个星期里,我和我的团队,每一天,我们都有一个超级资产或其他已经被激活和攻击。太疯狂了。每一天都是这样。每天花1.5个小时灭火。让我知道我们在目标上空。

In the Military,when you're getting shot at,you're directly over target.


I liken to where the cabal is right now to when 2 Samurai are fighting and one passes and cuts the jugular vein of the other?The other samurai can fight for a while but the death blow has been done.It's only a matter of time til that Samurai goes down.


Literally we're watching the head of the ca_bal being taken down right now as we speak.


This is a time that is going to be the most amazing thing in the History of the World.Jan 6–20 as it stands now in the Timeline will rock the foundations of the world.


Everybody's going to be needing those of us who are awake because all the people you've talked to that said you're a crazy conspiracy theorist,they'll be like,"Could you please fill me in about what the heck is going on?You've been talking about this stuff I'm freaked out of my mind,please explain."


7:00 We've had 2 timelines merge into this one so all the manifold,all reshuffling right now,the majority of the Human race even on other Timelines have CHOSEN:


That they don't want to be slaves anymore


They don't want to be in the dark anymore


They want Trump in there


They want their Freedoms back


Of Life,Liberty&Pursuit of Happiness,the God-Given Freedoms God gave all life


They want their votes to be heard and not casted and not flipped around


Humans are waking up to the fact that for 100 years in every country on Earth we have not gotten the person we voted for unless the ca_bal wanted it.95%of the time they didn't want who we voted for.




SpirituallyRAW GENE DECODE,Greatest Window of Opportunity DEC 21-24th.Petitioning the Court of GOD,Ongoing Cabal Attempts to Manipulate&Change the Timeline,Navy Seals,&Gene's Roll

12-17-20 SpirituallyRAW GENE DECODE,最大的机会窗口。向上帝的法庭请愿,正在进行的阴谋集团试图操纵和改变时间线,海豹突击队,和基恩的名单

8:18 Gene Decode:My job is to teach people that what you think&imagine is what comes to be.

Gene Decode:我的工作就是告诉人们,你所想的和所想的就是将要发生的。

8:26 That's what the cabal has been using.If you're soulless you can't create but if you still have your soul like Humanity they've been using OUR THOUGHTS,through their FF's…to create the reality THEY want.

8:26这就是阴谋集团一直在使用的。如果你没有灵魂,你不能创造,但是如果你仍然有你的灵魂像人类一样,他们一直在使用我们的思想,通过他们的 FF...来创造他们想要的现实。

Where they live in an opulence,in a breakaway civilization beyond most people's comprehension by manipulating&enslaving&robbing us blind and controlling us endlessly.


My job here is to put us on the Highest timeline that is in the Highest Service to all life,in all the manifolds and keep us there.


To teach people how to petition the courts of God.You can petition any court that's what they've been doing with their lies.


My job is to usurp their tools and use them the way they were meant to be in the highest interest of everyone—Humanity,this planet,Galaxy,Solar System—and keep us on the Highest Timeline that is in the Highest Service to all life.


10:00 Get the Human Race on the Highest Possible Timeline.The ca_bal has been trying to manipulate and lost control of narrative&they're pissed.Trying to take narrative back with their Mockingbird Media,putting out all lies that Biden won which is not the case…



55:55 Gene Decode 1-1-21:Actually you do live simultaneously(timelines)…

55:55 Gene Decode 1-1-21:实际上你们是同时存在的(时间线)..

57:05 All the future is…there is actually no Time…there's only location…that's why Space travel is actually temporal travel because if…like we're talking here this time next year…it's not here…it's not just in the future…the Earth,the Milky Way,everything has moved…the difference in time is your location is Space…


57:27 April:So in the Trump Timeline…should we also be focusing then on JFK?

57:27: April:因此,在特朗普的时间表中,…。那么我们是否也应该把重点放在肯尼迪身上呢?

Gene Decode:Which one?Senior or Junior?

Gene Decode:哪一个?老还是小?



Gene Decode:Yes.

Gene Decode:是的。

57:42 April:Did everybody hear that??!!?

57:42 April:每个人都听到了吗?

Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

57:50 Gene Decode:Good transition to go into the decode…

57:50Gene Decode:很好的过渡进入解码..

58:56(Re his petition to Heaven Email)That is the most powerful thing that's happened in the history of the Earth…we've taken back the first tool of the ca_bal…of going to the courts of Heaven which they've been doing manipulatively,subtly,subliminally etc.…notifying us and then doing events that cause us to vote like 9-11…we did it the way it should be done…petition…everything was done fully legally…Father,Son,Holy Ghost…notifying them about your case…

58:56(Re his petition to Heaven Email)这是地球历史上发生的最强大的事情......我们已经收回了秘密行动的第一个工具......去到天堂的法庭,他们一直在操纵,巧妙地,下意识地......通知我们,然后做一些事情,让我们投票,就像911一样......我们按照它应该做的方式做了......请愿......一切都完全合法......父亲,儿子,圣灵......通知他们关于你的案子.....

1:00 Make sure you're in the Highest Interests of all…


1:01 I didn't realize I had so many people from all over the world contacting me…In the last 14 months I've answered 30k Emails…between me&my team…I can't read it now…



1:11:26 April:Gene is the 6th to the 20th more powerful than the 22nd to the 24th of December'20?

1:11:26 April:吉恩是否比122012221224日更强大?

1:11:32 Gene Decode:It's massive.There's no comparison.But this time it's OUR TURN.This is a positive window of opportunity…that's how Creator works…you have to have balance…and the reason why it's a longer window with more power is because that's the Timeline we're on…

1:11:32Gene Decode:它很大。没有可比性。但这次轮到我们了。这是一个积极的机会之窗,创造者就是这样工作的,你必须保持平衡,之所以这是一个更长的机会之窗,拥有更多的能量,是因为这就是我们所处的时间线。


FYI I Tweeted Gene's document and someone put it all together on this page.

顺便说一句,我在推特上发了 Gene 的文件有人把它们放在了这个页面上。

Thread by@KatbySea3 on Thread Reader App


Gene Reads his decode document:


Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat
Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat
Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat
Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat
Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat
Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat

1:19(Re Being compared to Gen.Flynn)…appreciated the comparison but I don't measure up…


1:20:21 April:Jan 6 to Jan 20…is the world gonna know before Jan 20 that Trump is going to be Inaugurated as the President and will the new VP be announced?


1:20:34 Gene Decode:Yes.On the Timeline we're on…and this manifold as well…absolutely…that's why people need to be FOCUSED HARD…RE-FOCUS YOURSELF…

1:20:34Gene Decode:是的。在我们所处的时间线上......还有这个多方面......绝对的......这就是为什么人们需要努力集中注意力......重新集中自己.....

1:20:51 Don't even watch the MSM…the continue to lie and make up garbage it's an incredible waste of time…it's off the charts…

1:20:51甚至不要看 MSM...继续说谎和编造垃圾这是难以置信的浪费时间...它的图表..

1:23:34 I was born dreaming every day of the nuclear war…and to now be on a Timeline where it's not happening…off the charts…Pence will finish his term…POTUS can appoint who his VP is…


1:24:08 How to cleanse pineal gland…Sun gazing…Sun gazing so you don't burn out your retinal…Backstage blessed to teach…


We're getting to the 100th monkey…there's always 3 to 8%who'll never get it…



End Kat Partial Transcription

终止 Kat 部分转录

Gene Decode,SpirituallyRAW:总统拥有一切,没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情|Kat


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