Teri Wade|我相信我们会被告知,白帽子已经接管

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Teri Wade|我相信我们会被告知,白帽子已经接管

I cannot wait for the SerialBrain2 decoded message on this UK visit. I believe we’re going to be told that the White Hats have taken over and this was the passing of the torch official show, so to speak, and the Positive Earth Alliance is now in full control. Did you also notice that the women of England all wore white dresses. They are waving their white flag and also remember it’s the Age of Aquarius I’ve talked about a lot which means a more feminine frequency rules with more compassion and peace this is no coincidence. It’s all code. Also, Trump is in Ireland as we speak and it was brought to my attention that Ireland is heavily ruled by the United Kingdom and the Cabal again this is no coincidence. I believe we are very close to the beginning of beautiful changes but remember be vigilant and always remember what and who the enemy really is. ?

我已经等不及这次英国之行的SerialBrain2解码(Q帖解密)信息了。 我相信我们会被告知,白帽子已经接管,这是传递的火炬官方表演,可以这么说,积极地球联盟现在完全控制。 你有没有注意到英国的女人都穿着白色的衣服。 他们挥舞着他们的白旗,也记得这是宝瓶座时代我已经谈论了很多,这意味着更多的女性频率规则与更多的同情和和平,这不是巧合。 都是代码。 此外,我们说话的时候特朗普正在爱尔兰,我注意到爱尔兰严重受英国和阴谋集团的统治,这绝非巧合。 我相信我们已经非常接近美丽变化的开始,但是记住要保持警惕,永远记住敌人到底是什么和谁。

I would love to hear your thoughts on this very important visit between Trump and the United Kingdom.


Teri Wade|我相信我们会被告知,白帽子已经接管 Teri Wade|我相信我们会被告知,白帽子已经接管 Teri Wade|我相信我们会被告知,白帽子已经接管


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