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The monumental withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union at 00:00:01 am on February 1st,2020 finally allowed us to witness whether prognostications from the prophets of doom would come true.Amidst fears being pushed right up until the end that this move would result in absolute chaos and the weeping and gnashing of teeth,this event yielded the same results that other such events have produced:the realization that there was never anything to fear.


Of course those prophets of doom will never recant,they will just press forward with future predictions of how Brexiters will eventually rue the day they left the European Union,with some form of quasi-threat that the UK will never be able to establish the favorable economic ties they had with the rest of Europe under the'Union.'


Time will ultimately tell all,of course,but logic would dictate that if a nation is fully independent and free to accept or reject any terms offered,they are in a much better bargaining position than if they are already hamstrung by the rules and regulations dictated by their would-be trading partner.


If we can look at a particular geopolitical pattern of power unification that has long been rising and now has started to fall,we may view Brexit as not only a boon to the UK's economic outlook,but indeed as the beginning of the end of a long sought-after endeavor to enslave humanity within a rigid centralized economic system.


The New World Order


The phrase'New World Order'is often associated with the Latin phrase'Novus Ordo Seclorum'which has adorned the American dollar bill the past 85 years,in terms of the plans of a global elite conspiring to create a totalitarian world government hidden in plain sight.While this link remains somewhat speculative,one thing that is true is that more than one president has employed the phrase in an attempt to inspire countries of the world to come together fully under a centralized economy and system of governance.

新世界秩序这个短语经常与拉丁短语 Novus Ordo Seclorum 联系在一起,这个短语在过去的85年里一直装饰着美元钞票,是全球精英们密谋创建一个隐藏在显而易见的极权主义世界政府的计划。虽然这种联系仍然具有一定的推测性,但有一点是真实的,即不止一位总统使用这个短语,企图激励世界各国在中央集权经济和治理制度下充分团结起来。

George H.W.Bush famously employed the phrase in a speech on September 11th,1990,at a time when few people had suspicions about the true motives of global institutions like the United Nations or the perceived need for a new world political and economic order:


We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order–a world where the rule of law,not the law of the jungle,governs the conduct of nations.When we are successful–and we will be–we have a real chance at this new world order,an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders.(source)


Perhaps the prospects for the implementation of this new world order reached its apex early in the presidency of Barack Obama,who was so eloquently able to couch the concept of an unelected,totalitarian government running the planet within'pillars'such as peace and security,environmental preservation and economic opportunity,as he explains to the UN General Assembly below.


Since this time,however,some of the true'pillars'of a totalitarian system of enslavement have begun to impact human consciousness,especially in the European Union:the breakdown of national sovereignty and identity,untenable refugee and immigration policies,and backbreaking economic austerity measures.


Protests like the Yellow Vests movement in France and elsewhere in Europe where austerity measures under the EU have been foisted upon a nation rage on.These movements have gotten little coverage in the mainstream,except on occasions where they can characterize these movements as violent.As time goes on,there is only an increase in the clear and present resistance to the global elite telling everyday citizens that their standard of living can no longer be what it used to be.And such resistance is powering the geopolitical winds of change.


The Multipolar Vision


Born out of this growing global environment of discontent and dissatisfaction,an important precedent to Brexit was the election of Donald Trump,who ran on a platform of nationalism(critics repeatedly called it'outdated protectionism')with the promise to'Make America Great Again'by bringing jobs back home that had been shipped overseas and cancelling U.S.involvement in global economic schemes like the Paris Accord,while renegotiating trade deals with other countries.

脱欧的一个重要先例就是唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的当选。特朗普的竞选纲领是民族主义(批评人士一再称之为"过时的保护主义"),承诺通过将海外就业机会带回国内,取消美国参与《巴黎协定》(Paris Accord)等全球经济计划,同时与其他国家重新谈判贸易协定,让美国再次伟大起来。

Philosophically,Trump has found an ally in Vladamir Putin.One of the reasons that Putin has been demonized by the West is that he has always been the most powerful opponent of American hegemony,and has fought tirelessly to promote a multipolar vision in global politics and economics.If we look at recent history,we see that Russia has shown little evidence of wanting to establish global domination in the way that the American Empire has done through wars,regime building and permanent military presence all over the world.


In a speech in December 2019,Putin stated flatly that the new world order('unipolar world')was dead,and signs in global economic relations reflected his fervent belief that a multipolar world,in which there are several points of power and sovereignty,Russia being one of them,is essential for a secure and prosperous world.


It[the multipolar world]has been established,a unipolar world does not exist anymore.After the collapse of the Soviet Union,there was an illusion that this world is possible and could exist for a long time.However,it was just an illusion.I have always said that,and recent events serve as a testament to this.(source)


The ongoing push for Brexit,finally realized a year after Putin's speech,is surely one of those signs.And as other countries in the European Union start to see the impact of leaving on the UK's economy,and perhaps more importantly on their autonomy,it may not be long before Grexit,Frexit,Spexit and other such colloquial terms start to take hold and put the nail in the coffin of Europe's contribution to the globalist agenda.

正在进行的对英国退欧的推动,在普京演讲一年后终于实现,肯定是其中的一个迹象。随着欧盟其他国家开始看到英国退出欧元区对英国经济的影响,或许更重要的是对他们的自主权的影响,希腊退出欧元区、欧元解体、Spexit 以及其他此类口语化术语可能不久就会开始生根发芽,并将欧洲对全球主义议程的贡献钉在棺材上。

The Takeaway


Human beings have an innate desire for unity,and it is this very desire that globalists have long tried to manipulate in order to fulfill their plans for world domination.The fact is,though,if these leaders truly had the best interests of humanity at heart,and really wanted to bring the planet together,they would have long handled problems such as war,environmental destruction,starvation and slavery.


Our destiny is unity,but the process will require several waves of decentralization before the true unity of humanity can be achieved.We see the beginnings here with Brexit,where nations are beginning to reject the global centralization of power.From there,sovereign nations will need to cede power to their states and cities.Those in turn will have to cede power to their communities.And then,finally,the communities will need to restore the power and sovereignty of individuals by being fundamentally grounded in the principles of Natural Law,which protects the life,liberty,and pursuit of happiness of each individual.

我们的命运是团结,但这个过程需要几波地方分权才能实现人类的真正团结。我们在这里看到了 英国退欧的开端,那里的国家开始拒绝全球集权。在那里,主权国家将需要放弃权力给他们的国家和城市。反过来,这些人将不得不把权力割让给他们的社区。最后,社区需要恢复个人的权力和主权,从根本上建立在保护每个人的生命、自由和追求幸福的自然法原则基础之上。

When individuals become sovereign,through an awakening of their consciousness that enables them to become fully responsible for the state of their world,that is when the true unity of the planet becomes possible.




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