X22报道|第3041集: 你正在见证人民经济的崛起,特朗普正在为人民而战

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特朗普和爱国者们正在削弱[CB] 的银行体系;[DS]正在挣扎,他们已经尝试了一切反对特朗普的方法,但都失败了。人民是清醒的,是有逻辑的思考。

X22报道|第3041集: 你正在见证人民经济的崛起,特朗普正在为人民而战

Ep. 3041a – Globalism Has Come To An End, You Are Witnessing The Rise Of The People’s Economy


Ep. 3041b – [DS] War Drums Are Getting Louder, Trump Is Fighting For The People, Boom


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Streamed on: Apr 9, 5:34 pm EDT

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Trump and the patriots are now weakening the [CB] bank system. Globalism is dead and the [CB] is losing power because nations are dropping the Federal Reserve Note. As more and more nations do this the [CB]/[WEF] will not longer have power, this is the reason why they want IRS agents with weapons.

特朗普和爱国者们正在削弱[CB] 的银行体系。全球主义已经死亡,[CB] 正在失去权力,因为各国正在放弃美联储的货币政策。随着越来越多的国家这样做,[ CB ]/[ WEF ]将不再拥有权力,这就是为什么他们希望国税局特工携带武器的原因。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Apr 9, 5:53 pm EDT

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The [DS] is struggling, they have tried everything against Trump and it has all failed. The people are awake and thinking logically. The [DS] war drums are getting louder, they want war and Trump wants peace. Trump is fighting for the people, he is the lion. The [DS] plan for chaos/riots and war will fail, the patriots know the playbook. 



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