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A lot of information has come to light over the past few years regarding very'elite'people–celebrities,philanthropists and those portrayed as the bearers of goodwill–being involved in human trafficking.Perhaps this level of fame and fortune comes at a cost?There are a number of examples to choose from,including many high profile figures within the Vatican,high profile celebrities,and members of the Royal Family.You can see multiple examples in an article I recently wrote that focuses on Jeffrey Epstein,here.People in such circles virtually'run'the world and control the media,thus controlling humanity's perception of them.But things are changing,and people are waking up.


We have to be careful,because it's quite clear that a massive amount of deception is at work.Just take a look at the Vatican,which has long been rumoured to be involved in Satanic rituals and severe child abuse,and it's now no secret that they are involved in such things.Multiple members have been accused of strange activities,including George Pell, one of the highest ranking members of the Vatican,who was accused of sexually abusing children.Even those from within have come out and'blown the whistle,'so to speak.For example,thousands of bones have been found beneath the Vatican.It is believed they belonged to about 12 different bodies.The Vatican has not commented on who the bones belonged to or how they got there.Young children were also allegedly kidnapped by members of the Vatican police for sex parties and then murdered.Gabriele Amorth claimed that officials of an unnamed foreign embassy were involved in these activities as well.Amorth was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest and an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome.He claimed to have performed tens of thousands of exorcisms over half a dozen plus decades spent as a Catholic Priest,and has mentioned a number of times how Satanism is practiced within the Vatican.He has also claimed that girls are commonly kidnapped by a gang of Vatican police and foreign diplomats.Again,he claimed that these girls are recruited for Vatican parties and other crimes with sexual motives.(source)

我们必须小心,因为很明显,大量的欺骗正在起作用。只要看看梵蒂冈就知道了,长期以来有传言说梵蒂冈参与了撒旦的仪式和严重的虐待儿童的行为,现在他们参与这些事情已经不是什么秘密了。多名成员被指控有奇怪的行为,包括乔治·佩尔,梵蒂冈最高级别的成员之一,他被指控性虐待儿童。可以这么说,就连那些内部人士也出来"揭发"了这件事。例如,在梵蒂冈地下发现了数以千计的骨头。据信它们属于大约12个不同的机构。梵蒂冈方面没有评论这些骨头属于谁,也没有说明它们是如何到达那里的。据称,年幼的儿童也被梵蒂冈警方成员绑架,举行性派对,然后被杀害。Gabriele Amorth 声称,一个未透露姓名的外国大使馆的官员也参与了这些活动。阿莫尔斯是意大利罗马天主教神父和罗马教区的驱魔人。他声称在六年多的时间里作为一名天主教神父进行了成千上万次的驱魔仪式,并且多次提到在梵蒂冈是如何实施撒旦主义的。他还声称,女孩经常被梵蒂冈警方和外国外交官团伙绑架。他再次声称,这些女孩是为梵蒂冈政党和其他有性动机的犯罪招募的。(来源)


Malachi Martin,an Irish Catholic priest and writer for the Catholic Church who's also a Professor of Palaeography at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute,is another individual who's tried to expose such activities.You can read more about that here.

马拉基·马丁是一位爱尔兰天主教神父,也是天主教会的作家,同时也是梵蒂冈宗座圣经研究所的 Palaeography 教授,他也是一个试图揭露这些活动的人。你可以在这里了解更多。

Not long ago,a massive pedophile ring was uncovered with clear ties to Pope Benedict's brother.Recently,Carlo Maria Vigano,former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States and Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City,has implicated multiple people,including Pope Francis,in sexual abuse.You can read more about that here.

不久前,一个庞大的恋童癖团伙被发现,与教皇本笃十六世的哥哥有着明显的联系。最近,Carlo Maria Vigano,前美国教廷大使和梵蒂冈市政府秘书长,牵连多人,包括教皇方济各,在性虐待。你可以在这里了解更多。

I'm not even going to get into other elitist examples like Jeffrey Epstein,NXIVM,the Rockefeller and Rothschild families,or all of the other countless examples that clearly show links to the trafficking of women and children.In fact,NXIVM was connected to multiple child care facilities that have since been shut down since that discovery.You can read more about that by clicking the NXIVM link above,it will take you to articles that go into more detail.In all honesty,some of the most powerful people on the planet and those controlling the'systems'we adhere to should have been investigated long ago.

我甚至不打算谈论其他精英人物的例子,比如杰弗里·爱泼斯坦、NXIVM、洛克菲勒和罗斯柴尔德家族,或者其他所有清楚地表明与贩卖妇女和儿童有联系的无数例子。事实上,NXIVM 已经连接到多个儿童保育机构,这些机构自从发现这个问题后就被关闭了。您可以通过单击上面的 NXIVM 链接了解更多相关信息,它将带您访问更详细的文章。老实说,这个星球上一些最有权势的人和那些控制着我们所坚持的系统的人早就应该被调查了。

This is why we have to be careful.A lot of these people,like the Pope and others within the Vatican like George Pell,have been made out to be scholars and people who deserve to be idolized.The crazy thing is that they are idolized,and when millions of people idolize one person,it gives them extreme amounts of power,which means that many people believe they can do no wrong.So,if they're ever accused of doing wrong,it's simply deemed a'conspiracy theory'and remains under the radar.But thankfully,this is all changing.


Handing your power over to figures also takes power out of your own hands.By giving your power to others,you leave your mind open to manipulation,instruction,and influence from the person whom you idolize.Someone who is idolized is capable of extreme brainwashing.


Mother Teresa


Recently,the Indian government ordered its state governments to inspect child care facilities that are run by the Missionaries of Charity–a Roman Catholic order founded by Mother Teresa.The order came after the arrests of a nun and an employee accused of baby trafficking.


As NPR points out:


Earlier this month,Indian authorities shut down a shelter home for pregnant,unmarried women run by the order in Ranchi,a city in the eastern state of Jharkhand,after discovering that four infants had been sold,including a 6-month-old boy who changed hands for 50,000 rupees($730).

本月早些时候,在印度东部恰尔肯德邦(Jharkhand) Ranchi,当局发现有4名婴儿被出售,其中包括一名6个月大的男孩,他以5万卢比(730美元)的价格转手后,关闭了一家由该命令管理的未婚孕妇庇护所。

A nun,identified as Sister Koncilia,and a staff member,Anima Indwar,were arrested in connection with trafficking.According to The Times of India,Indwar confessed to selling the children.

一名修女,被确认为修女 Koncilia,和一名工作人员,Anima Indwar,被逮捕与贩卖人口有关。据《印度时报》报道,印度战争承认贩卖儿童。

At the time of the arrests,a dozen pregnant women were living at the shelter,according to Catholic News Agency.


CNA reports that one couple reportedly paid Indwar 120,000 rupees($1,760)in exchange for a child,but that she later took the child back without returning the money.The couple then tipped off police,according to CNA.

据中央通讯社报道,据报道,一对夫妇向 Indwar 支付了120,000卢比(1760美元)来交换一个孩子,但后来她把孩子带回了家,没有还钱。据中央通讯社报道,这对夫妇随后向警方通风报信。

India's NDTV cites an unnamed police source as saying all four babies were sold within the past year.

印度 NDTV 援引一位不愿透露姓名的警方消息人士的话说,这四名婴儿都是在过去一年内被卖掉的。

This isn't the first time we've seen such actions from supposed humanitarian groups.Not long ago,a UN panel discussed the White Helmets'criminal activities,including organ theft and false flag terrorism.You can watch that discussion and read more about it here.Unsurprisingly,it received absolutely no attention from mainstream media.


Apparently,all child care homes that are run by Missionaries of Charity all over the country are currently being inspected.


When I was reading about this,it reminded me of Peter McKelvie,a former Child Protection Chief in the UK who gained attention when he claimed that senior politicians,military figures and even people linked to the Royal Family were involved in a child sex ring.While working in Hereford and Worcester,he helped convict notorious child abuser Peter Righton,who was once one of the country's most respected authorities on child care.This highlights a great point,and something that I've come across multiple times in my research.Many people who work for national child care protection programs are directly involved in this type of thing.McKelvie is one of many who told the world that these types of powerful VIP pedophile rings have been running in secrecy for multiple years.(source)Working in child care facilities or with children is one of the ways the system allows these people to do what they do.

当我读到这篇文章时,我想起了英国前儿童保护主任彼得·麦克尔维,他声称高级政客、军事人物甚至与皇室有联系的人卷入了一个儿童性交易团伙,引起了人们的注意。在赫里福德和伍斯特工作期间,他帮助将臭名昭著的虐待儿童者 Peter right ton 定罪,他曾经是这个国家最受尊敬的儿童保育权威之一。这突出了一个重要的观点,也是我在研究中多次遇到的问题。许多为国家儿童保护项目工作的人都直接参与了这类事情。麦克尔维是众多告诉世界这些类型的强大贵宾恋童癖组织已经秘密运行了多年的人之一。(资料来源)在儿童保育机构或与儿童一起工作是该系统允许这些人做他们所做的事情的方式之一。

On Thursday,Subramanian Swamy,a senior BJP MP,said Mother Teresa's Bharat Ratna award should be rescinded if the Missionaries of Charity group is found guilty.This obviously doesn't mean that Mother Teresa was involved in such things.But then again,given what we've seen from the Roman Catholic Church,it wouldn't necessarily surprise me.

周四,印度人民党资深议员 Subramanian Swamy 表示,如果仁爱传教会集团被判有罪,特蕾莎修女获得的 Bharat Ratna 奖将被取消。这显然并不意味着特蕾莎修女参与了这些事情。但话又说回来,鉴于我们在罗马天主教会看到的情况,这并不一定会让我感到惊讶。

According to Global News,


Swamy said his stance wasn't merely influenced by the baby-trafficking scandal,saying he saw it as the last straw in a long line of criticisms levelled at Mother Teresa over many years.


He cited her loyalty to the late American financier Charles Keating,who was convicted of swindling millions of dollars from small investors in the 1980s—Teresa's charity benefited greatly from Keating's donations,and she even wrote to a California Superior Court judge seeking clemency for Keating on account of his being"kind and generous to God's poor,"according to a letter published by Christopher Hitchens in his book,"The Missionary Position."

他引用了特蕾莎对已故美国金融家 Charles Keating 的忠诚,后者在20世纪80年代被判诈骗小投资者数百万美元罪名成立ーー特蕾莎的慈善事业从基廷的捐款中获益匪浅,她甚至写信给加利福尼亚州高等法院的一名法官,请求宽恕基廷,理由是基廷"善待上帝的穷人,慷慨解囊",克里斯托弗·希钦斯出版社在他的书《男上位》中这样写道

Keating was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison,but only served a third of the sentence before his conviction was overturned on a technicality.He died in 2014,two years before the Catholic Church pronounced Mother Teresa a saint.



The takeaway here is that we should be wary of all figures who have extreme fame and popularity and are made to be idolized and worshiped by the masses.The instance humanity does,we give our power away to them and it leaves us open to manipulation.At the end of the day,yeah there are great people out there,who knows,Mother Teresa may have been one of them.But that's not the point,idolizing somebody else and living according to a doctrine made by someone else prevents us from listening to our own heart.



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